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    JBraddock got a reaction from Tim Fraser in What to buy: GM1 or GX7   
    I bought a GX7 with 20mm lens for £600 and thanks to it, I decided not to sell my Kowa 8Z. With focus peaking and smaller body form, compared to D7100, the whole setup is now way usable than I'd ever asked for. 
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    JBraddock got a reaction from encguano in Now available! The epic 250 page EOSHD Panasonic GH3 Shooter's Guide   
    Congratulations, Andrew.
    I've recently purchased a GX7. How much relevant, do you think, this guide would be for GX7? BTW, this is my first panasonic camera.
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    JBraddock reacted to dahlfors in New Nikon D5300 with Expeed 4   
    Such a topic would be great, although I'd suggest starting a separate thread for it. I've been shooting with D800 for quite a while, and there really isn't many online discussing issues/solutions etc.
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    JBraddock got a reaction from Aussie Ash in New Nikon D5300 with Expeed 4   
    Whether the image is usable or not is one thing but I can say that Neat Video easily removes the noise. The image does not appear to lose any significant amount of details.
    @Danyyyel, have you ever considered opening a thread for Nikon shooters which could provide a platform to share all the tricks and suggestions. I would really benefit from such a thread. 
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    JBraddock reacted to Axel in Color correction for hybrid H.264/RAW   
    You better start with learning one, your CC software with the manual or better yet with a complete video tut training. Then there are some very general advices on requirements and workflow:

    1. Calibrate your monitor(s) ...
    2. Backlight them with 6500k balanced lights.
    3. Paint the wall behind with a dark, neutral grey.
    4. Exclude all strongly colored objects from your FOV.
    5. Don't allow reflections or light temperatur mixes.

    1. Optimize your clips (neutralize them). Don't trust your eyes. Use the scopes. This is primary CC.
    2. Apply changes to selected areas of your images. This is secondary CC.
    3. Find a look for the most enigmatic of your shots in one sequence. Now your taste and your good eye are asked for. Don't start this step when you're tired or not relaxed. This (on top of steps 1&2) is a grade. Copy the grade.
    4. Apply the grade to the rest of the sequence, fine-tune it.
    You will find, that by now clips from different cameras or with different lenses or exposure will look 98% as much congruent as possible.
    5. Finally, iron out the missing 2% by comparing all your shots with the tools provided by your software (split screen, lighttable, whatever). After you graded for look, now grade for consistency.
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    JBraddock got a reaction from jgharding in Short Film with 600D: Messiah   
    Before going bed at 8am, the last thing I did was to watch the film. I am still laughing :)
    Well done.
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    JBraddock got a reaction from evopanop in Just getting started. DSLR advice?   
    For me, 1080p60 was not a deal breaker but I can see that for some people it is really important. Would I like that feature? Of course I would but I guess it is not really possible to find a camera that does everything well, which forces us to compromise. For me that compromise was not really hard. One thing you might check is how the image quality of GH3 is compared to D7100? Is it something you could live by?
    I also agree with the above post. There are so many other things that you might have to buy. For example, right now, I don't even have a solid tripod, ND filter or a rig/rig parts, which I have to buy if I want to shoot something serious. One might need to consider all these costs as well. Thank God, I didn't have to pay cash for my camera as I bought it by instalments. 
    I'll share buy impressions when I get the camera.
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    JBraddock got a reaction from evopanop in Just getting started. DSLR advice?   
    I was on the same boat actually and I bought D7100 from the USA. I upgraded from D5100.   Given the price difference compared to the UK as well as picture quality of it, it was a clear choice for me. Otherwise I'd have chosen GH3. Right now, I have Kowa 8Z, 85mm AIS F2 and 35mm F1.8 AF-G. I will buy a manual 50mm and a wide angle lens later. In regards to why I didn't buy D5200? Well, weather sealing, metering with old nikon lenses, more robust body and more control over functions with layout buttons were among the reasons. Except weather sealing, other features you've listed were not really important for me. Why? Because, I could easily carry spare batteries or SD cards. Built-in motor is only useful if you have lenses without focus motor, which I haven't. Again, it all comes down to your personal preferences and budget.    I think feature-wise the only thing that might cause problem is the lack of focus peaking and live histogram. Right now, I don't have a budget for a monitor so I'll try to use my Galaxy S4 as a monitor and see how it performs. If I can get live histogram and focus peaking out of it, then that's frosting on the cake.    I will get the camera this sunday and I am happy to answer your questions as much as I can but bear in mind that I am not a professional. I've just started learning.
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    JBraddock reacted to Andrew Reid in Congrats to a fellow poster.   
    Ah yes Joel, the guy who has been sending me abusive emails for the past 3 weeks.
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