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  1. And you're wright ! I've been so disappointed by the G6... :wacko:
  2. No no no ! I swear that G6 is really far from the crisp picture of the GH3. I don't know how to upload samples but don't make the same mistake I done with the G6. It doesn't match the GH3 wich is really far better. ;)
  3. Yes, the G6 is very atractive with all thoses features but I prefer a best picture out of the box even if the picking mode and the HD back screen are so cool. The GH3 is the good choice because of the codec. Let's wait a hack for the G6.
  4. GH3 is really much better. Hey, look at the price ! ;)
  5. G6 not GF6 ! ;)  The Gh3 is miles better. Picture is very clean and much sharper. The picking mode ans the high resolution screen are cool but the codec isn't good at all on the G6. I owned the G6 and I was too disapointed by because I tried the Gh3 in first. I 'm was just missing the picking mode but the evf of the GH3 is good enough fot focusing. Hope it coul help... And sorry for my poor English. :rolleyes:   
  6. I owned the G6 last week. The peaking works pretty well and the back screen is really wonderfull. BUT ! Unfortunately, the codec is not good enough compared to the GH3. The picture is noisy even at low iso like 160... (with the mp4 ANd avchd modes) The amount of definition disapointed me. It's a shame because I think the G6 could be a dslr killer with a good hack. I finally owned a GH3 with cleaner and much sharper video. The evf is really good but I decided to buy an extternal monitor for landscape shootings outdoor in bright light. The G6 is a good camera but suffers by the lack of a good codec. :-/
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