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  1. 55 minutes ago, SteveV4D said:

    Some here feel the absence of IBIS a con, but whilst I feel its useful on hybrids, I'm not so sure I want it on cameras like the FX6.  I've never missed IBIS on my Pocket cameras.  In fact, I'm grateful as I felt I relied too much with it prior on my GH5, resulting in shots less measured and more prone to warping on wide angle lenses.  I think there is room in ones kit for a hybrid with IBIS and a dedicated video camera without it.  Both bring their own advanatges to shooting.  Theres no such thing as one camera to rule them all, just the best one for a particular job.

    I've never got why people mark this down as such a big con. My favourite camera from the past few years was my C100 Mk2, didn't need IBIS at all. The form factor doesn't need it. The main reason for IBIS (IMO) on the hybrids are the form factors aren't designed for video use, they're stills cameras and they're not the easiest to hold steady. 

  2. One thing I noticed when I looked into Resolve and tried to use it a few times is the massive lack of third party plugins for transitions, titles and effects and the ones that do exist seem to be such a horrid workaround to get working, that is if you can get them working at all. They need to add easy support for things like this.

  3. 13 minutes ago, SteveV4D said:

    If they add that and overheating and RS isnt a huge issue, I will be looking at the R6.  It'll be an excellent gimbal and run n gun camera.  Thanks to Covid, I don't need it till next year anyway, so I've got plenty of time to assess from early users before deciding. 😀😀

    Same! It'll be early next year, so plenty of time to see real life material from both Canon and Sony. 

  4. 18 hours ago, gt3rs said:

    Did you turn off HW acc for h265 and restart Resolve?

    On Windows with QuickSync off I can edit 4k 30,60,120 10bit all-i and ipb perf is not realtime other than 4k 30 ipb (yes ipb is faster than all-i that seems a Resolve issue)

    5.5k RAW 30 and 60 on 4k 30 dci timeline is realtime with some basic nodes.... 

    Gaming notebook i9 10980HK nvidia 2070 S MaxQ

    Left it till today to try again. Switching it on and off to troubleshoot haha! No joy though. Must be a Mac / Resolve issue. I've ended up converting it to ProRes.

  5. 1 hour ago, gt3rs said:

    You need to disable intel quicksync in the preferences of Resolve at least on Windows. H265 4:2:2 10bit are not HW accelared at the moment by Intel and NVIDIA only 4:2:0 of 4:4:4

    On a Mac the only option I could see was for HW accelerated H264 and H265. Tried it off and no difference. This may be an issue for any new cameras footage then in Resolve! I'm guessing they'll need to fix it as presently both Premiere and Final Cut on the same system can import and work with it, even if I have to use proxies. I've sent them feedback anyway.

  6. 1 minute ago, ajay said:

    I wrote about this on page 23 of this thread. A couple of things to try...

    • Make sure you have the latest version:
    • Optimize the media clip (right click on clip, there's an option called "optimize media clip".

    The latest version is suppose to help clips from the 1DXIII and R5, but I still had to optimize the clip in order for it to play with out hesitating. This is a time consuming option unfortunately. A 20 sec 4k 120p clip on my computer takes about 4 min to process. I think if I were to buy this camera I would have to switch to Final Cut.


    Annoyingly it isn't those two things. I've actually made sure I've got the latest version. The program literally can't see the clips. In the Media Pool when I go to add the media, the folder they are in just shows empty. So can't even optimise them or anything. 

  7. I'm going to be very interested to see if/when this camera overheats and if they're as open as Canon seem to have been. All the specs being thrown out at the moment, it'll go up in flames after 60s of recording in a normal a7 style body!


    Hi All

    Selling one of my GH5 kits. 

    Body - GH5 (purchased 18/07/2017 from LCE) plus 2 additional Hahnel batteries. Still has original box PLUS vlog key. Also included in a Metabones Speedbooster XL (purchased Feb this year). £1500.

    Lenses - 1x Tamron SP35mm Prime and 1x Tamron SP 85mm Prime, £500 each. Both purchased from WEX earlier this year. 

    Whole kit for £2350.

    I'm in Manchester, so UK sale only and even better if buyer is local, can check kit out. Postage fees will apply otherwise. Not taking offers.


  9. I've not had it six months, just 6 weeks! But I have fallen in love with it. After using and not liking, specifically the colours off a GH4 a few years back, I was hesitant but I love the image I get and I'm only using the low bit rate MP4. When I've enough storage space I'll certainly start using the 10bit files. No issues at all so far in 'low light' at wedding receptions. Ergonomically as well it just feels right it the hand as well.

  10. I got this setup (GH5, 12-35 and 35-100 f2.8ii) a few weeks back. Been on a few test shoots and shot a couple weddings with them. Impressed so far. So small an compact especially after lugging round a C100 and Canon 70-200. I've not seen any IBIS/Dual IS issues apart from one small thing, every so often it seems to 're-centre' itself (best way I can describe it) and the the image just jumps for a moment. But I also had this on my Sony A6500 with IBIS as well.

  11. I'm a wedding shooter and just moving to GH5. Got a body by my desk and awaiting the two lenses I've ordered to arrive. I've gone for the 12-35 and 35-100 f.2.8ii models to give me the old favourite 24-70 and 70-200 equivalent. I'll be buying some Primes later in the year, probably the Leica ones. I've heard good things on the 12-60 as well. A couple of years ago I did have a GH4 with Speedbooster plus Sigma 18-35 and had issues with it. A number of times it'd cut out and just say 'lens not attached', happened during a ceremony once. Sort of lost my trust in using them, hence I've gone native glass this time.


    I've also used the Xume adapters before and have got some for this kit. Best things I've ever purchased, makes changing NDs or filters between lenses really easy.

  12. On 2017-7-10 at 11:18 PM, aoaaron said:

    Hey you wouldn't by any chance be interested in a G85+ cash trade? 

    Hey, sorry taking a bit to reply, it hasn't sent me a notification of a reply to the topic! I've funding a GH5 (already purchased) with this sale, so unfortunately not.

  13. Sony A6500. Purchased end April from Wex (receipt available). Comes with a 1 year extended Sony service plan as well. 1 spare Hahnel battery. Boxed. 

    £950 plus £10 UK postage or pick up in Manchester.


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