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  1. On 4/13/2019 at 11:30 PM, Emanuel said:

    I bought a GX80 practically brand new without visible signs of wear for 150 euros. From then on, 4x Canon M units for less than that. It doesn't make sense to go 4x-6x the price for 4x resolution less for video. We are not half-dozen years ago. 4K is the standard for any home display to buy nowadays. You even struggle to find anything only 1080p if any... : -D

    what a great price !!!

    I'm looking for a GX80, but here in Paris, nothing under 350€

    where did you found yours?


    Personally I like it. If you look at the check list of features and get factual about it...


    My footage looks nicer than the Letus stuff I've seen so far.

    It has the uncanny anamorphic out of focus areas both foreground and background.

    It has the stretched ovals bokeh and it has flare very similar to a cinema Panavision (which also always flares blue).

    It is bloody sharp edge to edge and has the ease of focus as the Iscorama, which is rare on an anamorphic for this price.

    It has soundly beaten the LA7200 and that was capable of some pretty nice results to begin with.

    It's exceptionally small and light.

    The price… it compares VERY favourably to the other practical single focus options out there.

    The minimum focus distance is half of an Iscorama and more like a LOMO cine lens.




  3. Hello Andrew

    Nice Blog Forum and reviews

    could you please tell me if we can use the Anamorphot with zoom like the sigma 18-35 1.8 ?




    Hello JuanK, and welcome to the jungle.


    No you can't use zoom or lenses with bigger front element than 50mm


    more info:



    "The lens it's fitted to should have a front element diameter smaller than 50mm or vignetting is likely, as the adapter's rear element (or its clean aperture, at least) is 50mm. Also note that the weight of the adapter makes it unsuitable for direct attachment to most servo-focus primes as the load on the focusing mechanism would be excessive. "

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