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  1. Does it shoot 240fps 1080\720p?
  2. does 120fps come with audio like the A7S?
  3. is there 1080p\720p 120fps in full frame\1.5x option? or only 2.2x crop in 1080p? really hope it can shoot FF 120fps so i can use my FE lenses & dump my speedbooster
  4. The A7SII shoot 1080p 120fps in FF? or only 2.2x crop?
  5. Yes Full Frame 120fps! now i can use all my FE lenses in FF no more need adding weight with speedbooster, lets hope A7SII get 1080p 120fps
  6. What are the list of camera that shoot 120fps with audio internal? the only one i know is the A7S at 720p. i looking for 1080p 120fps with audio internal
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