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  1. Hi there lovely people. I was wondering if I could pick your squishy supple brains for a moment. I'm doing a 24 hour charity fashion filming stunt on Saturday. And the deal is we turn up, film this stunt all day, and then I go back and edit the video and publish it to the interwebz that very night. Here's the problem. My Mac Pro can't play or handle h.264 4k files very well (VLC will play them fine-ish, but quicktime finds it impossible). I usually AMA into Avid (I am an avid editor, yes I know I should get premiere but for this project I have no choice but to use Avid 7). My pla
  2. Can I just ask, what's the deal with cine lenses like the SLR magic/Rokinon's? is there actually a picture quality improvement? A resolution/detail improvement? Or is it just the clickless aperture/better focus throw? yadda yadda.
  3. Happened to me when I ordered my nikon one a while back. But it arrived in London pronto.
  4. Sooooo….. as someone who's just getting started… Should I be selling my nikon m43 speed booster, and sigma to 18-35 nikon mount lens, and buy one of these and some canon glass instead? Canon glass really that much better looks wise then Nikon? The idea of IS sounds really awesome though. Especially for documentary shooting and taking photos. But you have to use slower lens, which is a shame. I suppose I could always get another sigma 18 - 35 second hand but canon mount.
  5. Can I ask why'd this be impossible without a tilt shift lens? Thank you for all the thoughts guys. I actually just worked out that my 18-35 has such a close focus limit while, that it actually acts like a macro. I can get REALLY close to stuff, and add in that I can always crop in 4 times with 4k. That leaves me with not really needing a macro ever I don't think? Also managed to pick up this lens for £30 off ebay! I am very happy! http://www.kenrockwell.com/nikon/80200f4ais.htm I think the next step would be to ignore the tilt shift for the time being (although second hand
  6. Hi guys, could I ask your thoughts on using a tilt shift or telephoto long lens for documentary or film? Or if you have any good examples of when either have been used? I'm trying to justify buying either for myself for documentary film making and short narrative films. Even stuff for youtube. Thinking telephoto definitely for any sit down interviews for documentary, and any really close up details of objects for documentary and film. Telephoto for fast sideways movement far away as well. But struggling to justify it to myself when I've got a gh4, sigma, 18-35, and m43 speed booster.
  7. Do you mean sorry that a 150mm on my gh4 with speed booster (still a slight crop compared to c300), will give the same shallow depth of field as a 200 on c300? Or is everyone saying it's the actual lens size that gives the look, and cropping won't give you the same look? Basically it looks like if I want that look I will have to get a big ass lens, I can't just use a smaller lens on a crop?
  8. Hey, Need to try and work something out... If you get a really nice shallow depth of field on a canon 2.8 70-200 (at the 200mm end), on a c300, would you get the same shallow depth of field on a 50 - 150mm lens on a cropped sensor? For example, if I buy a 50 - 150mm 2.8 sigma zoom for my camera, on my gh4 speedbooster with a crop factor of 1.6, at the long end it becomes a 240mm. At this end at 240mm, will it have a very similar look and a shallow depth of field similar to the 200mm end of a canon 70-200mm 2.8? I'm wondering basically is the lovely shallow depth of field fr
  9. Hey guys, I used a 70 - 200 canon on a c300 recently and fell in love with it. I love being able to get that close and the super shallow depth of field and nice look it gives. I was wondering what you guys thought was a comparable lens in terms of quality and depth of field on a Panny GH4, with m43 speedbooster? I was thinking nikon 70 - 180? 80 - 200 maybe? Which do you think I could get for cheap and that would still look high quality? Or the sigma 50 - 150? not the new one with OS, (since speedbooster doesn't allow OS), but the older model for a bit cheaper. I was also w
  10. Hi guys, So I'm trying to build the perfect c300 shoulder rig for our production, and it's proving to be a bit of a nightmare. We've used some rigs on hire and to be honest I thought most of them were shit. The best one I used was one we hired from procam, which was actually an amalgamation of a few rigs in one. Basically the bit we want at the front is below, with the grip re-locator...http://cvp.com/index.php?t=product/zacuto_usa_z-lshk-cgr&utm_source=shopping&utm_medium=shop&utm_campaign=feed&gclid=CIO3mK2AgcACFfOhtAodNGsAtA Although my director who will be usi
  11. Hi there, I've got a GH4 and I'm looking at audio options for it. It comes up with a right and left audio levels on the screen, which makes me think it can do separate left and right audio channels is that right? Also if I used something like a beachtek/juice box that'll give me proper XLRs but record the sound onto the camera, (so it's not separate so I don't have to sync it later), will I be able to use separate radio mics in each xlr, and they'll be recorded as separate audio tracks on the video files?! It's really important with documentary shooting where you have to have
  12. Thanks for the reply! I can imagine it still helping with a shoulder rig, but my worry is that I'll spend the money on a lens with IS, but at the same time it won't be as good quality looking as something like my Sigma (which I picked up 2nd hand for £400!!!), so it'll be more stable, but look a bit crap. Is the image quality out of the panasonic's good for professional use? I know it's not going to be a cine lens, but nice to know it'll hold up quality wise and not look too low production value. It's hard to tell the quality on super compressed youtube videos. But when I got it i
  13. Hi guys, I have a beautiful new GH4 but without a lens I can use for it at the moment... I was also looking for a standard native lens I could use for general video and stills that I could just take around me. Something with autofocus, IS, preferably a zoom, really fast constant aperture, parfocal? Not asking for much am I? ;) So at the moment for my GH4 I have a Sigma to 18-35 nikon mount lens. Brilliant right? Well it would be if the company that sold me my speed booster hadn't fucked me over and I'm still waiting for it. That's right, I've had a camera sitting on my desk for
  14. The one in the black dress looks like a very famous model, although can't remember her name, dating the footballer Ronaldo. Irina Shayak or something?
  15. Can I ask how easy it was to work with the anamorphic adapter? And if you think it was worth it? Do you feel like it actually added anything to the image? I mean you could have just filmed the same subjects but wider on Cine4k, and added black bars. Oval shaped bokeh and horizontal light probably doesn't add that much feeling to the image doesn't it? I want my short films I'm planning on making to look cinematic, but not really seeing the benefit of using an adapter like that? (Trying to keep costs low, but if it truly does help then it's probably worth the money).
  16. Very nicely done. Out of curiosity, how did you get into directing commercials?
  17. How is the colours of the 5D mark III compare to a GH4 then? Question then, how do you get GH4 footage to look like 5D Mark III footage? How would you film it picture profile wise, and how would you grade it?
  18. Thank you, that's an awesome example. I feel slight buyers regret for ordering a GH4 now, as I could have got this and I can see how it would make micro budget/stolen pictures filmmaking easier at times, with uncontrollable lighting situations. Being able to have a deeper DOF in such a dark environment, getting people at multiple marks/distances and it still be well lit without a lighting set up and crew would be bloody handy! But I suppose the ability to reframe with 4k all the time would also be a huge benefit, as I can grab shots and worry about close ups and framing later on. I
  19. "If you can't figure out what to do those things creatively to increase the quality of the work you're outputting, you might consider a different line of work." Yeah I figured the new DOF choices as a given.
  20. Can someone explain to me the creative benefit of the low light performance of this camera? I'm a bit curious, as all I can work out that it would benefit me would be if I wanted to film at night a well lit scene, but had no lights. Then I could just make it look well lit. Which is really awesome! But that's the only benefit I can work out at the moment...?
  21. Anyone with an opinion on the ninja blade or the old samurai's/ninja's?
  22. Can I in theory buy a ninja blade and use that to record the 10bit output? Also I have some old atmos ninja's and samurai's (first models), do you think I would be able to record the 10bit output from the GH4 onto them? I'd rather a ninja star though for the small size and cheap price, for what I'll be using it for I won't need the 2nd bigger screen.
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