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  1. Hi Bruno,   I am very late to this thread. But what you say makes perfect sense to me. Can you just say, what kind of tool you use to deinterlace the 50i video. I am not an expert, so I would like to know what you are using. I am working with vegas video 10.   Thanks in advance   amadeus67
  2. Hello,   I am pulling this thread up again, in the hope to get an answer to the last question.   Is the GH3 codec really so much better as the codec in the G6?   Is it worth the price?   I know this is a probably a subjective thing, but I  would be really interested in some opinions. The best would be (of course) a statement from someone who owned the two cameras.   Thanks in advance.   amadeus67
  3. Hi Le Pouyf,   thanks for your quick reply. Of course you are right I meant the G6 vs. the GH3.   I have done some more reading and I am pretty convinced that the GH3 is the right choice, but..   the pro's of the G6 for me  are: - the much better EVF  (higher resolution) - better crop factor 1,86 to 2,0 (means everything is a little wider) - higher resolution back screen - half the price     Is the codec of the G6 really so bad?   Thanks   amadeus67
  4. Hello Andrew/ EOSHD,   is there any chance, that the guide will come out this month?   I really need some lens advise. That means a recommendation which Panasonic zoom to buy (12-35 or 14-42)   Thanks in advance   amadeus67
  5. Hello,   I have been reading a lot about these two cameras (GH3 and GF6), but I have not seen a discussing about a comparison of these two camera. I red a thread about the GF6 vs. the GH2 and it seems to me, that the GF6 is as good as the GH2 (with hack) or perhaps a little better.   Because I am new to video and would like to invest within the next few days - I would really appricate some advise. Is the GH3 video output really worth another 500 Euros or do you mostly pay that amount for the more rugged camera body and the better still photography output?   The GF6 seems to be nice, because of the high res screen and the manual focus peeking feature (not available in the GH3) and the price. The GH3 has a much higher recording throughput, but I don't know, if you can really see the difference.   What do I want to do with the camera? I want to film animals in Kenya in August. So I will go for the 100-30mm lens as well.   Any advise is really welcome!   Thanks in advance   Amadeus67
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