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  1. That seller tried to scam me with a fake order. Do not buy through ASK on Amazon UK! I have just been on with Amazon and they have confirmed they are trying to commit fraud by generating a fake order. They have faked an order and asked for a bank transfer after asking for my name and address. Strange as they have sold a lot of other stuff, but this is serious fraud. I knew it was too good to be true. Should be interesting...
  2. I have only had a quick look on iPad but the corner photo looks dodgy to me. He isn't really into video from his closing comments; this isn't a camera for photographers because it is extremely similar to the previous version. That corner photo is mush: https://www.photigy.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/sony-rx10II-review3.jpg Is it normal for that to happen or unacceptable and a weakness of the sensor size? My gut is telling me that it is the sensor size and not acceptable. My RX100ii had similar issues although generally I got away with it in video. Something about leaves and skies from these 1 inch sensors rubs me the wrong way. I compared my RX100ii to a phone and the phone was far more accurate with color and it did 4K, so I made do with the phone instead for a while, obviously the phone is crap for dynamic range but it killed the Sony for detail and realistic color.
  3. Thanks for letting me know about that adaptor Ruben. It has put me back at ease. I have just tried to order with the people offering it super cheap on Amazon UK, so I can't help with your question about the recording quality (wouldn't trust my opinion even after I get it as I am still learning). Not sure if they have sold out though as it was £700 and is now back up to £1500 with 1-2 month wait on Amazon. All sounds a bit dodgy to me; there seems to be a lot of very cheap versions available and not many at regular price or even over regular price.
  4. It was £1500+ yesterday, I promise you. I know that is not the real price but it was. Even showed up in ads at that price on Facebook and other web sites. It is currently £700 and as you don't seem to believe me I have uploaded a screenshot: http://postimg.org/image/ljzmf2nof/ I told them I will buy immediately if they guarantee it does 29 minutes, not 5. I won't get a reply though.
  5. The wood frame is bending and the focus seems to suddenly get worse. Doesn't look like the ideal shot anywhere else but it is a nice scene, so worth including. I just can't get past the bending wood especially. The shutter door is curved too.
  6. Love the color, shame that opening wide shot wasn't from the RX. Great video but the overblown shots aren't normal overblown, it is weird: like an electronic plasticky white, can't explain it but I detest it. Then the shot with the bride on the left and the bridesmaids on the right was horrific. The bride was ruined; is that how bad the edges of this lens or sensor are? I know I just used strong words but it is all the camera. The video is awesome. If I was in that family it would certainly make me cry, you really used amazing technique imo with the color, father speaking, music, shots etc... I have taken a screen shot which shows how bad the sides are and it also has the white plasticky overblown thing at the bottom in front of the shutter: http://postimg.org/image/xgahcglyh/. Would I be right in thinking the latter is a dynamic range issue?
  7. Ah, sorry about that. I was getting excited about the stills as I hate taking frame grabs with motion blur from Premiere Pro.
  8. Watch the video on the previous page. He says what to press and I think he also says that the photos are random. Fairly sure he says you can just press the button too, perhaps just once whatever he selects is turned on.
  9. Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to grab mine. Just need Sony to confim the length issue for certain regions and thats it. I am going to go and pester them some more now; missing valuable filming time- was in the middle of British countryside yesterday with no bloody camera. That slow mo at a dog show with long haired collies (dogs like lassie) would of been nice. Edit: got a Facebook message saying to contact local dealer. Told them it is "pathetic that nobody can give me a straight answer from one of the biggest companies in the world". The camera is £1500 on Amazon UK today and nearly half that price from importers or in Thailand shops, so it is a legit question they are dodging.
  10. Yeah that photo at 7.28 was really blown out in the sky, but the bride actually looked awesome. The black and white one looked great to me. I took it as this being someone who isn't obsessed with things that we necessarily always need to care about. I thought it might be Mickey Mouse time when I saw that first photo but I left thinking this is an interesting guy who has been at it along time and has his own opinions and standards. I think he might be a guy that is willing to let a sky look nastily overblown for the sake of getting the best shot of the bride and groom. Whereas most people would want to play by the rules at their expense. I dunno, I am still a noob.
  11. I have had the same issue, these were the cameras I also chose between. I have crossed off the NX1 easily as it has no log, extra transcoding hassle and isn't really even available in the UK. Other Samsung cameras are almost impossible to sell. The GH4 with the booster is the correct choice if you already have lenses and it sounds like you do. People sell GH4's used for almost new price which proves this is the best choice. The booster makes it a pro camera and when it gets log that will be etched in stone. The RX10ii might be available for much lower prices from eBay or other sources, depending on your country; I am guessing not if you are using Euros. I have just seen a review which confirms the Rx10ii is right for me as I can get it cheap and I am strapped, but I don't already have Canon lenses. Get the GH4.
  12. Here's a new review, first time for this guy. Great stuff, I love him. Confirms that this camera is awesome and that it doesn't overheat, so I think we can put the five minute bullshitometer up to 95%. Another Sony page did reply to me on Facebook then deleted it immediately, so they are not 100% sure either. Anyway we should get confirmation soon and then it is time to buy. The reviewer also talks about the A7rii so maybe it should be shared there too? This guy is well worth subscribing to...
  13. NX500 seems to be the bargain compact choice for 4K off eBay. 15 minute limit and no need to grade. Ignore the thread here where the color has been removed. There is a lack of wide angle on it because it takes a massive crop of the sensor, but that may be fine for landscape. RX100iv is twice the price and might not even get 5 minutes. Photos from the NX500 should be better because it has a big sensor. Or if you want zoom the FZ1000 will be nice on holiday, I much prefer it in my hand to the Rx10ii which is twice the price but will be better. Both do 30 minutes. Both far bigger than the previous options. or the LX100 has a nice 15 minute 4k video....
  14. Well if it is a mistake I just got the moron fired as I have spread that over about 5 Sony pages as a warning (hoping it alerts someone in the know).
  15. Just got the following reply from Sony Digital Camera Thailand's Facebook page: "Super-real 4K movie with Pro-grade XAVC S codec feature for casual 4K shooting of up to 5 minutes" https://www.facebook.com/SonyDigitalCameraThailand
  16. He said "today or tomorrow" about two weeks ago. It ain't happening for some reason (with any kind of predictibility). Same thing happened with Bloom. Hopefully the Camera Store do one soon and there are some other opinions slowly popping up. Pretty mixed opinions though; generally photographers are "meh" and videographers seem more enthusiastic. But nobody is making bold statements like it can be used as a b cam for the Sony xxx or it is on a par with the Panasonic xxx. No replies from Sony yet about the five minutes. The fact that it costs a lot in India is a good sign, which points to it more likely being a mistake in the specs list, as it is very similar to the RX100 in other ways. The reason Samsung make lower spec phones in Asia is so they can charge less, so it makes no sense to criple it and actually charge more. The fact there have been no replies means even Sony aren't sure.
  17. Seems so. Here is another Asian Sony site confirming five minute limit: http://www.sony-asia.com/product/dsc-rx10m2 If not it is an almighty f- up. I have messaged a couple of Sony Facebook pages to try and get to the bottom of it. A press release in Singapore said 30 mins.
  18. DigialRev could be selling the 5 minute version, here is the reply I got from them: "With regards to your email, most of our items are sourced from various countries within Asian Pacific Region. Unfortunately, we are unable to determine as to where the item was sourced from by our suppliers nor do we check & test the camera prior to shipment and thus we are unable to confirm the duration of UHD video recording." They seem just as care-free at selling things as they are in their videos; I shall be keeping clear of them.
  19. Nice find, thanks. I'll trust them just because they do videos. But they are usually in South Korea or Hong Kong or something, so will email to check rec time first in case they are importing the crippled version. Not sure whether to tell them to stop doing half assed reviews too
  20. Current cheapest on eBay is £1150. It mentiones this which adds to the Asia versions crippled conspiracy: "RX10 II can shoot 4K video at extended lengths (up to 29 minutes in Europe)". There are dodgy cheaper ones e.g. No box ex- display or Hong Kong ones which may mean 5 minutes rec time and tax and a wait. GH4 is just £840 on eBay new. Seems silly not to. And a while browsing lenses there should dig up something good value. I don't need the bigger zoom or slow mo; would rather have a bigger sensor from a proven great camera which will be upgraded with log in a couple of months.
  21. Thank god you didn't finish the review earlier as I was going to grab it in Thailand for a bargain price, putting down a deposit early. But the reason it is much cheaper in Asia is because the 4k video is just five minutes. Also confirmed on the Thai Sony site: http://www.sony.co.th/product/dsc-rx10m2?site=hp_en_TH_i Now its back the the drawing board: RX10ii in UK for £1200 vs GH4 and mid range lens for around £1500.
  22. http://www.eoshd.com/2015/07/sony-rx10-m2-first-part-of-my-review-and-a-mini-comparison-with-the-a7s-and-canon-1d-c/ That is more of a preview. Someone has posted a mini review in the Anamorphic section of the forum too.
  23. Thanks for the review. I can't judge video as I am watching on iPad but I know what you mean about it not looking filmic: no depth in the shots and noticed some artifacts at the end around the helmuts. Maybe S Log will give it a better look. Mountain biking looks fun, I wanna try it now. Was always put off in the past as I assumed it meant cycling up hills. This stuff looks like you can drive up then ride down crazy fast.
  24. Google's Blogger is free as long as you are embedding the videos from Youtube or Vimeo. You can buy a domain name though them too for something like $12, so it looks like myportfolio.com instead of myportfolio.blogspot.com Same situation with Tumblr but you can't edit their design as easily. Blogger can be used like a normal website with pages instead of just blog posts. You just do one post for the homepage and then create pages for everything else. On your contact page you can embed a contact form for free from Jotform. Blogger gives you statistics about visitors and a really easy, fun way to change the design. Plus it will be connected to your Google account. I use Wordpress for websites but there is a lot of messing around with updates and hosting and stuff like malware. If you want no hassles Blogger is a good free alternative.
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