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  1. I just paid for my V-log option. The features of the camera warrant keeping it for sure. This is what Panasonic said about not putting V-log into the GH5. “Panasonic: For [typical] customers, V-Log L [is] too difficult, actually. V-Log L [is especially intended] for cinema people, [as] they like a very flat tone curve. For normal people and broadcasters, I think this function is not so interesting, and if we put V-log into [the cameras] without any charge, in that case it’s a little bit difficult to explain how to use [it].” Anyway, I'll have my V-log.
  2. Thanks for the comments. I think my preference was the GH5, hence my purchase of it. My point was that Panasonic is saying that if you know how to use log you have to pay 100.00 more. Sony on the other hand puts the feature in their cameras to begin with. And to be clear, if you don't use 10 bit 400Mbps + V-log you won't see a significant difference in quality over 8 bit 150Mbps due to compression. I love the GH5, I just hate paying 100.00 more to get the full benefit.
  3. I just purchased the GH5. So let me get this straight....Sony includes S-log 2, 3 on many cameras including the new AX700. However, Panasonic charges about a hundred bucks more for the camera to advanced users basically because you're an advanced user. Maybe the way to go is with the AX700. You can't really see any difference in the 10bit 4:2:2 from the GH5 unless you use the 400Mbps and V-log. Even then, the compression makes the difference minimal. I paid 2800.00 with the kit lens for the panny. I could save about 1000.00 AND have amazing auto focus from the AX700 + HDR. Lets face it, the auto focus on the GH5 blows. I guess I just need to figure out if the added 100.00 cost for the GH5 and lousy AF is a deal breaker or not. I have to wonder if Panasonic really believes that most people that are buying the GH5 are not more advanced to begin with.
  4. Sony support H265 HEVC, not necessarily NX1. It is hardware.
  5. I bought the Sony FMP-X10 because one of the features was that it played H265 HEVC files. I hooked up my NX1 to the USB and the import screen came up. The files play flawlessly.
  6. Also, PotPlayer on the PC looks similar to the VLC rendition. PotPlayer also has many controls for video control. VLC tends to over saturate but even reducing the saturation there is still more detail in the video playback on VLC and PotPlayer of the H265 file over the converted file playback. At least that's how it looks to me.
  7. I am getting similar results using Wondershare conversion. Slight loss of detail and colors look slightly muted compared to the VLC. I'm going to move over to the PC side of the MAC and try running it through another H265 player. '' target='_blank'>>
  8. I've read that the DCI 4k from the Samsung NX1 is not as sharp as the UHD 4k. However, further testing shows some interesting results. The picture that's linked shows a sharper VLC image for sure. Curious if it's just a conversion issue, not a camera issue. Look at the table, tree leaves and flowers in the lower right. I'll have to do some extensive testing with VLC and Quicktime. https://www.flickr.com/photos/cameramanhd/sets/72157647314080513/
  9. VLC 2.1.5 for mac plays the H265 on my 27" i5 iMac 5k with some slight skipping. You can play the file slightly slower with no skipping. But the quality looks better with VLC.
  10. I captured a screenshot of side by side NX1 files. The one on the left is the H265 file being played by VLC. The right, the H264 conversion played with Quicktime. In the conversion, some of the color and detail are lost. You can see it in the VLC VLC version as well.
  11. My NX1 arrived today. 2 things right off the bat. After installing the information catching i-launcher I installed Samsung's Movie Converter (on the mac). I went to load a few 4k shots I took and I got a "unsupported file" error. Un-installed, re-installed, rebooted, same thing. I pulled up the Parallels desktop with Windows 8. Installed, and it works fine. I'm in the middle of conversions now, but, I was able to look at the first file converted and I'm impressed. I did the same shot with the AX100 a few weeks ago so I'm comparing but, my initial reaction to the 4k quality was...."Well done Samsung" Now to dig deep.
  12. This came from an interview between Dave Etchells (IR) and Jay Kellbley (Samsung) Due to the inconsistent information regarding the HDMI output, I've been looking for days. DE: The video streaming through HDMI port, is that 4:2:2 on everything? JK: It's 4:2:2 out the HDMI 1.4 port; it's 4:2:0 as it goes to the SD. And it's H.265 to the card for both HD and 4K, so whatever video mode you're saving to SD card, it's using H.265, so you're going to get much more efficient and better-quality HD out of it.
  13. I downloaded the original files and converted using Wondershare Ultimate. At the beginning of the scene of the leaves and branches and then again at about 27 sec., the color banding stands out. At least when viewing on my 5K iMac. This is something I noticed in the Samsung video that was out on youtube for weeks. I captured a screen with mpeg streamclip. I thought at first it was the youtube/vimeo compression. And it might be. Although I don't see it in GH4 or AX100 clips. And I have the AX100. I'll have to wait and see it out of the camera. '' target='_blank'>>
  14. I would be curious to see a NX1 4k comparison with the AX100 4k.
  15. I ordered my NX1 and 16-50. One of the stickler points was whether the HDMI out was 4:2:2 or 4:2:0. Some were saying one thing, others something else. So I'm happy to hear it is 4:2:2. I appreciate the video and pictures posted in the last couple of days. It really helped solidify my decision. Anyway, I hope to have my camera by Wednesday. Thanks for the great review and comparisons.
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