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  1. @keessie65 there I was contemplating selling my beloved Bolex 16/32/1.5x last night, chanced upon this thread, started having another play with my GX8 and 20/1.7 and now resolute I’m going to use it more and about to pull the trigger on the single focus add on 😃

    I love how compact this thing is on the GX8 with pancake.


    Also figured out how to get this to work in stills mode by using the Penny EXTC mode in Medium at 8MP, which gives an extra 1.3x crop on the already 2x crop.

    Took a quick snap before. Works on my Voigtlander 25/0.95 too 😍


    Love this anamorphic. Think they may need to bury me with it.

    Cheers for the inspiration pal 🙂


  2. Panasonic 16:9 AG-LA7200 Anamorphic Lens Adapter - Customised for Wide Lenses

    I'm selling the much sought after 16:9 converter by Panasonic, which is now typically used on DSLRs shooting 16:9 (1.77) format to make cinemascope (2.66) images - yielding a great cinematic look.

    This adapter has been modified to remove the built in lens hood on the standard model. This is so the adapter could be used with wide angle lenses, such as the Tokina 11-16 to reduce vignetting. On a standard Micro Four Thirds sensor with a Tokina 11-16 at 11mm, there is no vignetting. GH2 (being slightly wider sensor vignettes at 12-ish mm).

    The modification was not professionally done (there's not service for this kind of thing!) so it's a little rough and ready, but it performs flawlessly. The mod has soft velcro affixed around the edges, where it has been used with custom flags stuck on with velcro. Works pretty well for an indy film/shoestring setup without having to buy extremely expensive matte boxes (where nothing fits the LA7200 adapter).

    The other mod, which is pretty standard, is it's been fitted with a 72mm ring. This screws directly onto Tokina 11-16, Tokina 28-80...and also looks awesome :)

    There's a few tiny dust spots internally, which is pretty standard for these adapters. Nothing shows up on the images importantly. If you know what you're looking at, you'll know all about these adapters and how to use them already. Close focus is hard at wide open apertures, and I'd say f4 is about the sweet spot if close focusing. Further distance focusing you can open up quite a bit more. Lens flares on these are pretty awesome with big horizontal streaks.

    Comes in original bag, with original cap. Custom cap has been fitted on the rear to cater for the 72mm ring that's been affixed.

    Any questions, please feel free to ask.

    £550 inc. Shipping









  3. Tokina AT-X Close-up Lens 0.4x Double Achromat 72mm thread

    This is a VERY RARE double achromat diopter for anamorphic lenses. These are not made any more and really hard to get hold of. This is in A++ condition

    Allows you to decrease your minimum focus distance when using anamorphic lenses and get in the 4-8 foot sweet spot (talking heads). If you're shooting anamorphic with an adapter lens like ISCO, Kowa, Proskar, Sankor, Bolex, Bell & Howell, then this will transform the quality of those adaptors at the much needed focal distance.

    Read about it here:


    This is literally called the "Miracle Filter" for anamorphic lenses! This was old stock, but new when I bought it, and I've used it for a few anamorphic projects over the years. It's still like new, and part of me wants to keep hold of it because of how valuable it is. Alas, I'm shooting mostly spherical these days, so it seems a waste to have it sat in a draw when it could be getting usage.

    £295 inc. Shipping.





  4. PS. Forgot to add. Great video and really nice quality. I think the GH4 struggled a little in some scenes, especially in the highlights. Those Voigtlanders though!! 3D pop in abundance.

    Just looked at your Baby Hypergonar with the Oly Pen F. The light and content seemed even nicer in this one. I don't think the Hypergonar can hold a candle to hanging on to resolution like the Bolex though. The think I was always find amazing with the Bolex, is you can use it wide open on all lenses with no discernible loss of sharpness (except in the taking lens).

    Thanks for sharing. Nice results.

  5. Interesting choice using 4:3 mode with a 1.5x anamorphic, as it'll give a 2.0 aspect ratio.

    I've previously shot 16:9 at 1.5x, yielding 2.66 ratio. It looks super wide, and is quite pleasant, although there's always the temptation to crop the edges a little to bring it into the more common 2.39/2.40.

    I might have to do some tests shooting 3:2 4K photo burst with my GX8, as 2.25 with a little horizontal crop probably yields the most over all resolution. Having said that, the far edges of the Bolex when you're pushing it close to the vignette (50-56mm EFL) probably benefit from a little edge crop from 2.66.

    I'd be interested in your thought process to use 1.5x on 4:3.

  6. Eris

    You are right. When you start hitting the very far edges of the Bolex, it starts to distort. Not a problem locked down, but distracting otherwise, and pain ugly on pans.

    I use my 16/32 with a set of FDs and I love the look. Quite simply the best rendering anamorphic I've seen and used, even ISCO. So much resolving power and a natural low contrast effect that can help a lot of digital artifacts. 

    I'd be interested to know where you got your lens calibrated. 

  7. but my creative work, my play? Film, 60's era metal cameras, an enlarger and lith developer.

    ​Almost the same here, but I don't print. I shoot a mixture of film cameras, some really oddball ones, and just scan using a flatbed. My current favourite is a Franka Solida I from the US occupied zone of West Germany in 1956. Love it. Zorki, Zenit, Canon AE, Holgas, too...love them all.


    Recently added a 120 Consul Coronet too.

  8. Let me get this right. The new aspect ratios are just further crops than the 16:9? Or at least on Seb's video test the chin to head vertical angle of view looked the same. So in theory it actually offers no further image enhancement, just time saving in post not having to chop off the edges - but then at the same time it doesn't give you the flexibility to recompose horizontally.


    Am I right?

  9. Based on the opinions of a lot of people over at bmcuser, the Tiffen VariND can be a poor chice for some cameras and generally a bit muddy. The BMCs have a lot of problems with IR. Heliopan are held in high regard. I currently use Formatt Hitec multistop on my GH2 with good results. Not tested enough on the BMCC yet.

  10. Well, if you guys are serious about supporting artists, don't shed a tear for the RIAA and the music industry, support websites like "bandcamp.com" where artists can sell directly to you. They aren't losing money because of Vimeo, that's just free promotion, they're losing money because of offshore file upload websites and the music blogs that link to them.


    Thanks for bringing my attention to bandcamp.com, looks great. However, I don't see any literature that states the artists wouldn't have any issue with using their work as part of fair use. Love the fact the proceeds go to the artist, but does it give the amateur content creator any more options?

  11. In case you don't now, rumor - Metabones is working on dedicated speedbooster for GH4.


    I must be missing something, but the current mFT speedbooster at 0.71x is almost spot on to S35 as it is.


    mFT sensor size imaging area width = 17.3mm


    Add standard speedbooster (0.71x), equivalent of = 24.37mm


    S35 imaging area width = 24.9mm


    So are they going to make a 0.69x speedbooster? Makes little sense. Unless they're fading the 0.71x out and just replacing with an uprated design. Dedicated to GH4 doesn't sound right though.

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