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  1. @araucaria - The grade is a custom one, from a short film I'm making now. I like the Impulz LUTs, I used them as reference, though I agree that they can be a bit strong. But yeah, I boosted the red gamma in the shadows ;-)



    @JohnBarlow - Yeah I'm interested, can you tell me more? How does the single focus modification work?


    I was actually planning to 3d-print a set of custom gear wheels to rack double-focus on both Kowa and taking lens (already measured + drawn up, just need to design an extra bracket arm to mount the gears on the follow focus)

  2. Thanks! Originally I was planning to crop to 2.77 or even 2.35 but I ended up quite liking the 3.5 so began working with that in framing the shots.


    I also noticed that the Kowa is only 2X when focused to infinity - when focused to 5 feet (minimum distance) it is more like 1.9X stretch.

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