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  1. As I was watching it I just assumed they had their special effects budget cut and so decided to make everything dark and concentrate on the foley.
  2. I bet "film" is on the rise after it's bottoming out :)
  3. Thanks for the very useful information Andrew, I just bought the Chinese focal reducer, can't wait to try it out with my Dog Schidt optics EF mount 55mm. I bought via a Hong Kong seller, in my experience they are faster to ship.
  4. Any chance the mechanical shutter can be disabled (left open) and one of the BMCC speed boosters could be used in crop mode? I realise you can just use the M43 speedbooster, but it would be still interesting to know if one of the BMCC ones did fit.
  5. The BMPCC adaptor has a large protruding element which might foul a Lumix shutter, however the BMCC adaptor doesn't, and looks like it would physically fit fine. However as Metabones is not recommending it for the 18x13 M43 sensor I would assume it vignettes pretty badly. The BMPCC adaptor might just work on the Digital Bolex too, they are similar sensor sizes and anyone using a Digital Bolex will love a bit of authentic vignette ;) BMPCC sensor - 12.48 x 7.02 D Bolex sensor - 12.85 x 9.64
  6. Stellar results really impressive, quite jealous either one doesn't extend to the 18 x13.5 M43 sensors. Hope an EOS to M43 speed booster comes out soon, wonder why the delay? Seems like the EOS to M43 would be a pretty fat adaptor with heaps of room. Hopefully they are waiting to give us an extra special crop factor like the BMPCC version ;)
  7. I just want OMD type stabilisation in a GH camera, the 2-axis implementation for stills is a start, hopefully the next model will be more effective and include video.  Since Olympus won't improve their video frame rates, it's up to Pana to fill the gap and invest in IBIS.
  8. That E-M1 has gone from ugly duckling to beautiful swan with these new leaked photographs.  Can't wait to see what the silver looks like.  And yes I know it's what's inside that counts, but we are artists and we like pretty things ;)
  9. OMD in one hand, Olympus 50mm f1.4 in the other, just waiting for my metabones OM-M43 booster to come out in August.  Agree the OMD 5-axis for video is sublime, love it with the Nokton 17.5mm.  The rest of the manufacturers will catch up soon.   Just hope Oly steps up to the video plate before they do.
  10. Why can't they just add the active mount to the existing BMCC MFT?  I really want the electronic focus rack that the GH3 has.  Yes I know, buy a GH3.
  11. Thanks Andrew, installing on my iPad now to read on tomorrow's flight.    Oh and if anyone wants to know a good way to get Andrew's book in to iBooks, you email yourself the book, open it on your iPad, then click the arrow at the top right corner of the pdf reader and choose "Open in iBooks".  It will then be a permanent part of your library, under iBooks/Collections/PDF's. Cheers
  12. Reminds me of the OMD with the Nokton 17.5mm f0.95, I use this lens a lot with a variable ND on it.  Yes it's big and heavy, but the you fall in love with the rendering, much like the RX1.  Since the Oly peaking hack came out, I haven't take the Nokton off ;)
  13.   From my understanding Phase Locked Loop replaced crystals for timing of electronic circuits, so to me if it is saying on board PLL it just means the timing circuit is on the sensor board.
  14. The last scene in the sample footage was good, other than that I think they should enlist the help of the youtube "Slo Mo Guys" for their next video.
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