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  1. 3 hours ago, Trek of Joy said:

    Haven't tested it yet, but Clear Image Zoom does a 1.5x crop in 4k and a 2x crop in HD. On the a7III there's no IQ loss.

    The a7III has enough resolution for 4K in APSC crop though. The big question is how well will it work on the a7s where there isn’t enough and it’s resampling slightly? I have yet to see a good test of this for the viability of S35 glass. 

  2. 9 hours ago, Andrew Reid said:

    So going back to the actual internal design of the EOS R5...

    The questions Canon need to answer are:

    1. Why is a circuit board sitting between the main CPU and back casing, blocking the heat from spreading away into the chassis

    2. Of course, why is there no thermal conductive material on the CPU?

    3. And why does the RAM thermal pad overlap onto the CPU, but not entirely cover it? (It seems to spread the heat from the RAM onto the CPU which is never a good idea).

    4. Why does ice not cool the camera and speed up recovery time? The firmware recovery countdown timer is so slow to go back up and always the same.

    And indeed they will be asked via my contact at Canon UK.

    And I won't let up until they answer.

    If they don't answer, they have something to hide obviously.


    Please also ask them why they decided it was necessary in the 1DX II to put a heatpipe/heatsink in but they are doing less than the bare minimum in the R5 where the camera is marketed with professional video features, in a market segment with competition delivering reliable professional video features (S1H and A7sIII). This quote from canon themselves is damning - why did they not feel the same need they did then, instead opting to release two pages of overheating documentation and ship a crippled product with clear-as-day poorly designed hardware?




  3. I'm stoked for it, but I think it could sink still based on as-yet-unreleased specs. How bad will the rolling shutter be, and how much will it cost? We've had to endure 8 bit and 1080p60 on Sony for all this time, the S1H is very close these days and now we're just starting to see the tech finally arrive for the next level of this class of camera. 

    I'd love to live the 5DII innovation wave again - got my fingers crossed for this.

  4. The million dollar question - how’s the rolling shutter seem? No worse than an A7SII or A7RIII? 


    I shoot a lot of documentary on a pretty purpose built A7SII(more recently I throw my A7RIII in for the better slog2 / sgamut3 color science and the APSC punch) rig running off V-mount batteries and recording ProRes to a Shogun. Directors I work with love my old Leica M and MS Optics lenses and the only camera I can provide the full image circle of this glass is a full frame offering like what I’m using. They’d rather take the 8bit 4:2:0 with the fun lenses over cropping them on an S35 cam with better color depth, or springing the cash for a Sony Venice. 


    Seems to make major sense to move to the S1 or maybe S1H if it has IBIS. Especially considering I own 2 GH5 and a GH5S as my other package. 



    Also side note re: Netflix and the requirements: a lot of the time they aren’t checking the exact specs of what’s being shot unless it’s an in-house show. We did the Demi Lovato doc with probably 25% Alexa and 75% externally recorded A7SII on my lenses. YouTube funded the project and the specs clearly excluded a camera like the A7S, but it’s what worked for the project and nobody ultimately objected or really even knew the specifics of what I had in my rig beyond the editor. Mileage may vary for sure but there seems to be a bit of leeway with the requirements if you’re not working directly on an something like an in-house Netflix gig. 

  5. 1 hour ago, Andrew Reid said:

    9ms sounds a bit optimistic and Cinema5Dracula have been wrong before on their rolling shutter tests.

    Fuji themselves claim 17ms in the fastest sensor mode, 4K 60p.

    The GH5S is similar, maybe a bit less around 14-15ms.

    The Alexa is around 10-12ms.

    I highly doubt 24p is 9ms when Fuji themselves claim 17ms for 60p!!


    Hmm, you're right with the C5D dudes being a little all over the place with the testing. I don't typically trust their DR measurements but I haven't really seen much of their rolling shutter tests or method to know either way. I'm not sure I'll have an XT3 right on launch but I'm super curious what you and others measure it at (and DR vs A7sII). I find that with the GH5 and GH5S it's as good as gone even handheld with IBIS off. All those years of shooting 5DII (the good old days) and A7sI and II have helped, though.

  6. Don't forget the 9ms rolling shutter! Better than almost any midrange pro cine cam and better even than the GH5. I'm probably gonna get one too, I own Fuji's 18 f2, 23 f1.4, 35 f1.4, and 56 f1.2 with an XPro2 and I feel like with specs like this it'd be dumb for me not to swap out the XPro for an X-T3.  Edit: looking for where I read someone had it nailed at 9ms for 4k 24p, but I think the response time is different in each mode. Still, it seems to lead the pack in sensor readout.


    Regarding H265 being taxing on hardware, who cares. If it's a heavy edit, transcode it to ProRes or something. I'll be using mine with my Shogun Inferno either way, but still. Not that big of a deal. 


    :edit: https://***URL not allowed***/fujifilm-x-t3-review/ C5D claims 9ms in 4K 25p - pretty nuts. 

  7. On March 11, 2016 at 5:54 AM, The Chris said:

    Great examples of AF face tracking

    Also curious if the LCD dims after hitting record like my A7rII.

    Regarding LCD dimming, it doesn't let you change the LCD brightness while set to 4K recording. The option is literally grayed out - kinda strange. Is it a heat or power consumption issue? 



    Also, how's everyone feeling with overheating? I used my A6300 exclusively on a 5-camera (All others were A7s I and II) live studio shoot with a top 40s pop artist and was overheating all day. Our workflow was to capture a 10-song live album, so we'd roll cameras, run one ~4 minute song, take a 30-45 second break, and then run another 4 minute song. The camera started overheating on the third song, and for the rest of the day I'd be doing this:  IMG_5834.thumb.JPG.ca9d5be6fcbadc3ab3ffb


    for as long as possible before we ran through the next song. This generally did the trick but obviously garnered some odd looks from the band, though they're used to our shenanigans with pulling good stuff out of tiny cameras.  Heat levels were extremely high way up in the battery slot so pulling the battery and blowing cool air right up there seemed to do it as a preventative measure. 


    As for the shoot itself, I am absolutely floored at the autofocus. It's insane. I can't share any footage but when it comes out I'll upload a raw A6300 take - the moves it allowed me to do while simply handholding the camera, going from macro shots of hands on keyboards to medium shots of the musicians, passing instruments in the foreground, etc. Holding down the AF/MF button lets you quickly lock focus in case you know you're going to be making a move that will trip it up, and also enables the focus ring on the lens so you can hold the button down, fly in manual focus for a few seconds, let go, and it's back in AF mode. 


    The image, too. Absolutely bonkers. Rolling shutter sucks super hard(and you can even see it on closeup shots of hands and stuff where the camera's not moving), but the camera is an absolute dream otherwise and I've been able to shoot around it. 1080p mode also sucks. It's not unusable, but it's of a level of detail I'd expect out of a 5D Mark II. Loving the 16-70 Sony Zeiss OSS lens and the 24/1.8. Has anyone used the 18-105 F4? Does it compare? 

  8. I picked up my A6300 this morning at Samy's in LA on the way to a shoot at an auto body shop and have been shooting with it (in Slog2 PP7) in place of my A7s. I did a quick and dirty sharpness test between 4K 24p, 4K 30p, 1080 24p, and 1080 60p. I also threw in a 1080p Slog2 frame from the A7s version 1.


    All images are on a speed booster (non ultra) using a Canon 24-105 F4L IS (wide open at reported f2.8) through a "Fader ND Mark II" brand variable ND. This is my doc-style work setup and now that I'm seeing the results I'll definitely be redoing this test stopped down a little on a different lens, with a less busy subject. Good news is that the 4K 30 mode doesn't seem to suffer from any weird image quality loss or additional noise compared to the 24p mode aside from the obvious crop. I was very surprised at 20,000 ISO that the shot has very little noise in either mode. Granted it's still daytime and I just applied lots of ND for a proper exposure, but I'm going to do more tests as night falls.




    Overall, having a good time with the camera today especially because I was able to roll right into a gig with it, but between the 4K having a near-dealbreaker amount of rolling shutter (10-11ms more than the A7s II 4K mode) and the 1080p mode being a little soft, it's going to be a tough sell for me. You can definitely tell that the 1080p mode almost looks like a combo between the softness of, say, a 5D Mark III's video mode with the dynamic range of an A7s. I'm dedicating the weekend to tests and have rented a Sony E 24mm 1.8, a 16-70 f4 OSS, and a Sony E 35mm to give them all a shot. I've got plenty of A7s Is and IIs through work so I'm sort of debating whether I want to keep the A6300 for myself as a personal stills/video powerhouse or jump to an A7rII. 


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