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  1. the reason i prefer a panasonic sensor is because of all the amazing filmic videos i have seen the gh2 produce. haven't really seen that with the gh3's sony video-like sensor. with the gh4 having that same sony sensor, i am hoping i can be proven wrong
  2. that's too bad that it is a sony sensor in the gh4, thought it was a panasonic one
  3. can u please make the video downloadable? great detail and it looks really cinematic!
  4. weren't people complaining about the video-like sony sensor in the gh3? why is it now that everyone is interested in a sony camera? strange
  5. I agree, would like some tests to see a downsampled gh4 image compared to 1080 instead of an upscaled 1080 to 4k
  6. thanks for all the help and feedback everyone! really appreciate it!!
  7. which type of vintage lens is better for a cinema-like image on a g6? would like to stay on one system, thanks!
  8. where was this filmed? looks like a nice place!! great work!!
  9. i agree with Andy about the G6! amazing camera! on the official panasonic website in usa it's selling for 584.99 with the kit lens!
  10. thanks so much for all of your suggestions Andy!!! you were very helpful and influential in my decision to purchase the G6!!! Hope all is well man!!
  11. Hi everyone! Finally bought a G6 and it is on its way!!! which is the better portrait lens?? the nikon nikkor 85mm 1.8g or the olympus 45mm 1.8 lens?? thanks so much!!
  12. Hi, i am looking to buy either the g6 or the gx7 for video. does anyone have any comparisons? i know that the gx7 has larger pixels on its new sensor but does that really make a difference in the video? mic input on the g6 isn't that important to me as i would use external sound. I have heard the g6 is less sharp in 60p, is this the same for the gx7? according to the specs, both cameras have a lower bitrate for 60p which could be the reason for that. finally gx7 has the tilt screen and the g6 has the articulated screen, would either be good for filming? thanks so much!!!! your responses will m
  13. can anyone please post g6 and gx7 video comparison clips or video screen shots? 
  14. the beans are spilled!!! click here!!! http://www.43rumors.com/ft4-panasonic-4k-mft-camera-coming-in-2014/
  15. oh man just saw your post zebraworkz, wish i could've responded earlier
  16. the gx7's hdmi out is only for playback just like the g6.  for filming, is an external monitor all that necessary or is using the lcd or viewfinder good enough? would a lcdvf suffice?
  17. Hi Andy, can you please post test samples comparing the g6 to the hacked gh2?
  18. actually there has been a firmware release for the g6 http://panasonic.jp/support/global/cs/dsc/download/fts/dl/g6.html
  19. is there a lag or delay with the wifi function on the tablet?
  20. is there a lag or delay with the wifi function on the tablet?
  21. which setting in the g6 is closest to the smooth setting on the gh2 for a cinematic look? and would it be hard to hack the g6? i wish we could use the gh2 hacks for the g6
  22. do you think the g6 without the hack will be as good as a hacked gh2?
  23. Thanks for the info I appreciate it! I don't have much money and have had a very hard time finding a gh2 so i am really considering the G6. Does the lack of multi-aspect ratio sensor really hurt it for video as compared to the gh2? or is not a big deal?
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