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    Pechente reacted to jgharding in Adobe Rant   
    On the whole I like Premiere as an NLE and se it daily, the native grading is much better than FCPX's, but Adobe's atitude to bugs is terrible.
    There are still horrendous bugs in audio, the mixer and automation, if using a mixture of high DPI and standard displays and so on...
    The same bugs reported endlessley, thread after thread, year after year, no solutions.
    The same simple feature requests over and over, completely ignored...
    BUT WAIT! NEW MAGIC EDIT BUTON (or some similar gimmick)
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    Pechente got a reaction from buggz in Adobe Rant   
    I recently canceled my subscription with Adobe. I was already pissed off by the instabilities you mentioned and some minor and major bugs that persisted in the programs, sometimes for over 10 years.
    Though the one thing that finally made me cancel, was that I found out they overcharged me by ~240€ over the last 2 years. When I started studying 3 years ago, I got the student subscription. That thing was 20€ / month for the first year, then 30€. However, they lowered the price to 20€ quite a while back. Since I still had an "old subscription" they didn't bother telling me about the price drop and kept charging 30€ / month. Those are some seriously sketchy business practices - it's not like my old subscription was different in any way, it was just more expensive.
    I complained about the matter and was told it's not their responsibility to inform me of price drops and I should've checked myself. Yes, thank you Adobe. You guys have fucked me over more than once… so I cancelled.
    Edit: Here's a screenshots of the plans (compare first plan to last plan)

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    Pechente reacted to Lammy in Blackmagic URSA Mini - $2995 - official thread   
    That design looks like it belongs on a cool robot!

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    Pechente reacted to Germy1979 in Canon 1DC has landed.   
    What gets me is people still snatch these Canons up like they don't care.... lol. 
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    Pechente reacted to galenb in Editing raw video on a $900 Hackintosh as well as on a $5000 Mac Pro   
    I was just thinking, it would be cool to get an old Power Mac or older Mac Pro case, gut it and replace all the components with new hackintosh parts. Someone probably has an old G5 tower sitting with the pile of other old retired computers in there basement. I know my parents still have an old blue and white G3 in a closet somewhere. That could be a fun project. :-)
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