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  1. I never thought I'd say this, but Rudolf Murdoch sums it up prefect in his Tweet. Seems the son of a man who tried to do his best under circumstances, calls it as he sees it. I personally dont like the Murdochs, apart from Eliza, but for once I agree that the BBC are giving away a cash cow they'll never see again.
  2. @Wedookfilms I'm sure things will be much easier with that card, but as Andrew said, playbacks not possible with some patches, or you only get part playback. I never tried Moon, at the time as I was quite happy with Drewnet T8 as it gave me no problems with large files. I'd say Flowmotion compares with Drewnet 8, but Drewnet probably offers more scope if you can grade, and you like long gop (I liked the results) Haven't tried sanity either but a lot of people like its reliablity. Cheers.
  3. @ Wedookfilms Give Flowmotion v2 a try...very reliable. I had problems with cards until I bought Sandisk Extreme pro 95 MB / 64gb. I also reverted to extracting my files out of the camera via the daggy Photofunshop software supplied with the GH2 to a file on my desktop...it works well and was advised to do it like that to ensure spanning. These days I don't use a patch cause I'm not that good at grading, and I reckon the look of a stock GH2 is good enough as it is. Cheers.
  4. With regards to the articulating screen, would a journo be able to frame them self up infront of the camera?
  5. I have the fotga DP500 2 QR, which is very similar to yours, with fotga rails and base, and have had similar problems with my gh2 due to the following; The locking nob on the quick release had to be tightened with pliers (not too firmly) a few times to help it seat itself properly on the rails for a tight fit. The same thing with the locking nob underneath that tightens the slide arrangemnt, and I also rubbed the rails lightly with emery paper. Make sure the adjustable gear belt isn't too tight around the lens as this changes the gear pitch enough to cause grief. When I use MD lenses I have had to make adjustments to the md to m/43 adapters as they were too sloppy and moved around a lot, and if the lens breathed it exaggerated the situation, and the gh2 mount is a bit sloppy anyway. The first time I put a matte box on I had to raise the base a bit, and by raising the lens I started getting better results. I presume you're using a lens adapter for the 50mm on the g6, so that's the first thing i'd be looking at for play.
  6. Just received minolta rokkor 50mm @1.7, and a 28mm @2.8, wow fantastic combo!!
  7. I thought your test was great as I spent most of January in NY and I think you got the colours spot on...I thought I was back there!
  8. Just wondering if many people here have MC or MD Rokkor lenses attached to there GH 2. I'm currently playing with 50mm & 28mm MD lenses and find them to be outstanding, and both really complement each other with the same look. Also wondering if some one has used a speed booster with MD to m43.
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