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  1. I tend to use Tiffen White promist and Schneider Black Frost. The latter a lot more. On 35mm white promist is beautiful. Always 1/8. Any more than that and it can get too noticeable for my taste.
  2. I overheard Robert Yeoman at Camerimage last year saying that if he could shoot 16mm the rest of his life he would be happy.
  3. Still looking for parts. Let me know what you have. Thanks.
  4. Hi there, Still looking. At the moment particularly the front anamorphic movement would be good for me. I have the glass. Anyone know of anything? Cheers, Marcel
  5. Oh, how I wish they would implement a 4:3 anamorphic mode...
  6. https://esupport.sony.com/US/p/model-home.pl?mdl=ILCE7SM2&template_id=1&region_id=1&tab=download#/downloadTab
  7. Interesting stuff Alex.
  8. Did anyone pick up the 4x4 Tiffen +.8 diopters on ebay recently? If anyone has one spare they would like to part with let me know please. Thank you.
  9. Tito, I'm happy to spilt the diopters from the Isco. But I'm not going to split the diopters. You can have all three for €500.
  10. Back up for sale! Decided to invest in other glass and then this must go. In great shape. For sale with or without the diopters.
  11. P+S Technik is offering pl rehousing.
  12. Hi Ken, thank you, but it's missing the rear element and also it has a chip in the corner which I'm not interested in.
  13. Still looking. Anyone? Just the square front elements in itself are fine as well.
  14. Looking for Lomo Squarefront lenses or parts, particular anamorphic front and rear glass. Please pm if anyone has something for sale. Thank you.
  15. Hi Rich, How is this project coming along? I have a pre-36 that I could send you if you wish to give it a go?
  16. Decided to keep this beauty. Don't know what I was thinking about.
  17. Thank you for your interest guys. Karlon I'm not sure which system it was edited on, I'm not part of that. Not sure about the grading system either but I think Davinci Resolve or Baselight. I used film converter on set for my dailies and for editorial. But like with a lot these big commercials, the director and I can agree upon a look, but then the client comes in and has completely different opinion on how their product should be presented...
  18. I believe it's m42 mount, I'm not sure. My intentions were to use it with my Canon FD's. Regarding the focus, I would say that it is firm but not stiff. But it is not buttersmooth either. This is my first Isco so I have not much to compare to.
  19. The ext. driving shots of the car were also shot on the Alexa.
  20. Hello there. Thought you might find this interesting here since this (very expensive commercial) was shot predominantly with the Blackmagic Production 4K camera. A few shots (in the pool and the waterskiing) was shot with the Sony A7s in an underwater housing. The reflection shot and the very last shot was shot with the Alexa Mini. My main lens on the BM was a rehoused Canon 14mm f2.8 and a 16mm 2.1 Zeiss Standard Speed. The POV helmet rig was built for me by a grip in southern France. It clocked in at 13.5kg! My decision for the BM 4k was weight and global shutter as we had a lot of strobes and flashes going off. Definitely not the same dynamic range as I'm used to with the Alexa so required a bit of iris pulling in the scenes and also not the fastest camera coupled with a f2.8 lens. But I had great fun with this camera. There is going to be a directors cut later on.
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