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  1. Look, we should all just chill out a bit. Minute by minute DT shows us that he is moderating and becoming more accommodating. By "wall", he really meant "fence", and he has now coopted Breitbart to help steady the ship and Make America Great again. And we all know that Breitbart is a far more moderate and balanced media outlet than The NYT. Phew, for a minute I thought there might have been something to worry about. I'll get back to my gardening now.
  2. Yes, I understand. No problem at all. I get that you are pretty frustrated with the discussion. I just think that people are going to be pretty emotional about the topic for a while. Personally, I'm really pissed off, and the thought of talking shutter speeds and megapixels at the moment - I just can't be bothered. I think I'll just go and spend some time in the garden, cut some wood, enjoy a cup of tea, spend time with family. Thanks for the jolt back to reality.
  3. Ha! Actually, Liam, I think the role of these threads at the moment is as a form of debrief for the traumatised people who didn't want Trump elected and for the people who did vote for Trump and who are now feeling uneasy and somewhat defensive about it. The thread headline is just a pretext. Trump's election is not trivial either for the US nor globally, so it's probably only to be expected that it will be talked about in whatever manner people can find to do so. I'm guessing that all sorts of forums all over the internet are actively doing the same right now. Like all big events, people will
  4. Possibly unwitting accomplices in this instance. Any criticism simply fed the beast. People hope that he's the messiah. But he's not the messiah; he's just a very naughty boy.
  5. I think the relationship between DT and the media is an interesting one. His complaints about unfair treatment, I suspect, were simply to reinforce his message that he was an outsider. In other words, his crafty use of the media and claims of bias fed neatly into his overall narrative of DT fighting the establishment. A brilliant and cynical manipulation that still has people arguing that the media is the problem. He will use the media in any way that suits him, and he is just as dependent upon it as the next promoter.
  6. Ah, now he has given his children jobs in the administration. It's so sweet to see the Trump family business flourish.
  7. Given the tenor of your commentary and the current political zeitgeist, I could easily see you securing a swag of votes at the next election. With a few tweaks here and there to spice it up a bit, this could almost pass for a campaign launch speech. Considering a tilt at high office Nikkor?
  8. There is an old legal principle called 'The Plain Meaning Rule" which is basically that people say what they mean, and they mean what they say. It's interesting to see the contortions some people are going to to say that Trump didn't, in fact, mean what he said, or that what he said was just a code for something much more palatable. While a lot of people are trying to convince themselves that Trump doesn't really mean what he has said, many others are fearful that he does indeed mean what he has said. I recall some similar commentary when Rodrigo Duterte came to power recently in the Phillipin
  9. Here's another apparent quirk/issue with the D5xxx series with regard to recording to an external recorder (in my case the Video Assist) - although you can get clean HDMI out by scrolling with the top 'info' button until the on-screen displays disappear, that signal seems to be locked at 1080p 30fps (presumably 29.97) regardless of what is selected in-camera, including for PAL frame rates. So regardless of what I select in-camera on the D5300, the VA always shows 1080p 30fps. Here's a blog discussing the matter on the D5200, but other users report the same problem more recently with the D5500
  10. The reviews for the D100 ask the same question. My perspective - I bought a PCM-D50 about 10 years ago and I've used it quite a lot in that time and it still work perfectly. So it's really a well built piece of gear, and the audio is reportedly near Sound Devices quality. The handling is very good; the buttons and gain knobs are well made and smooth. Battery life is great (4xAA). Based on what I've experienced I expect it to last another 10 years and for it to sound just as good then. I don't know how many cameras or smart phones I'll go through in 20 years. So is it cheap or expensive from th
  11. I agree with the tenor of the above comments. Your sound is very good. Nice work.
  12. Also worth considering are either the Sony PCM-D50 or the updated D100 for a high quality hand-held audio option. They are bit more expensive than other recorders and lack XLR inputs, but they have a 3.5mm input that can be used in conjunction with wireless (e.g. Rodelink) and battery powered condenser microphones (e.g. NT4+ etc). Both have exceptional quality preamps and inbuilt stereo microphones and can be mounted atop the camera.
  13. So, you are also really talking about upgrading to a two-camera system in this case. That can have quite a lot of advantages if you want to shoot two angles at once, have complimentary features and some equipment redundancy. Factor in the cost of alternatives for two-camera systems, the price of a new GH5 when it finally ships etc and you might find that the GH4 kit represents pretty good value for your intended use. Buying good used stuff is often the way to go. This year's expensive cutting-edge tool is next years bargain when the crowd moves on. It's price dependent of course.
  14. Alternatively, you could possibly add an external recorder or audio interface and monitor off that while sending a signal into the G7, or simply record second sound for critical situations and sync the audio using the camera's built-in audio. Having a stand-alone audio recorder adds quite a lot of flexibility to any setup and would not be redundant if you upgrade to another camera later on.
  15. It's difficult to know what motivates people at the best of times. They may have intended to pay, had no money, became awkward about the whole thing, finally made a bad decision to use the video etc. People are not always straightforward, but in my experience, few people set out to deceive from the outset. On my better days I'd rather try and allow for people's imperfections and be somewhat more accommodating, just a little more cautious the second time around as you suggest. On the contract thing, Damphousse makes the good point you also made; evidence of an agreement would be necessary
  16. Possibly no need to sign any contract, as a verbal agreement can be binding (UK likely to be quite similar to AU): http://www.findlaw.com.au/articles/5626/is-a-verbal-agreement-legally-binding.aspx I think in this case I would be polite but firm; they might be into burning bridges but you don't need to as well. Instead you could ask for payment for the original work up front, since you already spent that time on it, but in addition, because more work now needs to be done, there will be an additional fee (whatever is reasonable to get it up to speed). If they agree and actually do pay
  17. I thought that a decent set of limiters would manage that. But I suppose not all limiters are created equal and even limiters have their limits.
  18. What are your thoughts on the Oktava MK-012 and how have you used it? Substitute for CMC641 or similar I presume? It gets some good reviews but not so much for handling noise.
  19. Unfortunately I suffer from a condition called Chronic Irreverence, and postings like this one bring on acute exacerbations. I love my video assist - ghoulish as it is.
  20. Yes BM should get the respect they deserve. They are renowned for their green screen work (Video Assist), and with this new release - like Nikon's compelling offering (Key Mission) - we have a new entrant in the action camera space. Apparently it's simply a BMPCC rehoused with a slightly larger battery. Now that it can record continuously for up to 3 minutes this micro miracle has caught the eye of Jeb Corliss, so much so he's jumped ship from GoPro to BM. For his next winged-suit adventure Jeb plans to strap one of these beauties on each limb then leap. I can't wait; the results will be spect
  21. It's great that they've now got at least 8 record buttons, but I'm not sure if the placement is ideal from a usability point of view. As a helmet cam on a mountain bike those things could be inadvertently triggered by twigs and blowflies.
  22. Well you could always get a Canon. Some of the cheaper ones even come with the Kendy Ty function button, which I understand is better than 4K and Magic Lantern combined.
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