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  1. If you're seeing what I'm seeing it's definitely your computer. Your clip slows and gets choppy at 2 sec, not trampoline where you mentioned, but if I play over and over my comp will eventually roll through it fine. I also have i7 machine with 8gb ram.
  2. Has everyone fallen quiet because nobody was using recommended cards...?
  3. Or they could have sacrificed the 4K for for a 1080 mode which has perhaps the best rolling shutter of any DSLR.
  4. I've definitely experienced this with 5DIII and it sucks, but the files are never corrupt. Are people experiencing corrupted files from this? Also, is anyone experiencing this with the recommended U3 cards?
  5. rndmtsk

    GH4 to get Log

    Yeah, this confused me a little too. Does sound redundant. I think it's just a matter of the writer not understanding the lingo... Although admittedly I've never fully understood why one log curve is different from another. Like why is log in the blackmagic cameras so much flatter than Log C in Canon cinema cameras? Obviously for practical reasons it's harder to deal with such a flat curve when shooting 8bit, but I've never really gotten it from a mathematical standpoint. My thoughts exactly!
  6. rndmtsk

    GH4 to get Log

    According to 4/3 Rumors, a reliable source says "Gamma Log" is coming in a firmware update. http://www.43rumors.com/ft4-gh4-firmware-upgrade-will-add-gamma-log-and-dave-dugdale-leaves-canon-for-the-gh4/#disqus_thread
  7. Doesn't outputting 10 bit disable in-camera recording? So if recording 10 bit to a Ninja Star you would have no way of reviewing your footage bc the Star doesn't have a screen... this seems rather annoying. Am I thinking about this wrong?
  8. Like others have said, I think you'll get more with a camcorder for that price. I don't understand why you need a dslr. I don't think what you'll get from a dslr for that price will suffice for a video camera.
  9. I bet if you watch for a little while you could find a used T2i with kit lens for pretty close to that. For example I just did a quick search and found this: http://www.ebay.de/itm/like/231255672649?lpid=82 10% off, bringing it to $373 USD. Granted it looks like it's in Germany... I might agree with others to look elsewhere, though, rather than a DSLR. Could be hard to get what you want for that price.
  10. I think GH4 owners have a knee-jerk reaction to claims that the camera has an inferior or undesirable image quality simple because it is sharp and detailed with a ton of resolution. I think the reaction is to highlight the fact that this gives more potential, rather than less, and ultimately the final image is in how the footage is handled, for pretty much any camera. I hear what you're saying about wanting to avoid a "video-y" look, but it bothers me even more when I see something that's completely flat, desaturated, and dead, and someone's trying to pass it off as "filmic". Grading will always be key... That said, maybe the GH4 just isn't for you. If you care more about low-light and shallow DOF than 4k, why not just get an A7s? Doesn't seem like your work would suffer greatly from bad rolling shutter, should the A7s happen to be lacking in that capacity. Not to mention all your Canon glass will adapt nicely with all automated features... Not that that isn't in the near future for the GH4...
  11. It's added in post. Just his personal taste/ aesthetic. Perhaps a bit much on a larger display, but I think it suits the tone of the video nicely.
  12. As someone interested in pro mist filters but never having used them before, would you say 1/8 is too subtle? Curious about something that would be good all around/ in most situations to start experimenting with, but is also nice to girls faces... I like what this 1/4 is doing here for the most part, but it does take some life out of her skin.
  13. They are shady like that - and that is where I read it. It was in the B&H announcement email. But if it comes near that I will be impressed. And from some of the sample videos it seems like careful attention to settings yields very good results.
  14. Steadicams are awesome. Personally I've never been very good at weighting them, which totally ruins your results, but if you get that down you're golden. The shutter speed thing is just a good general rule unless there's a specific aesthetic you're going for. It isn't as important if there isn't much motion in the shot, but you'll even start to see it in grass or branches blowing in wind. Higher shutter speeds just render motion really choppy and staccato instead of nice and smooth with proper motion blur. So while you have shutter speed to control the amount of light coming in for photography, it really shouldn't be touched for video accept for slow-mo, in which case you should double respectively. Found this example which might make it a little clearer:
  15. And I think Daniel is talking about a 50mm and 85mm equivalent. Your 25mm should be fine for portraits but I would second the zoom lens. ND is essential. Try and use it for everything outside instead of increasing shutter speed. Your shutter speed should stay approximately double your frame rate. So if you shoot 24p then shutter at 1/50. Also, I don't see why you need three shoulder rigs, especially if you value traveling light. Personally I would just stick to your pocket rig and maybe think about something like a Zacuto Z-Finder Jr instead of that dot-line. But yeah, I would say prioritize a zoom lens above all. A kit 14-140 is relatively inexpensive, especially the old f4-5.8 version. It's not the best piece of glass in the world but I think you'll appreciate the versatility. Just stick to the 25mm inside. And yeah if money is a concern I would put the lens above the go pro but that's just me.
  16. I'm curious about this also. I feel like I've read that it does both crops in all modes but I can't be sure where I saw that. Anyone see the B&H announcement? 2500 bucks and they're claiming 15.3 stops. That's pretty crazy. Curious what the rolling shutter will be like...
  17. Is the aliasing in the bookshelves due to his compression or the size I'm viewing it at or something? Downloaded the file but it's still present in the first and second shot at fullscreen. Don't have a 4K monitor, but hoping/assuming this isn't being introduced by camera..? edit: first and third shot. also seeing a little on the organs later on.
  18. Alas, a good ol' uninstall and reinstall seems to have done the trick. Runs surprisingly well now actually. Knock on wood...
  19. rndmtsk

    GH4 audio bug

    Yeah, definitely seems like a non-issue if this doesn't occur in video mode. I feel like that little tid-bit could've been made clearer by the dude who broke this. He was so keen to broadcast it like fucking everywhere but it wasn't until Andrew mentioned this in passing that I realized this important detail. As for the hum/buzz without the VideoMic on - this happens with every DSLR I've ever used.
  20. Are you guys using significantly faster processor or more ram? Maybe I need to download trial just to see...
  21. I've been trying to edit some 4K GH4 sample footage in Premiere Pro CS6 and it continually crashes my system. I'm using a 2.6 GHz i7 Macbook Pro with 8GB of ram on Mountain Lion. I realize that's not the most robust system, but considering what some other people have said they're using it doesn't seem like I should be having the amount of issues I am. I can drop the 4K footage into a 1080 timeline just fine, but as soon as I scale the footage to the frame size - or sometimes once I try and play it back - Premiere says "Sorry, a serious error has occured that requires Adobe Premiere Pro to shutdown. We will attempt to save your current project." I get the same error if I try and create a sequence with the native resolution. I don't even get the chance to change my playback quality before it crashes. I can never open this project again without immediately getting this error. Premiere will prompt me to save a copy of the project and use that from then on, but this copy opens to the same error. I've seen this error on my system before, but maybe like once or twice in the last 2 years. I've searched around on the internet for other people with this issue, and they seem to be everywhere, but I can't find an adequate solution. Has anyone else had this problem, 4K footage or not? If I'm an idiot and this has been answered plenty of other places, please link me. Super annoying thing that's making me doubt the GH4 right now... definitely don't want to have to upgrade my comp or to CC just to see if that resolves the issue...
  22. Wait so this audio issue I've been reading about on here and m43rumors is only when in stills mode? Somehow I missed that. Not much of an issue indeed.
  23. rndmtsk

    GH4 audio bug

    That's reassuring. Obviously recording your master audio to a DSLR itself is never ideal but sometimes you just gotta do it.
  24. rndmtsk

    GH4 audio bug

    Is this true? That's not what I've been seeing people say. The second link jurgen provided says: The buzz is always there: It is present whether or not a microphone is plugged into the GH4 and at all audio gain levels. The buzz is recorded to all clips created by the GH4 (see below for samples).
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