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    ssrdd reacted to jhnkng in The Canon C200 is here and its a bomb!   
    I'm kicking myself for not asking the same question!!
    The C200 ships with Dual Digic 6 processors which has got to be faster than the single Digic 5 in the XC10. There's no way the hardware couldn't support it. RAW output can't be the reason either because RAW is *less* processor intensive -- it just takes the sensor feed and writes it to a card, it doesn't have to debayer or add noise reduction or anything. 

    Canon's own press release for XF-AVC lists the specs of the codec, and for 4K it can do either 8/10bit I-Frame 422 and for HD 8/10/12bit 420/422/444. Committing resources to creating an 8bit 420 for 4K just to protect the C300mkII would be *insane*, though I wouldn't put it past them. It might even explain why it doesn't ship with XF-AVC.

    I walked into the demo planning the business case to finance the C200, and I walked out with an order for a C100 mkII. They're now selling the C100 mkII for $5000AUD and it comes with an Atomos Ninja Blade kit, vs the C200 with retails for $12499AUD. Easiest purchase decision I've ever made!
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    ssrdd reacted to ricardo_sousa11 in Samsung NX1 - Post Your Latest Video   
    Heres my latest entries :
    This last one is still private, its only due next week, but since this is a specialty forum, there should be no harm. Everything shot on the NX1+16-50s 2.8, and graded with my own Vellichor luts, available for purchase here if any of you wants to have a look - https://sellfy.com/p/HNAk/

    Hope you guys enjoy :D
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    ssrdd reacted to Kisaha in The Canon C200 is here and its a bomb!   
    I, too, am excited. I have already saved 75euros in my secret stash (which is the Rage Against The Machine Vinyl, no one will search there!), and I want the CN-E too. If you do something, let's do it right!
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    ssrdd reacted to Andrew Reid in Canon C200 vs Panasonic GH5, a preview   
    Nobody complains when we compare the FS5 to an A7R II. People need to know what extra they are getting for their money.
    Sure the market is a bit different and form factor different but there's overlap... You can't tell me not a single pro is using an A7R II or GH5, can you?
    By that same token, not every pro videography or wedding guy is using the SDI on their C200, whose biggest selling point to many people is the lack of need to rig extras onto it like external recorders and monitors via SDI. Not every pro is using timecode to sync footage between 5 other cameras on a shoot and not every C200 user will even be using the XLRs, some will strip it down to the bare bones and put it on a gimbal, with sound done like it has always been done in the film days - a separate job for another man.
    So shut up.
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    ssrdd reacted to Kisaha in Canon C200 and Panasonic rival camera to fight it out at CineGear Expo   
    @ssrdd I am waiting for a 4K C100 type of camera 1 and a half year now! The LS300 @Alt Shoo mentioned is a great option in 3000euros, +1000 for a Atomos, you have 4K/60p, great (and too many) codec options, variable sensor (native m43 and whatever else through adapters) and a 7" monitor (the Atomos), and a great run and gun 4:2:2 camera on its own with Prime zoom function.
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    ssrdd reacted to Serge Broslavsky in Things we'd like to see in a future GH5 firmware upgrade   
    This is my item (please sign the petition if you support that): https://www.change.org/p/panasonic-introduce-4k-4-2-2-ipb-400mbps-and-fhd-4-2-2-ipb-200mbps-modes-for-panasonic-gh5?recruiter=44141647&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink
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    ssrdd got a reaction from nahua in Canon 6D officially announced - a more compact and affordable 5D Mark III   
    NO 60FPS in 1080P??
    Canon just playing with same sensors and technology from last 5 years.

    Go GH3 Go...
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    ssrdd got a reaction from Germy1979 in Canon launch $8000 Cinema EOS C100   
    4-2-0 24Mbit???????

    another fail from canon.

    sony A99 will kill this product like anything..
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