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  1. just got a Gitup 2 to go with my GX80 for underwater shots etc on initial tests the audio sounds better than on my GX80 ! further testing required
  2. thanks very much markr041 - will try that btw - surprised how many negative comments in review below on video quality of the GX85 - especially DR wise - I'm genuinely surprised https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z6GnkQo2clM at 10 minutes in - specifically states thinks the G7 has better video output than the G85
  3. could anyone recommend a good reasonably all round starting point for video please - settings wise (contrast, sharpness etc), and WB - don't want to spend hours colour grading - but don't mind doing a bit (using Resolve) also - I'm so shocked at audio quality from internal mic - anyone recommend an external please ? currently I'm between a H4N (would it attach to hotshoe via adapter ?), H2N, Tascam DR-40 (same price as H4N in UK) or Sony SX2000 ....
  4. I see DXOMark has reviewed the GX80 now - looks good to me http://www.dxomark.com/Reviews/Panasonic-Lumix-GX80-GX85-sensor-review-Diminutive-design similar DR to the APS-C sensor in my Nex 5n - which matches my qualitative views from the photos I've taken so far Bought a Hoya Pro ND16 filter the other day - what a difference it makes to the video quality I've seen a few complaints around various forums about the Dynamic Range on the GX80 in video - I'm surprised
  5. did you watch same video as me - substantial difference in background noise between the GH4 and GX85 in that test video
  6. whatever sensor it is - I'm very impressed with it pin "sharp", decent DR, and great colours
  7. thanks for settings and process you used markr041 - very impressive have to say - looking through pictures I took of my kids over weekend - this sensor seems to take some of the highest detail photos I've had from any camera (and I've owned a good cameras, including 4 DSLRs) - if this is partly due to no AA filter - I know what is on top list of features when I buy my next camera 100% ish crop - with minor sharpening in PP. This is with the 14-140 II .... - not bad really !
  8. nice video - impressive demo of the IBIS ! I was expecting video to be good - and it is but the stills have caught me out - I'm getting really nice sharp photos from my 14-140 II - wheras previously I was always disappointed with my G6 this is just a "snap" in the garden - but the camera and lens has done great I think
  9. why would the 4k output be fine on the GX80/85 but soft (comparatively) on 1080p ? less in camera sharpening ?
  10. I was very doubtful ref my commitment to M4/3s after the G6 - useability great - but photo quality - wasn't convinced with - just didn't like the output much, dull, seemingly not great DR, and files didn't seem to like much post-processing Lightroom GX80 was cheap enough to take a punt on - at a minimum would make a great video recorder But .. GX80 from initial tests seems much better photo wise vs my G6 - photo ouput seems very similar in IQ to my Nex 5n - and that is a VERY good thing - the sensor to me seems much much improved
  11. went to park with daughter this afternoon what an amazing little camera the GX80 is - the IQ is stellar both for photos and videos - I'm really impressed the photo quality far exceeds that of my G6 - I'm even enjoying the 12-32 now ......
  12. ok ok - maybe I'll give the 12-32 a chance then ! cheers it seems near silent with it's OIS at least - unlike my 14-140 II - so may get around the annoyance I have of very loud background noise when taking video with the 14-140 ...
  13. yeah that was the deal I went for (except I got John Lewis to price match ) great value for money just now deciding whether to sell the 12-32 on or keep it (have a 14-140 II) not really tried the 12-32 yet - but feels a bit like a toy
  14. fuzzynormal- thanks very much for taking the time to reply - useful tips/workflow Tested the GX80 photo wise out today - and its impressive, I seem to be getting much sharper shots out of my 14-140 II - not sure if it is the extra steps of IS (probably), lack of shutter shock, or better sensor, but overall the IQ is noticeably better the images seem nicer colour depth and DR wise than my G6 - very noticeably so. The output from the GX80 reminds me of my Nex 5n - which is a good thing. Previously when out shooting with the 5n and the G6 - the G6 photos were noticeably "duller" - just something about them seemed flat - and they didn't like much post-processing (probably lack of DR)
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