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  1. I recently canceled my subscription with Adobe. I was already pissed off by the instabilities you mentioned and some minor and major bugs that persisted in the programs, sometimes for over 10 years. Though the one thing that finally made me cancel, was that I found out they overcharged me by ~240€ over the last 2 years. When I started studying 3 years ago, I got the student subscription. That thing was 20€ / month for the first year, then 30€. However, they lowered the price to 20€ quite a while back. Since I still had an "old subscription" they didn't bother telling me about the price drop and kept charging 30€ / month. Those are some seriously sketchy business practices - it's not like my old subscription was different in any way, it was just more expensive. I complained about the matter and was told it's not their responsibility to inform me of price drops and I should've checked myself. Yes, thank you Adobe. You guys have fucked me over more than once… so I cancelled. Edit: Here's a screenshots of the plans (compare first plan to last plan)
  2. I’m a little disappointed that besides PL, they only offer EF-mount. I still have some nice Canon FD glass lying around and would love to use it on one of Black Magic’s S35 cameras. A mount with less flanke-distance than EF would have been awesome.
  3. I hope it’s a new Pocket Cinema Camera. Give it a Four Thirds sized sensor OR a global shutter and I’ll throw all my money at you, BM!
  4.   Lots of people actually do this. The hackintosh sites are full of these builds and you could get some tips and advises there.
  5. It's nice to see you built one yourself :) Mine is running very very well and I got no problems with the onboard audio. The hackintosh runs almost as well as my old iMac and certainly works better than Windows on the same machine. I hope Apple realizes they need to adjust some of their business strategies, so many people start to move away from them.   It's sad I can't completely abandon them since their laptop hardware and desktop OS are still unreached in my opinion.
  6. The new iMacs even have Desktop GPUs that are only clocked a little lower due to heat issues. If you want a cheap and powerful machine, why not go with a hackintosh? Nofilmschool had a nice article on how to build your own and I built one with their part suggestions. These thing are just as stable as real Macs once you get them up and running successfully and you don't need to be the biggest geek to do it.
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