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  1. It's possible.... Samsung already know the power of 3rd party devs through their TVs and phones. They will be thoroughly testing any apps that 3rd parties make though, so don't expect anything that could potential brick the camera, like raw on the canons. I'll be getting my dev to look at the SDK, as soon as it is out, that is for sure.
  2. thanks guys, it is a real shame. I'm really struggling to find a nice camera that will shoot 60p with good DR, highlights and colour, yet not weigh a tonne. Alot of my filming is out in nature and as much as i LOVE the FS700/OQ7 combo, it is a beast to take up mountains and stuff. A7s seems like it might be an ok option for 1080/60p?
  3. How are you finding the 60fps mode, is it sharp enough to use? I hear the s35 1080p is really nice, but can't seem to find if that extends to 1080/60p?
  4. Cheers Oliver, gonna have to rent one out and see how it compares to a kitted out FS700/OQ7 ... The idea of being able to shoot without always having an external monitor is appealing, but if the trade off is a lot more weight, then it becomes problematic.
  5. Oliver, did you ever use the FS700 + OQ7 combo? If so, how do you think they compare to the FS7 in terms of DR, low light etc? I love the combo but would quite like to have a smaller rig, FS7 could be the one, if I don't have to lose any/much DR
  6. FS7 is looking nice. I'm really tempted to sell my FS700 + OQ7 kit and trade up. Although I do love shooting raw and especially 4K/120fps. Tough, tough decision.
  7. ​People seem to massively underrate the use of lighting to create the cinematic look. It is not about recreating natural light, but enhancing it, giving a very slight unnatural, fantasy look.
  8. If you can't make something look good with 12 stops, nice highlight rolloff and some lights, you are need to work on your skills. That's the point you really can no longer blame your tools (and the reason I think the 5DRaw will keep me happy for a long, long time).
  9. You can pick up an F65 kit for about $25k now... Pretty crazy. Very, very beautiful image, but cumbersome size and workflow for anyone not shooting with a huge crew
  10. Sony and Panasonic have a bigger reason to get 4K down to consumer levels though... They sell 4K TVs.
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