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  1. Hey guys,

    I salvaged an old anamorphic projector lens, and there's an issue with the rear element (specifically, its outer surface).

    It's foggy (almost like ground glass) - but it also has some tiny splotches which are clear. Based on the shape of the splotches, I figured it was somehow fungus related, so I gave the lens element a short vinegar bath, and then also some stronger fungicide, but it didn't change anything. I also swabbed the surface with acetone (I figured I can at least take off some of the coating) but again, nothing happened. This thing seems to be bulletproof... The other side of the element, as well as its cementing, seem to be fine.

    I attached some pictures. Any ideas how to restore this? I am happy to strip away the coating or any other drastic measures, as at the moment this element is unusable. :confused:









  2. yeah. the problem is not the desqueeze itself - it's the lens distortion of the anamorphic. It's quite a pronounced sphere at the edges, so they become 'compressed' more, if that makes sense? Depends on what software you are using, but I've had good results (not perfect but close) in Nuke - using a checkerboard grid that I filmed as a calibration tool, and then re-straightening it...

  3. Hey guys.

    I recently salvaged and cleaned an old Sankor 16c - I've taken the old gunk off the helicoid and now need to replace it with some fresh grease. Any suggestions for which type of grease would work well? I'm based in the UK (London) so anything locally available would be preferred, but not necessarily...

  4. Thanks! I've been temped by the Summicron and you may have convinced me :) Is there a significant difference between the versions? (2 cam, 3 cam, leica r only, etc) I've heard that the later ones (with 55mm fronts) don't vignette on S35... I'm using it on a BMCC with speedbooster, which turns out to be approx. S35.

  5. Until recently I've been shooting on a Contax Zeiss Planar 50mm f/1.7 (MMJ version) coupled to my Kowa B&H. I've recently finished a short that was shot on this combo, and I absolutely love the image.

    The only problem I have is with the build quality of my Zeiss - there is a bit of play/wobble in the front filter ring, and with the anamorphic front it's enough to skew the image slightly. In practice this causes a lot of faffing around, to make sure everything is aligned each time, so I'm looking to upgrade to something a bit more sturdy. The only requirements apart from the build quality are manual iris/focus, EF-adaptability and a small front element size for the anamorphic (no 77mm monsters). I'm considering the following options:

    - Another Contax zeiss 50/1.7. Like I said I love the image, perhaps I was unlucky with the build quality.

    - Zeiss ZF2 50/1.4. I have a friend who shoots on this combo (with Kowa B&H) and loves it. I've heard it's a bit soft wide open though...

    - Leica Summicron 50/2.

    - Voigtlander Nokton 58/1.4. I had the Voigt 28/2.8 and loved it. Would ideally prefer a 50mm not 58 though.

    Any opinions? or recommendations? Not considering the helios or jena primes as I have a few of them but want something a bit higher level as this is my main lens.

  6. Interesting, Brian. Does the size of the front optical element (of the taking lens) affect the sharpness as well?

    Andrew - how was the FM's performance in comparison, from your experience? (I know there was some shitstorms with the seller, it's quite faffy and cumbersome, etc etc - but I mean purely in terms of unbiased optical image quality...) Was it soft wide open as well?

  7. Hey guys - I know there's a few testers here ;-) Wondering if anyone had made any comparisons between any of the 3 variable diopter focusing-things, in terms of image quality?

    I was looking forward to the SLR magic rangefinder, mainly because of its form factor - but was disappointed to read in Andrew's review that it's soft wide open. I'm not necessarily one for pixel-peeping, but I do like to shoot wide open on my Kowa B&H + Zeiss 50mm 1.7 combo...


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