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My cameras and kit

Found 24 results

  1. 2 Samsung Mirrorless Cameras-NX1 28MP & NX20 20MP with 4 Prime & 1 Zoom Lens On Ebay Price:$1,500.00 https://www.ebay.com/itm/124749385899?
  2. Samsung NX1, Lenses, and accessories On Ebay Price: $1,350.00 https://www.ebay.com/itm/Samsung-NX1-Lenses-and-accessories/224422029364?
  3. Samsung NX1 28.2MP Camera, 50-150 and 16-50 S lenses. 64GB Extreme Pro On Ebay Price: $2,000.00 https://www.ebay.com/itm/Samsung-NX1-28-2MP-Camera-50-150-and-16-50-S-lenses-64GB-Extreme-Pro/274689978060?
  4. Hello :) You know... it is about the NX1, my never ending love! I have the M1 Mark II and my primary camera, the Sigma Sd Quattro but... the feeling with NX1 is unique. Just to share with you some shots with the NX1 and that primary amazing lens.
  5. Samsung NX NX1 28.2MP Digital Camera - Black (Kit w/ S 16-50mm Lens) 4K On Ebay Price: $1,595.00 https://www.ebay.com/itm/Samsung-NX-NX1-28-2MP-Digital-Camera-Black-Kit-w-S-16-50mm-Lens-4K/164627251391?
  6. Hi everyone, first of all I am based in France and I can ship anywhere in the EU. I am one of the earliest adopters of the Samsung NX1 in France, I remember ordering one the day Andrew posted his first video with the NX1. I then went to get an NX500 when it came out too. This has been my primary system since then so it will have signs of wear as I have used it a lot. And I can also state that this thing works flawlessly. It is amazing, I have played with almost every other camera out there and nothing gives as much pleasure as this one. That being said it it now time for me to part with i
  7. Hi folks. Been trying to consolidate my gear lately so here's a bunch of stuff for sale. Feel free to message me for more pics/information. Up first is the venerable Sigma 18-35mm f1.8 lens (Canon EF mount) also included as an extra is brand new cinemorph anamorphic filter from Vid-Atlantic. Lens is in great shape, comes front and rear caps, hood, protective case and original box. $675 Nikkor 28mm f2.8 AI-s Andy Lee has called this lens one of the greatest wide angles ever made by Nikon, extremely little distortion, and truly impressive almost macro-like close focus.
  8. So somehow the sensor to my nx1 was damaged and I don’t really have the money to start over with a new camera + all new lenses at the moment...So I have been hoping to find an NX1 for sale at a reasonable price, most listings I have seen include lenses which push the price too high for me (and are lenses I already have.) Located in the US, Utah if that matters. My sister is coming out in a month to visit me for the first time, and I would love to be able to take photos of her family as a gift to her.
  9. Selling my Nx1 with 45mm lens. Used it mainly for wedding films but I'm leaving the business. Almost never took any pictures with it. If you want pics I can upload them, I took off the eyecup cushion thing cause It annoyed me and lost it so there's that. Asking 1400$ OBO
  10. I am selling a complete pack of Samsung NX1 that includes the following: -Body NX1 camera -Samsung NX 16-50mm f / 2.0-2.8 S Series Zoom OIS lens -Grip and 2 batteries -Charger Totally brand new. Sealed and with the plastic still put. As seen in the photos. Shipping to worldwide. Price: 2100 €, shipping costs included. Method of payment: by bank transfer or Paypal.
  11. I'm selling my old friend he's Samsung Nx1. He needs somebody who can truly understand it's potential. It may be young, around 20k shots but damn' it can make some pretty neat stuff. It comes with a battery a canon adapter and a mft adapter and of course with battery and charger. All this for 1,200 USD ( shipping from Romania ) ( You can see more products in the image, but only the camera is for sale. )
  12. Hey guys! I've decided, that I'd like to try the Samsung NX 16-50 2.0-2.8 lens. Since it's still quite expensive as a new lens, I'm considering a used one. Maybe someone is interested in selling?
  13. Finally selling my barely used Samsung NX1. I always thought it would be good to have a back up or for a multi-cam shoot but, alas, I didn't use it in quite a while as it was always the second child behind my other systems. Camera shot less than 1000 pictures and less than an hour of video. It's in nearly as new condition as you can see on the pictures. Comes with the original packaging and everything that is in it, including unused camera strap and unused copy of Adobe Lightroom 5. In addition it has a dumb Canon EF to Samsung NX adapter, ideal for adapting the popular Samyang lense
  14. Slightly Used Like New hardly used more than 3 times. Excellent condition. INCLUDES: Samsung NX 500 Camera (Black) 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6 Power zoom ED OIS Lens (Black) Battery Pack ED-SEF8A Flash USB Wall Charger Micro-USB Cable Neck Strap Asking $699 Or Best Offer shipped and Paypal'd to CONUS.
  15. I sell all my NX equipment, in perfect condition I am not a professional only used for family photography. - NX1, with its box and all the accessories that included. Battery, strap ... - Original vertical Grip, without box. - Original battery, without box. - 16-50 F2-2.8 S ED OIS, with box and all accessories. - 50-150 F2 S OIS, with box and all accessories - Samyang T3.1 / 10mm Film Lens, with box and all accessories. - Compatible charger Pantona. It is in Spain. All 3450€ + shipping cost
  16. Great camera! Was mainly used by me at home so it's been well cared for. Box, paperwork, original accessories. I have the original owner's receipt. This uses Samsung OEM firmware. Free bonuses: Samsung ED-BC4NX03 Charger ($40 new) Samsung ED-BP1900 Battery ($26 new) ITG IC113 screen protector ($15 new) Lightroom 5 ($100 new?) Seller pays CONUS shipping and regular Paypal. Only selling body and lens as a combo for now. Combo price: $1,650 PM for details.
  17. Hello. Deciding to purge my beloved Samsung NX1 + Everything I bought for it. List of of stuff for sale with individual prices NX1 Body - $900 w/ Grip + 4 Batteries 16-50S - $900 30 f/2 - $180 Also included if body/whole kit is purchased 72mm UV filter 72mm variable ND 72mm Tiffen Ultra Contrast 3. I say condition is 8.9/10 overall. There are some scuffs on the 16-50S (see pictures) and some minor wear marks on the body (nothing huge or worth noting). I bought this used from B&H less than a year ago with a condition of 10. Comes w
  18. the camera and lens are in excellent condition. (i take really really good care of my gear). the lens has been protected by a UV filter since i got it. • extra battery. they are both samsung • the battery charger is a chinese version i got off of eBay. works well. • comes with Lightroom 5. • will throw in a 9ft usb cable that you can attach the plug in to. ideal for long interviews. • a Fosty dummy adaptor for Canon lenses. send me offers. ideally i will like sell them together. ping me with any questions.
  19. Hello, I am looking for the Samsung NX 16-50S F2-2.8 lens in excellent condition. Preferably in Europe. Thanks.
  20. The NX1 camera, 16-50mm S lens, battery grip with extra battery, and lens hood come in like-new condition. No markings or scuffs on camera body or lens. Looks brand-new, no cosmetic imperfections. Comes with a Patchworks ITG tempered glass screen protector applied to protect the AMOLED touchscreen (no scratches on screen). Also includes an Altura set of filters - Polarizer, UV, and ND 4. The small rubber piece you remove when attaching battery grip is missing (pictured). You can buy replacement from Samsung for $6.99 online, but I always leave the grip attached. Camera, lens and accessories ar
  21. Samsung NX1 NX 16-50mm S Premier Pro 2015 Color EOSHD GammaDRLogJames Miller Deluts FilmConvert
  22. I captured a screenshot of side by side NX1 files. The one on the left is the H265 file being played by VLC. The right, the H264 conversion played with Quicktime. In the conversion, some of the color and detail are lost. You can see it in the VLC VLC version as well.
  23. I did my first real shoot with my BMCC 2.5k in studio last week using a Vertex 4 SSD and a Samsung 840 SSD. Perfect conditions - and yet they dropped frames like crazy. The Vertex far more than the Samsung, but both still did. Is this a write speed issue?
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