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  1. Golden hour is not what I am looking for in a camera. It's just that without wider dynamic range, you end up giving up something (lights or darks) in high dynamic lighting scenarios. At least the way I perceive things with these cameras. I know a lot of people did not like the fact that the GH5s did not have sensor stabilization, but I was more disappointed that the dynamic range of the GH5s was only marginally better than the GH5. The sensor has got 14 stops, yet VLOG-L and the other baked-in profiles do not take advantage of what the sensor can do. I'm sure Panasonic, Sony and the rest of the manufactures do not want to eat into their higher-end cameras, but I would gladly pay an extra $1k for well-designed mirrorless camera that offers 13 stops of dynamic range. It would be a pleasure to use such a camera. For the work that I do, I often shoot with very large telephoto lenses. Besides smaller mirrorless cameras, the only camera that comes to mind that ergonomically fits the bill for me is the Canon C200, but then I'm looking at a 10k investment by the time I buy Cfast chips and batteries. Maybe I should just wait and see what the A7SIII has to offer whenever that camera is introduced.
  2. No, I haven't and that's why I started the thread. I wanted to hear from those in-the-know. I have thought about renting one before I buy. Thanks. Have you looked into N.D. Filters and/or Variable N.D. filters? Yes. I do use them but not sure if this would solve the issue. It has to do with shooting in sunlight with shadows. I can't always shoot during the golden hour when light is more subdued. Thanks.
  3. For sure, Flippo really makes the GH5s shine. If you can control the lighting, you can certainly create scenes in which make this camera a great choice. When shooting outdoors unfortunately you have little control other than shooting slightly underexposed to prevent highlight clipping. It's a tricky scenario at best. I do wonder if shooting in the GH5's HLG might be a better choice than VLOG-L for brightly lit scenarios? Or...just deal with Sony's ergonomic and crappy menus and go that route. Thanks to all that have responded. BMMCC...I forgot about that one. I will re-investigate. Thank you.
  4. I'm looking for input here and hopefully not start some kind of a war of opinions of which camera is best. Here's my scenario. I've been filming for a few years now using the Canon 1DX Mark II and a GH5. I do primarily outdoor filming of nature and quite often I am faced with harsh lighting conditions. I also do not have a budget to purchase a camera such as the C200 and I do occasionally need to shoot in low light too. Also, form factor matters to me. Big-Ass cameras such as Black Magic's "Ursa Mini" just won't work with long telephoto lenses. (Thought about looking for a used model, but not good size-wize.) Since January, I have been on the fence regarding the GH5s. I see some examples in which highlight roll-off looks pretty good but many others in which it looks no better than the GH5. Low-light looks good, but it's that highlight roll-off (possibly lack of dynamic range) that keeps me from purchasing one. And there are the others...The Sony A7III looks rather temping. Although it is 8-bit, Slog2 (A7III) looks better to me than Vlog-L (GH5s) at least in high-dynamic, outdoor scenarios. And then there's the X-H1 which looks better as well regarding dynamic range and highlight roll-off. Maybe I'm just being too picky for cameras in this price range, but it's driving me nuts. Please note, I have great respect for the GH5 and GH5s. I think they are great cameras and take fantastic footage but not so sure about contrasty lighting conditions. Thoughts?
  5. I wonder what frame rates you could obtain using USB 3.0 as your connection to a laptop? That would be slick if you could get RAW footage from this camera at 30 fps, but I doubt it.
  6. I agree. If Sony has overheating problems with 8-bit, 30p it's hard to believe they will be able to provide 10-bit anything without problems unless they go to a larger form factor with better heat sink ability.
  7. I'll bet there are more wildlife/bird enthusiasts than professional sports photographers who are considering moving over to Sony. Sony's 400mm 2.8 lens is critical if Sony plans to woo over that crowd.
  8. I had the A7RIII for a few weeks but especially with an adapter, the camera body is a tad too small. Knuckles get in the way of the lens adapter. The body is also not well balanced with heavier lenses. I woman wedding photographer said she was getting severe hand cramps from shooting with the smaller body all day. If you are using the camera on a tripod, I guess it doesn't matter but one should at least consider how it balances and how it feels. Adding a battery grip would probably help balance it better. With that said, Sony is going to sell a boatload of A7III's.
  9. Also a 1DXII owner, I agree with gt3rs. Wish it had C-Log, but the other features make it a better camera.
  10. Canon's main strength is DPAF and to purposely remove it from 4k is ... vintage Canon. I truly believe they sit around in meetings discussing how they are going to cripple their next camera. I would have much rather seen this camera w/o the crippling lack of DPAF, ridiculous crop factor and heftier battery for $250 more. Why do I keep hoping Canon will wake up? This is a lesson in futility.
  11. Well, if anything this thread makes me feel better in the fact there are probably many of us waiting for that perfect hybrid camera.
  12. In producing "The Middle Path" did you change any of the defaults such as highlights/shadows or knee adjustments? V-Log L?
  13. Yes, plenty of footage with native ISO values, but not side-by-side under harsh lighting conditions. It's the only way that you can potentially see the differences in dynamic range and highlight roll-off. If its not side-by-side, the results are subjective. Please understand Luke, no disrespect to your fine work. If anyone can get the best out of these cameras it is YOU. My hope is the GH5s will bridge the gap between the GH5 and the EVA-1. I'm just not convinced yet that it is offering much else other than excellent low-light performance w/o IBIS. I was hoping for a least one stop better dynamic range and so far I am seeing maybe 1/2 stop at best over the GH5. It's definitely not 2 stops better.
  14. I will look forward to seeing side-by-side tests at native ISO's 400 and 2500.
  15. So far, I am not convinced there is any DR improvement with the GH5s compared to the GH5. Yes, there are some very talented filmmakers that know how to use these cameras to their fullest potential, but I'm just not seeing any differences when the two cameras are filmed side-by-side:
  16. 6k is not an option with a 10MP sensor. 4k only.
  17. Has anyone been able to see a comparison between the GH5 vs GH5s that verifies better dynamic range? Highlight rolloff? I've seen comparisons between the two side-by-side, but nothing convincing that it is better with the GH5s. Of course, it depends on a lot of factors including lighting conditions, color depth used and if they used V-log, etc. Some people at Panny are claiming better dynamic range but so far, no real confirmation via a legitimate test. Has anyone seen anything of substance? Seems like everyone is focused on low-light tests.
  18. Luke, Did I hear you correctly? 14 stops of dynamic range? I think you stated that? 2 stop increase compared to the GH5?
  19. Really looking forward to your thoughts Luke. Have you put together a summary of your findings and opinion? I really am looking forward to what you have to say. Thanks for being here!
  20. I'm also curious about if it has 240fps in 1080p and the quality of it, if it exists. I have gotten some great wildlife shots with the GH5 @120fps. 240 would be even better.
  21. Lack of IS is a bit of a bummer for me, but not a deal breaker. What I really want to know about is dynamic range and highlight roll-off. From the few teasers that Luke has given us, it appears to be pretty damn good. I do a lot of outdoor wildlife shooting and all of mirrorless cameras to date, do not do a good job with highlight roll-off. This is BIG for me.
  22. They changed the link. The link now goes to the GH5 page. I did see the page before it got taken down however and still have it up on my phone. No mention of IS. Here's a few things gleamed from the page: 4k Cinema at 60/50p Internal 4:2:2 10-bit V-LOG preinstalled Complies with 4k HDR with Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG) mode in photo style. Bundled BNC terminal, built-in time code generator Focus in lower light level -5EV compared to -4EV on GH5 Max ISO 51,200 10.2 MP sensor Dual Native ISO GH5s available from end of January (To order or purchase?) $2,499 No mention of IS.
  23. From a reliable source on M43 Rumors: "The GH5S will make use of a new, multi aspect ratio sensor and subsequently lose the IBIS system. It would seem to be confirmed that it will be using Sony’s IMX294CJK sensor. This is one of the biggest changes to come from the new variant. Designed to work in higher budget production’s alongside the EVA1, even using the EVA1’s dual native ISO system (800 & 2500)."
  24. I don't know of any other M43 chips that fit that size that has been touted and since we already know the GH5 uses a Sony sensor, it seems logical unless the Daleks are behind all of this. Starvis for the restofus!
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