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  1. That's not how I interpreted that article. However he does suggest using the extreme SD cards which seems to be in the user manual anyway.
  2. I don't have any real opinion on VL vs. PB...but after seeing the GH3 piece Bloom made I could't help but think it was a little too inspired by Reverie.
  3. I'm not asking for Reverie, but just for BMD to show a modicum of effort. What they've done so far is minimal. I understand that Brawley is a pro and probably busy...but what does that suggest about BMD? Shouldn't they have Brawley do a professional piece? Isn't that the point of having a profesional around?
  4. I remember the panic about the GH3 when it first came out and everyone was over analyzing and despairing over what few images we were given, like it was the zapruder film. I think patience, for this one time, is deserved for BMD.
  5. I always enjoy reading Peederj's analysis. Sort of the Andy Kauffman approach but I think it is brilliant in its dogged persistence.
  6. Perhaps a monopod would be a good compromise to allow stabilization without sullying the pocket cam's innocence.
  7. Make no mistake, I am very excited about the Pocket Cam. I'm happy I sold my GH3 before the price drop. I just hope it arrives before my wedding in October.    To the point earlier that maybe they are trying to lower their profit margin per camera by producing the cameras in large volumes...yes, please.
  8. BMD appears to be a whimsical company. It's hard to say they are making a lot of $ on their cameras because their prices are low and their supply is low as well. They create a lot of buzz, which is a sense of power I suppose, but I don't see what they are doing is making a lot of money. I guess they aren't losing money. Most of the hot air is created by their potential customers. Because they don't have any real competitors at what they are doing they are able to capture the zeitgeist for the moment, but at some point someone else will come in and actually deliver (literally) what blackmagic is promising, and then no one will care as much about BMD. We aren't there yet. In fact, we're probably a long way away, but BMD's niche won't last forever.
  9. I imagine the price drop will be for cameras already made so they can phase them out....and then we'll be back to status quo of waiting for a new camera to arrive. Ha. It's difficult to imagine a scenario where they don't have customers trapped waiting for a camera to arrive. I'm only partially joking. They want to innovate and be talked about more than they want to make sound business decisions it seems. If digital bolex cam get their camera ready and have it perfected and ready to deliver on demand I think they will redeem themselves nicely. In comparison they seem to be handling the situation better, save for a few snide comments.
  10. I don't see Apple promoting the Mac Mini with a viable external GPU. Instead, I see them promoting people to buy an Imac.
  11. Instead of a laptop, I wonder if this could help make the Mac Mini more video editing friendly. The Mini seems like one of the few good deals that Apple has to offer, with the caveat that it's Achilles heel is the GPU.
  12. I saw on BMC User a thread with a letter from the head of Hot Rod Cameras. The gist is that the "limited quantities" = each dealer getting one (ONE!) Pocket Camera initially and about 3-4 weeks after that more quantities should arrive, hopefully. The 4k is even more delayed and won't ship with Raw.
  13. Based on how they've allowed the situation to be (mis)handled, and by not showing any leadership, I now tend to think they are very disorganized as a business overall. If they were being deceitful I think there would be a more unified method and voice, albeit one based on trickery. Instead, by letting chaos reign and different voices proliferate, they seem to have no idea how to make this happen. I sense goodwill on their part for sure, otherwise why the incredible price point? But, I also sense an odd combination of idealism and youthful ADD spread rampant through the company, so to speak, which is threatening to undermine their whole project in total. The flip side is I'm glad they aren't like Apple yet. I'll take waiting for a well speced affordable product rather than one that is overpriced and underperforms...and that's coming fron an Apple user. Apple has shifted to 'giving us less' as a business model. At least BMD, with their similar appreciation for aesthetics, is trying to give you more for less. Their idealism is their best quality. They are making a mess of things like a child would, but at least there are good intentions. Hopefully, they can release a few good cameras in quantity before their business model gets seduced into the demands of the corporate world a la Apple.
  14.   I wasn't taking stills with the GH3 much anyway so I'm ok without that feature. 
  15. Good points, Andrew. I assumed the Lumix pancake might not have the ideal image, I'm just trying to go low profile...which makes me interested in the Switar...any vignetting issues with this on the Pocket as far as you know?
  16. I think the Lumix 14mm 2.5 is the ideal lens for me for cost and assuming you want a low profile camera. It seems that Brawley has shot with this lens and didn't mention any issues with distortion. I'll probably get a pistol grip and go Super8 style.
  17. In a sense I am glad BM is making ("making"?) cameras because it at least theoretically puts some added pressure on other camera makers to add more value for lower costs.   I sold my GH3 because it was too large in size for me. The pocket camera is an ideal camera for my needs as I want something I can take with me on my bike and head out and document my city. The size factor is a big deal to me, no pun intended, and so this release date has me in more anticipation than I would like. Yes, I should probably have other interests and hobbies but to me the BMPCC is a potentially revolutionary camera that could inspire and facilitate me to finally get back into taking moving images.   And so right now I'm having a love/hate relationship with BM as they've raised expectations. July isn't over yet so the waiting continues...
  18. That was true for me with the GH3. But as the pocket has limited sellers, a pre order might be more needed.
  19. If B&H is overflowing with Pocket Cameras, then why aren't they telling people that? That would be a strange choice, considering their goal is to make money by selling cameras.
  20. If the BMPCC withers on the vine, then I'll be looking into the 50D without a doubt. Thanks, Andrew for keeping this going and giving us enthusiasts a forum.
  21. I saw a quote about the event in LA from Grant. It said something to the effect of wanting to give people more exposure with the camera. It's interesting that he wasn't quoted as saying the camera will be ready. If the camera isn't ready, then yeah, giving people more exposure will be helpful because they won't be getting the camera. If that indeed is the case, then I find it to be a bad idea from a marketing standpoint, not to mention the fact that customer appreciation is potentially about to wane. It's not like they have a foundation of confidence to stand upon.
  22. That event in LA on July 25 will give answers for good or bad. Could be really awkward if they dont have good news. Though its likely it will be a media event big on hype that will leave us still guessing for the most part. The firmware updates I linked to earlier...can't tell if this reveals anything about them being on schedule or not. I'm still optimistic in general as the company still is offering value, unlike Apple which at this stage mainly teases you.
  23. Apparently, new firmware updates for the BMPCC including Autofocus...     https://twitter.com/brawlster/status/355512652430188544 https://twitter.com/brawlster/status/355550178452856832 https://twitter.com/brawlster/status/355550020646346754  
  24. You haven't misled anyone. However, I don't think most the see the situation as black/white as you and therefore no one seems to be looking to you for advice. It looks to be a great camera and hopefully it ships on time. If not, move on to whatever else is available.
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