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  1. Hi,

    I'm a Youtube content creator and i hope you will appreciate my insight on how i managed to double my average watch time on my latest video.

    To give you some background i created my movie review channel to set me apart from others in my niche by adding VFX and other production value you don't normally see in other videos. But then something happened, as the Youtube algorithm is everchanging, youtube started to push channels with more frequent uploads and i adapted. As you know when you up the ante usually the quality suffers.

    To cut the story short two weeks ago i decided I'll make a dynamically edited video and put a lot more time in it than usual. The result was i doubled the average watch time from 30 - 35 % to 60 %. If you know a little about Youtube you know that youtube pushes videos with longer average watch time a lot more as they can play more ads on them. If i can borrow a quote from the Martian "i edited the shit out of the video" :) and that made the difference.

    I know here in the forum are a lot of more proper filmmakers but i would be interested if we have here some filmmakers who post their work on Youtube and what are your experiences with Youtube distributing your content?

     As my channel is Sci-fi themed it's a Breakdown (10 things/easter eggs you missed) of the latest Star Trek Discovery season 2 trailer, i made an edit with funny inserts, edited in sound effects and tried to make the video fast and snappy to watch.

    If i made you curious  about the video which does so well regarding watch time, here is the link to the video:


    Let me know if you have similar experiences with youtube and how you managed to increase your watch time.


    Thank you for reading my post 


  2. Hi,


    Some time ago i made a comedy video where Kylo Ren reacts to the Star Wars The Last Jedi trailer.

    As you can here for your salfe i had some problems mixing the audio of the trailer and the voice. 

    Do you know some good sound mixing tutuorials as i prepare something new that is in the same direction and i would like to improve my work.

    Thak you!


  3. Hi,

    I my last video i did a Star Trek transporter effect. It's pretty basic and i would like to create something like the transporter of the Franklin in Star Trek Beyond in my future videos.

    I would love to get feedback on my video quality and what would you add. Particulary the lighting is a area i need to work on.

    My video:

    Franklin transporter:


    I know there are worlds between my transporter effect and the pro effect from Beyond, but i would like to be able to do it some day. Imagine all the techniques that go in a effect like this.

    I'm shooting on the GH4 whit the Panasonic Lumix G Leica DG Summilux 15mm f/1.7 ASPH Lens.

    Thanks for reading :)


  4. Yes the sound :(, i was forced to use the scratch track. I record audio separately but the file got damaged and so i was forced to repair what i could and release the video. I was furious but because i dont want to upload videos with subpar sound but i also promised my youtube subscribers a new video every thursday and if i state something i need to do it or i lose my credibility. So yes thats the sad story of the sound in this video.

  5. Hi everyone,

    I'm a regular reader and here and there i ask a question about lenses. I didn't find an extra sub forum where you can show your work so i hope it's ok when i post here.

    I would love to get some feedback from the EosHD community to improve my work.
    I hope you like the humore in my video.

    How would you improve on my effects? Everything in the video is done by myself.


    Thanks for the feedback in advance!

    BR Tomaž

  6. Hi i hope Andy lee is stil a regular here.

    I'm now on page 19 of these thread and there is a lot writen about the Yashica ML lenses, but the most is about the primes. Im interested if the zoom ML lenses are also good. I can get a Yashica 80-200 mm 1:4 for about 30 €. Is it worth it?

    BR Tomaž

  7. Woow so much Feedback so fast :). Thanks all for the effort.

    @Bioskop.Inc: yes i read about the Kickstarter for the Trioplan 100mm f2.8
    @andy lee: The Minolta 28-70mm looks great, but whit a slight filter thread damage, i thin its minor and a filter could steel be screwed on. For 23 € i think its ok and i can offer a lower price ;)


  8. Hi Guys,

    Has someone of your Experience shooting with this lenses:

    Prinzflex Auto 2,8/135          15€

    Prinzflex Auto 2,8/35            15€

    Mejer Optik Orestegor 4/200         20€

    Mejer Optik Domiplan 2,8/50         20€

    Minolta MD 28-70mm (with macro mode 1:4)          23€

    pentacon 50 1,8 m42            25€

    helios m44-4 m42                  25€

    Helios 44M 2/58 M42            25€

    Minolta MD 50mm                 25€

    What would be the best option, i want two lenses and think the Minolta 28-70 is interesting and the minolta MD 50. What do you think about the German lenses Major Optik? Any thoughts? What about the Helios lenses if i remember correctly i read some good thinks about them.

    Particularly i'm interested in your opinion Andy Lee as i read lots of your posts and think your very knowledgeable in this regard. It's nice to see your back from your feature shot.

    I don't post often but i'm a regular reader of the forum :)

  9. ​Thanks, I am glad you like this example. Yes this was taken during "Sakura" the cherry blossom period in Tokyo. And until you find time to visit Japan/Tokyo, have a look at what I upload. Also be sure to let me know if one of my video sucks, I am hear to learn.

    ​I Subscribed to your channel. I like the video with the apes tacking a bath in winter. As a suggestion your videos are pretty statick, try to get some movement in your schots.

    in your Sakura video did u use the F1.7 aperture?

  10. Just to help you in your choice (To get the 15mm or not) here you are video I shoot at ISO800 and Shutter speed at either 30 or 60 at night. I am personally satisfied with the output, then again, I am not a pro https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xeWsBXrrhGM 
    Personally I am only using this lens for low light... for other shots I am going with the 12-35mm.


    Good luck

    ​Nice video and good low light. Was this the Cherry Blossom Festival? Would Love to visit Tokyo sometime. Maybe at the time of the fireworks festival​ :)

  11. Thx Cinegain. Oh the whole time I wrote ''just'' with a y, dam you tv for teaching me to speak English but not to write. :) True story. 

    I think at the start i will go with the 14 to 140 and then I will expend my lens line up with some Canon FD glas, the Nikon Bourn movie lenses seem wery intriguing to me.

    On  an other note that anamorphic footage from the Gh4 looks just amazing to me. Can't wait for the V log profile, the anamorphic-V log combo looks just amazing. 

  12. @ Cinegain great post. I see that you realy Love the m43 sistem. Im not a pro shooter im a beginner with crazy ideas for short film's. There is yust no end to my imagination and everyone i talk about my ideas said i yust need to shoot them, couse if i wont i will regret it some day.

    I was working on seweral sets as a extra in some production and got the feewer to do something in this busines.

  13. Hello,

    I'm just about to buy the GH4 and am wondering what would be better for me to buy. GH4 body + the PANASONIC Leica DG Summilux 15mm F1.7 or the kitt with the 14-140mm lens?
    Im a beginner and would use it mostly for video in tight spaces. The price difference is +100€ for the GH4 and 15mm F1.7 compared to the kitt. Or do you haw some other combo suggestions that fall in the same price range of 1800 € to 1950 € price range?

    In the end it's my plan to sell the GH4 and get the Samsung NX1 when it gets available in my area.


  14. The other day i talked to a B2B supplier for Samsung in my Country and i got the info that Samsung will stop supplying all Digital cameras in the region of Slovenia and Ex Yugoslavia. High end and low end.
    Strange if you ask me if they want to make a push in the SLR market. But it Seems that the market here is just not interesting enough.

    If the sales numbers are bad in Europe i dont wonder when you can't buy the camera you can't sell it.

  15. It's extremely hard to find the nx1in Europe. Germany, Amazon Germany and several small shops haw it in Austria but non of the bigger shops like Mediamarkt In Austria. Austria is interesting for me, cause I'm from a small neighbouring country and would buy it there.  Perferably in Mediamarkt but they don't have it at the moment. 

    I'm a long time reader (for years) but the nx1 got mi to post. 

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