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  1. You were saying that the drop in the shares is down to a lack of innovation though... It is at least as much to do with the rise of mobile photography. Anyway, let's hope this 50mpx camera is a sign that Canon will now start making a few cameras for niche markets.
  2. Frame rates, codec and bit rate are the only major improvements i'd have for the 1DC. If they launch a 1DC mk II that shot 4K/60fps and 1080p/120fps with 10bit to a good codec... I think that would be my last camera purchase for quite a long time. (Some kind of internal ND filters would be nice too!)
  3. Hi, I am selling this great, well looked after 4K package. I'm sure if you are looking, you know the power of this combo! Everything you need other than glass. Located in Bewdley, near Birmingham. Reason for sale, moving to RED Dragon. Package total new is £8467 (according to prices on CVP).... Looking for offers around £6500 FS700 £4435 Metabones EF to E mount - £328 Odyssey 7Q £1449 2 x 256GB SSDs - £672 Sony RAW Upgrade - £496 PEC Charge Plate - £37 SSD Lead - £20 H-SDI Lead - £20 2 x NP-F970 - 2 x £115 2 x NP-F770 - 2 x £40 Manfrotto 503 head and tripod- £700
  4. They will also blame mobile.... and, to an extent, that would be a correct thing to blame. People simply don't want to carry a phone , camera and camcorder, especially now the phone cameras are good enough. Canon will have to pay more attention to niche markets, which could be a good thing for us. I think we might see a slightly braver Canon, over the next few years. They will never be as aggressive as Sony, but they will evolve.
  5. It is valid as not many people buy these huge panels. Maybe in the states it is different, in UK, people stick to around 42", as the house rooms are just not big enough to accommodate a huge screen. No one is saying don't shoot at 4K, I am..... Just don't expect every camera maker to jump on it quite as hard as Sony, Panasonic and Samsung, who have a vested interest in pushing this tech.
  6. Yes, this is the thing..... 4K is now practically being "given away" with any new TV. Most people don't know about it or care about it, but when it doesn't influence the price, they are happy to take it (just like 3D before it). There was no big rush for consumer 3D cameras and will not be a huge rush for consumer 4K camreas (aside from mobile). Who is out there shooting their family videos on a camcorder, these days? Mobile rules the segment. Anyway, to me, this 50mpx camera signals that Canon will start releasing a few niche cameras, so it could be good news. I can see an a7S type Canon camera on the roadmap.
  7. Canon wont jump on consumer 4K any faster than they would have consumer 3D a few years back. Panasonic, Sony and Samsung have a vested interest in 4K screens, so will push out consumer 4K cameras to try and sell TVs.... Canon don't need to. They can sit back and see if anyone cares about 4K, outside of our tiny niche. My father in law has a 4K tv, I dont see him scrambling around for a 4K camcorder.... 4K was just something included in his new tv, much like 3D was before it.
  8. I guess all the weddings/fashion photographers using Canon just don't care about skintone? Canon's colour is simply beautiful. Skintones are great.
  9. Also, if you wanna compare 1DC to A7s, surely you have to factor in the Shogun/OQ7+ and various media/accessories? So $6k difference quickly becomes $3k.
  10. Jimmy

    2k raw or prores 4k?

    I've only ever shot 120 or 240fps in 2K mode.... That has some aliasing. I will try a 24fps test and let you know.
  11. I noticed the 750D specs included a HDR video mode. Could be interesting. I wonder if it is somehow utilising something similar to the dual ISO hack, or will it be combined multi exposure?
  12. Interesting article. I think the size is the big factor, plus the dominance of Alexa when it came out. Most DPs I know wouldn't care if the camera looked like susan boyle's head, as long as it gave a good image and was usable. Kit out any of these cameras for a big production and you can barely see the camera anyway.
  13. Jimmy

    2k raw or prores 4k?

    I ran some tests when 4K prores came out (non scientific)..... Judging by eye, raw has at least 1 stop on the ProRes. Helps with the highlights.
  14. Jimmy

    2k raw or prores 4k?

    No audience will be impressed with 4K if they don't have a screen to consume 4K on. I'd choose an extra stop DR over 4K every day. The audience might not be impressed by you saying you shot raw, but they will have a sensation that it is better if they do watch it. They wont know why, but they will. Extra resolution can do that too, but not as much, if you are already shooting pristine 2K. That said, with the FS700/OQ7, you can shoot a great image in 4K ProRes... You loose about a stop. Should be fine for most shots. Like I said at the start, shoot ProRes for anything that only demands about 12 stops... If your lightmeter or exposure tools show a bit more of an extreme... switch to raw.
  15. I've been using them on a recent Fs700/OQ7 shot and was impressed. Not quite the bokeh of some of the pricier lenses, but still a nice look (think this was 35mm)
  16. ​Yea, seems like the FS700/OQ7 combo gets overlooked by alot of indie filmakers, but it really is the very, very best image out there for a sub $10k price and crazy versatile. I've had ours for just under a year and the image is sublime. Sharp 4K (to 60fps, 120fps burst), 2K (to 240p), raw, prores, 4K to HD, 13 stops, built in NDs, built in XLRs, great screen, amazing exposure tools, good low light
  17. Can't really see any justification for the F35 on the list other than "it's a bargain" in which case the FS700/OQ7 is a better bargain (4K 120fps raw!) and better suited for this forum. The F35 is truly a beast, no one on the indie scene is gonna use that. The rest looks good, though I think the NX1 has a lot to prove away from it's "on paper" specs. Looks like iPhone footage, to me.
  18. Jimmy

    2k raw or prores 4k?

    Have you thought about shooting 4K prores, but using very occasional 4K raw when you absolutely need every drop of DR? If you have time to edit raw though... I would shoot 2K/raw. I know all the hype is about 4K, but DR and color are still more important, imo and the 2K on FS700/O7Q is a joy, though you do hit some moire/aliasing at 120/240fps
  19. Hurry up people!!! Desperate to see some footage with the new gammas
  20. I got offered a 1DC for £3500 though.... if the 60p had been good enough, i'd have snapped one up, for sure.
  21. Yea, I'm just not sure I will take the FS700/OQ7 to Iceland as it is quite a beast to carry around, especially with 5 primes and a large tripod. Iceland is so amazing though, not sure anything but 4K, raw, 1-120fps would do it justice. Decisions, decisions
  22. yea, it's a great place.. if you see someone with an FS700 or flying a phantom, be sure to say hello! I will be in Iceland for the latter half of March though, which is partly prompting my need for yet another new camera ... so tempted to take the Fs700/OQ7, maybe I should just invest in some steroids
  23. 4/3 is hardly a tiny sensor, but I get your point about everything that goes with a camera. For pure image quality though, with an easy workflow for Mac, it is a good choice.
  24. Maybe BMPC shooting to ProRes. Still one of the nicest images i've ever shot
  25. Landscapes more than wildlife. I generally don't find myself going over a 200mm lens. Also, in a strange twist, I shoot the majority of my video in portrait mode (my business involves video for phones)
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