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  1. You are absolutely right. As for filmic look. I dont know how to say it (english is not my first language), but the filmic image is sharp, but somehow soft at the same time. The softness can hide all distracting imperfections which videoish image will reveal. Videoish look is super sharp which is too distracting for me (it draws away the attention from the story), but I dont mid it in home videos and documentaries. That is just my subjective opinion.
  2. Nice camera, but I saw some footage on YouTube and I dont like it. It looks too videoish to me, but this is no suprise for me, because I can say that about all Panasonic mirrorless cameras. I just dont like their image, its too oversharpen and too contrasty. The videos I saw look like home movies (I guess that great cameramen can get more filmic images from these cameras). The images from Canon DSLRS looks more filmic, but with Canon there is the problem that their features sucks. So the best cameras for me are probably from Sony, because you get the best from the both worlds.
  3. Is there some article about history of camera firmware hacking (CHDK, Magic Lantern...)? What are the biggest "history" highlights? Just curious
  4. hellboy80

    Sony a6300 4k

    Why is the european price so high? Its almost 50% higher than the US price in my country (1000 dollars = 24.000 czech cronws and 1250 euros is 34.000 czech crowns, thats a huge difference).
  5. Is there a difference between grading Technicolor Cinestyle and S-Log?
  6. If you need an empty city for a postapocalyptic movie, you can do this with this camera at night :) Great footage.
  7. I just dont like the look of GH4. It looks too videoish... but the video posted by comurit looks really cinematic. It seems you can achieve the cinematic look even with this camera, but I like Sony A7s more.
  8. So the "worlds fastest AF" of A6000 isnt so great in video mode? I wonder what camera has the fastest AF in video mode today? Is it still Canon 70D?
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