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  1. Hi! 

    Will you consider selling the Ninja Blade alone? 
    "Atomos Ninja Blade with 128GB SSD for $250"

    Also is this the "full version"?  


    I'm consider just using my D810 for now but get an external recorder and monitor for focus peaking and maybe ProRes higher bitrate recording. 


    Thank you!

    1. maxotics


      Hi Salim. Even before I think hard on it, you're not in the U.S. right?  That will mean it will be expensive postage wise and of course the paperwork.

      I can't see any difference between any camera's internal H.264 and the ProRes.  The only real benefit I see for the Prores is that is plays nicely in an NLE, scrubs well, etc.  You can get the same thing by transcoding the H.264 files to Prores, Cineform or DNxHD on your PC.  

      Although the screen is nice enough, it doesn't always recognize HDMI quickly.  Also, for focus peaking, if you're going to go to the bother of using an external monitor I'd get one with greater resolution and maybe 7 inches.  

    2. salim


      Yes, I am in US and thank you so much for your informative reply. Much appreciated.

      Warm regards, 


    3. maxotics


      Where are you located?  I'm near Boston (Cambridge)

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