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  1. Nikons are just housings for Sony sensors anyways. Canon still holds the biggest single share in the market at over 50%. If Sony overtook Nikon that would put them both likely somewhere in the low 20%s or even lower. Takes more than a pea-shooter to topple a Canon.

  2. It's funny, because 99% of people that buy this camera wont give a dry piss about video quality.

    Because they're buying it for shooting stills.

    Because it's a stills camera, not a video camera.

    That people buy for stills.

    Because it's not a video camera.


    How many times does this bear repeating?

  3. If Canon made a AE-1 like camera with the same size and look to it and had the 18mp ff sensor with internal 4k they would sell a million of them

    If Canon sold their cameras for $1 they'd sell hundreds of millions. I can make up arbitrary scenarios with arbitrary sales numbers too.

    Remember when the Blackmagic Cinema Camera came out and everyone switched to it? And then the Gh4 came out and everyone got that one instead? And then they jumped to the A7s when it was released? Of course you don't, because that never happened. There is no magical list of specs that will appeal to everyone, because people are different and have different needs. If there were some magical singular camera that was perfect for everything, one company would make it and no other companies would ever need to make a camera again. Each company has their own product strategy. Canons has worked for them thus far and until it stops working, they're going to continue using it. If it were easy to be successful, everyone would do it.

  4. I think that's greatly oversimplifying things.

    The sensor in the GH4 is larger and the stills are better. The codec records to cheaper media with 3x smaller file sizes.

    The XC10 is 4:2:2 internal I believe? Canon LOG is welcome.

    I expect the Panasonic FZ1000 will give very close results for $799 with a better lens so the XC10 is a no-buy for me.

    ​The GH4 sensor is larger, but also higher resolution. The difference in actual pixel size isn't that extreme, the GH4 is maybe 20% larger pixels. And yes, the GH4 records to cheaper media with much smaller files. But it's also an inferior codec to record to. The XC100 is 8bit 422 internal at 305mbps. GH4 is 420 100mbps. That's a MASSIVE dump in compression.

    $2500 for the XC10, or $1500 for the GH4 and another $1000 for a decent lens. Call it "oversimplifying" if you want, but it's the truth. At $2500, the GH4 has options for better lenses and a (marginally) larger sensor, but the XC10 has a substantially better codec.

    In regards to the FZ1000, it may have a leica named lens, it might even be leica designed, but at that price point not a snowballs chance in hell it's leica manufactured. The FZ1000 also has smaller pixels and yet again, another inferior codec. It might get "close" to the XC10 if you have a very loose definition of the word close.

  5. So what if it edges out the RX10? That concept is 2 years old and sells for less than $1000.

    This is supposed to be a cutting edge 2015 Cinema EOS camera for $2500!

    ​At least it records 4k internally, unlike the a7s.

  6. It's a well known fact

    This is the sensor - http://www.cmosis.com/products/standard_products/cmv12000

    Now... in the words of Charlie Brooker - go away.

    ​Whee is AJA confirming that this is the exact sensor they used? Where is Blackmagic also confirming it? Hell, has CMOSIS said they both use the sensor?

    It was a well-known fact that Canon was using a Sony sensor in their new 5d, until Canon said they didn't. Where's the actual evidence it's the same sensor?

  7. From the POV of an old fart:  Can someone explain brand loyalty to me if so inclined?  For some odd reason I seem to see people investing themselves in a brand rather than technique.


    Say you have a friend. This friend is maybe a little older, and a little slower, but every time you ask them to help you with something, they do it. They're there for you for the good times and the bad.


    Brand loyalty is when you find a company like that friend.

  8. Exactly my point - there are much better video cameras in the same price bracket as the T3i without the problems of the Canon APS-C line. 


    Panasonic G6, GM1, GX7, GH2, GH3; Nikon D5200, D3300, D5300; Sony a6000, a5100


    I'm going to assume you're a defensive T3i owner? Your negativity may be better directed at Canon. I owned a T3i at one point - it's a nice camera, but moving to the G6 and D5300 made it look pretty grim.


    Did Nikon ever figure out how to let people change the aperture in live-view on what, over half their cameras?

  9. Video on a stills camera is an afterthought for Canon.


    4k is not mass-market yet. It's not even enthusiast level. It's professional level. How many 4k televisions do you see at Walmart? How many methods of 4k delivery are there? 4k is at the present moment largely a capture format, not delivery format, and even in that regard it is by no means necessary.


    Most people that are buying stills cameras are buying them for their intended purpose: Taking still images. Losing 1% of their market because people chose a different stills camera for their video purposes isn't going to hurt Canon enough to make a difference.


    Nikon doesn't have any camera that shoots 4k, but how often do you see people taking a shit on them?

  10. I don't agree with any of the above and I hope you were joking about the 'glass tower', that's just nuts.


    They can still get pros to pay $20k in the same way Panasonic charge 3 times that for their 4K Varicam S35, yet give us 4K on the GH4 for $1699.


    4K is mass market. GoPros and mobile phones have it for $500.


    4K TVs can be had close to $1300.


    4K is the new 1080p. Nobody shoots 480p standard def any more do they!?


    Nothing is mass market until it makes up most of what Walmart sells. You're greatly overestimating what the market is doing.

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