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  1. 13 minutes ago, User said:

    I want you to imagine a world where the morally upright and most fucked over people on this planet should come first... instead of the 'I', 'me', 'mine'.

    They all died and did not reproduce (if you are starving but decided to give away your last piece of bread to "the other guy", you and your family will die).... and it seems according to a lot of hysterical posts that I'm seeing on the internet, presently, these people will start to get infected by the virus and just before dying; they will turn into zombies just like Tom Hanks and his wife.  They only way to save yourself is to buy toilet paper, because the zombies are  repelled by toilet paper hence the large number of people hoarding toilet paper and making tp forts.

  2. 47 minutes ago, Andrew Reid said:

    You need to wake up and realise what AMERICAN FIRST means for the rest of us and how fucking selfish it makes you look.


    My family comes "first"... Then my city comes "first".. Then my nation comes "first"... During an emergency, that is how things are and will always be - "selfish" or not.  I live in the USA so Trump's America first is fine by me. Governments should always try and make sure their "constituency" comes first because sometimes there's only so many life rafts on a sinking cruise ship.. So many pieces of bread on the table during a famine.. so many escape pods on a disintegrating space ship...  If my government didn't have my best interest in mind, I would re-elect someone else.  I'm not sure why other countries put their citizens behind other citizens from different countries and then complain about trump.

    The USA is an awesome country especially under Trump.  We are one of the few remaining superpowers.  We feed the world with foods created with American innovation.  We have reduced poverty indirectly across the world.  We have created youtube, the internet, and espoused idea of freedom of speech.  We are awesome.  You Europeans are OK... 😜

    This thread is kinda weird.  I'm not sure why some people get upset that other citizens of other countries are proud of their government.  Or that some people in their own country like their government.  In any case, I'm told I might be getting a few checks from Uncle Sam.  Thank you Trump. 


    27 minutes ago, Super8 said:

    I'm not those people.  I follow one and only one.  Your life has turned into this pathetic game of pointing fingers at other people and judging other people. 

    Go protest killing unborn babies or help the homeless.  Get OFF your high horse and leave people alone.  People have free will to do whatever they want.  Stop crying that people don;t like what you like or voted the way you wanted. 

    Make sure the next gig you work on, that you bring this trump stuff up and start telling the crew that they are trumpster and scum and see how quick you get kicked off that crew.  The point is no one cares in the real world.

    That's the biggest "no, no" ever.  Unless, it's some no-budget, 2 bit film set.  One could get lucky and find a gig that had anti-trump people, but I  wouldn't bet my film career by being political.  Soon or later, you will get burn.

  4. 6 hours ago, Geoff CB said:

    Sorry for worrying about not having a job for two months, and worrying about friends who are freelancers being screwed for the season, and for my theater staff and coworkers who are mainly over 50.

    I've been laid off before.  It wasn't fun, but that didn't cause me to hoard food, and toilet paper as if the world was going to end. 

  5. 2 hours ago, Geoff CB said:


    If anyone is still wondering why we are still freaking out. 

    If u are not old and dont have health issues, and are avoiding contact with everyone.... Makes no sense for you to be freaking out.  Zombies will not be breaking into your house looking for toliet paper. 

  6. I'm predicting the virus will sputter out within a few weeks so I'm looking for summer flights to the west coast of Oregon.  I'm thinking flights should be extremely cheap right now - and perhaps hotels.  


    57 minutes ago, Avenger 2.0 said:

    Not sure, maybe people will also be keeping their current camera's for another year or two.
    And less second hand camera's and less demand may keep prices mostly the same.
    Of couse now in the middle of the crisis one might do good deals for someone that really needs the money.

    Yeah, I think this will be the case since a lot of camera releases seem to have been delayed.  When the floodgates of new camera models come onto the market, the price of used cameras will go down.

  7. 8 minutes ago, Mokara said:

    Well, for a start, H1N1 was influenza, and there are drugs to treat influenza that are relatively effective if administered early enough after infection (they don't help if you start receiving them too late). You also have the advantage of partial immunity as a result of exposure to earlier strains. Flu can be controlled nationally if the effort is made, especially among at risk populations such as health care workers and the elderly. 

    That is the main difference between the current outbreak and H1N1 (which was treated by governments very seriously as well). With covid-19 we have no defence except isolation.

    H1N1 actually started in the US btw. Overall the pandemic was significantly less lethal than the average flu season, but had a higher than normal mortality rate among younger people (probably because that demographic had less partial immunity). The risks posed by that pandemic, although serious, was not comparable to what we face now. The main problem with H1N1 was not the mortality rate, but the number of people who were eventually infected (which was much higher than usual). The government response to H1N1 was appropriate and timely, more importantly they recognized the nature of the risk and responded correctly. Covid-19 is completely different. The case mortality rate is comparable to the 1918 pandemic that devastated the planet (it is about 100X higher than H1N1). It will also end up with a high number of people being infected overall if we don't do something to slow it down. In a worst case scenario everyone gets infected at more or less the same time and medical care is overwhelmed. It is those dynamics which most governments worldwide and certainly the experts in the field understand and why we are having the societal response that is going on now. 

    The last time the developed world faced anything of this magnitude is the 1918 pandemic. The outcome does not have to be the same, but if we are going to avoid that we have to be proactive about it. Contrary to what Trump apparently believes, the problem will not solve itself or just go away if we ignore it. His attitude on the subject is extremely dangerous to us all.

    12,000 Americans died because of the swine flu.  I think Obama didn't have any travel bans until 8,000 Americans died.  So far approx 70 Americans have died because of the COVID19.  There have been travel bans, restaurants forcefully closed, etc.

    Lets see what the final numbers will be.  I don' think your assessment of COVID19 is more dangerous than the swine flue will be proven true.  In just about any measurements, Trump has done better regarding containing pandemics than ANY of the previous administrations.

  8. 6 minutes ago, fuzzynormal said:

    C'mon now.  I don't have a wax mustache and I'm not twirling it with a damsel tied to the railroad tracks. 

    But you are because you are contributing to the panic and causing more noise when rational voices should be the ones being heard and listened to.  You don't even care that you are biased when you say, "Well, yeah.  But...why is that a bad thing?".  Of course its a bad thing.  Biases do not belong in logical thought.  Irrational people causes a bad situation to be 100X worse.

  9. 18 minutes ago, fuzzynormal said:

    Well, yeah.  But...why is that a bad thing?  That's just American politics.  

    From never-Trump conservatives to bleeding hearts liberals.  If a guy is implementing policies you think are directly detrimental to the nation, you'd rather not see those things happen.  The more noble and fundamental ideals of American Exceptionalism don't seem to be on the Trump menu, imho.  

    This sort of conflict is ever thus depending on who's butt sits at the executive desk.  I'm pretty confident conservatives would have liked to see Obama fail at creating the ACA, for instance.

    I'm not ashamed of my ideology and still appreciate other POV's.  Now, I'd prefer a FDR type in office rather than a self-serving-corporate-lackey type, which is how I view Trump and those that prefer America to be a corpocracy; don't think it's a healthy society, that.  

    What can I do but hope the pendulum swings?  How do we get there?  Trumpism failing is a start...please keep in mind that failure depends on the specific situation!  For instance, a China trade war.  I could think, "no way that's gonna work, it's unrealistic, full of ignorant hubris, and it can't be pulled off. Great if it somehow did though."  Like watching a 95 yard Hail Mary pass.  You want to see it happen, but you know it's impossible.


    Did you say the same thing with Obama and the swine flu virus?  I doubt it....  People are going bonkers now.  Being bias is bad because it creates panic and kills people because rational thought gets drowned out.  It causes toilet paper to be hoarded, and ultimately people to die.

  10. 17 minutes ago, fuzzynormal said:

    I don't know.  Do you want to revisit this thread 12 months from now? 

    The hard data suggests that fast comprehensive suppression action, such as that taken in Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong has helped mitigate the contagion.  Places like China and Italy have not fared as well.  Italy's numbers from two weeks ago directly track day-to-day numbers of the USA.  Italy is a top 5 health care system.  The USA is below 25th.

    I'll say this:  I don't believe I can change anyone's mind typing on the internet, so no big deal there.  It's your right to hold your outlook about American life and politics. 

    Yes, lets revisit this thread 12 months from now.  The total death is now around 60 -- mostly elderly. We have a ways to go until it's 12,000.  Considering most scientist seem to think it will wane just like any other flu, and china cases are already going down, I highly doubt it will get that far.  Also, my nephew is an healthcare professional and he says doctors and nurses are being extremely vigilant with respect to taking care of their elderly patients (most testing kits go to them first).   Lets see how the USA health care system does.  The USA health care which ranks below 25th.  I bet you the number of deaths in the USA will be lower than that of Italy - a "top 5 health care system".  If that happens, you should probably go back and ask yourself if your sources are biased.  

  11. 1 hour ago, fuzzynormal said:

    Imagine being an elderly 80+ person that just had pneumonia, you then get hit with COVID and you find out you're going to need a ventilator to assist your lungs from failing under the strain. So, you go to the hospital but you're informed there are no ventilators available for you. Why? Because all the COVID suffering people that are 50+ and more likely to survive get priority. You, 80+ old man with weak lungs, you unfortunately have to die. 


    Elderly aged 80+ with pneumonia are the largest percentage of people who die because of pneumonia. 50,000 people die on average per a year in the USA while around 1 million seek medical attention in hospitals.  In high likelihood, it will kill vastly more elderly people like your friend than Covid 19.  Are you complaining about pneumonia??????

    The Swine flu outbreak of 2009 had killed 12,000 people in the USA under Obama's watch.  How many Americans are killed under Trumps during this Covid 19 outbreak?  People who are complaining about Trump, were they complaining about Obama?  Did you?  By all measurements related to previous administrations, Trump is doing an excellent job.  The USA has one of the lowest number of deaths when considering how porous our borders are.  

    It's quite strange to me how we as a nation (USA) can shut down because of the Covid19, but not a peep when 12,000 Americans died under the swine flu.  The biggest thing I can see is that we have Trump as president, and there seems to be people who don't like him and will flame the fires of discontent.  You seem very discontented.  Are you?  Go buy some toilet paper because apparently Covid 19 makes people have diarrhea since it is in such low supply.

  12. 8 hours ago, IronFilm said:

    Got some bad news for you buddy I'm afraid!

    New Zealand (First Place!) ranks higher than the USA (15th) when it comes to freedom! 


    Here is another different list put together by a different organisation:


    Uh oh, sorry, New Zealand (3rd) is once again ranked ahead of the USA! (12th)

    Once the USA has solved their coronavirus problem, feel free to come over and visit New Zealand to enjoy some freedom 😉

    Huhmmm..  When a person is the biggest, baddest Muther Fu'er in the land; other people will say you aren't.  That's cool.  Believe what you want :-)

    4 hours ago, Snowfun said:

    I was going to comment but not being American I’m not sure I’m allowed to...


  13. 51 minutes ago, Video Hummus said:

    There is always some dumb mf that has to make a global calamity into some political shit throwing contest. So. Sick. Of. It.

    Aprox. 30 people have died in the USA from COVID19.  However, thousands have already died from the common flu.  I'm also sure thousands more have died from car accidents.  SoooOOOooOOOoooOO.  Is the common flu a global calamity?  Are car accidents???  In my city, chicago; I think there have been more people shot than killed by COVID19.


    There is always some dumb mf that doesn't know math and likes to call other people "dumb mf".... So. Sick. Of. It.  There is two paths. One is paved with good intentions.. the other is paved with rational thought.  The one with good intention gives you the ability to think you are smarter than everyone else because it's a global calamity.  The the path looks at the statistics and says, 30 people dead, while not good, it is not a global calamity.  Perhaps in the future, it maybe... but it is not right now.

    Never mind with what I wrote above.. It's a global calamity!!!!  EVeryone stay home!!!  Don't go out.  Buy TP, rice, beans and GUNS.  It's crazy out there!!!!!  The government is lying.  TOM HANKS AND HIS WIFE IS DYING!!! God, save us..

  14. 14 minutes ago, Geoff_L said:

    Yeah right ! 
    Louis Pasteur, Edward Jenner, Hiro & Tasaka, Von Behring, Shibasaburo Kitasato, Albert Calmette, Camille Guerin, Charles Nicolle, Vieusseux, Guy Henry Faget, Jules Bordet,  Octave Gengou, Michiaki Takahashi... those good ol' Yankees from Merica !

    Sooooo, basically you guys don't want any of that sweet, sweet AMERICAN created vaccine for the virus???  Because there's very high chance, it will be created in an AMERICAN lab using capitalistic means and methods.  Whatever........... basically the rest of the world has been sucking on the teet of the American people for so long and complaining, why change now, right???  🙂

  15. 1 hour ago, 1Ale82 said:

    I think one major problem for you guys in the states is that there is no public healthcare system.

    But yet, Europe have more cases and deaths than the USA which proactively closed it's borders.  Also, guess which country will come up with the vaccine first?  If history is to be our guide, it will be the USA... while the Europeans once again wait in line hand in hat saying "can we have some of that?" once the hard work has been done.

  16. 7 minutes ago, Emanuel said:

    Yeah, it had been posted in the previous page:

    The fact MANY celebrities, politicians have been infected in several countries practically at same time, never seen before at this extent, leads me to realize how severe this is and will be... unfortunately.

    Yeah, I think I heard that Rita and Tom says to watch their latest movie because it could be their last.  Darn you Virus!!!!!  First you cancelled basketball, make me stay home, take away my revenue stream.... NOW YOU ARE KILLING CELEBRITIES!!!!  When is this horror going to end????????  This is going to be worse than SARS/SWINE FLU/MAD COW DISEASE/EBOLA and that virus that caused the "walking dead" situation; COMBINED.

  17. Tom hanks and his wife has the virus now.  I hope he's going to be okay and not die soon. 


    Too bad so many people are going to be losing money on this virus "thing".  I hope we aren't over blowing it -- especially the media.  If the media is over blowing it, it would be the ultimate "clickbait"...  They are hyping it, and regular people are losing money, and opportunities.  Fun times (if that is the case; gosh, I hope Tom hanks -- a pillar of the acting community, "makes it ok" and does not die).

  18. 1 hour ago, hdx said:

    China has been fighting coronavirus for 4 months now. Given most of the governments in Europe or US are not going to take such radical steps (i.e. locking down whole cities) it won't go away that soon. Just be prepared for quarantine, staying at home, public places getting closed down etc. It's already happening in Europe.

    It will go away in two months unless our AMERICAN scientist are lying to us which I don't think they are.  We are not the Chinese, we are not the EU.  The USA is one of the most free and most open (with respect to ideas, innovation, etc.) societies.  We are basically the only nation with freedom of speech and when it matters, the USA as a society gets it right.  In any case, I'm going to say it now "everyone who is afraid of the virus is chicken little".  This is where I'm putting down my stakes.  Let's revisit this subject in a few months.  Also, I'm going to start buy stocks today.  I remember when the news media said that there was going to be an economic downturn when Trump got elected.  Those who sold, lost a lot of money.  This is the same situation -- it's all about politics at least for the USA.  There has been more people murdered  in Chicago (where I'm from) than killed by the virus.

  19. Within 2 months, people will forget about this like they did the ebola virus, swine flu, bird flu, etc.  In the USA, there's been IIRC 30 deaths out of millions of people.  I personally think it's politics.  We will know within 2 months because a lot of highly educated people who understands virus think that just like the flu, it will start to decrease when summer is upon us.  If not - that's fine.  I have a supply of rice, beans, and firearms.  Zombie apocalypse, here we come.

  20. 6 hours ago, IronFilm said:

    Those are still a very very small niche of the total number of commercial productions made. 

    You can't even buy an Alexa 65



    I wouldn't be surprised if the Arri LF wouldn't even exist if Arri could have launched their 4K S35 sensor first. Unfortunately that is taking them a lot of time, that was meant to come out this year, but has already been pushed back to next year. 

    True.  Full frame is niche compared to the total number of commercial productions made.  However, S35 is very popular.  But then, one has to sift through a lot of chaff, to get to the grain (look at the cream de la cream, and see what the DP's are using).  That being said, both format are larger than m43.

    It seems like Arri doesn't even care for the 4k s35 sensor any more since they keep delaying it and putting their resources in larger sensors. Oh, well.. fun times.  At this rate, it seems like in 5 years, I will probably be lusting after MF.  Darn it, GAS!!!

  21. 1 hour ago, BTM_Pix said:

    Only if @Andrew Reid pops in and ups the ante with some GFX100 MF trolling of the FF trolling ;) 


    MF?????  Don't give the Hollywood studio's any new ideas.  I'm still waiting for advance consumer/prosumer full frame cameras to catch up with the big boys.  I want to be on full frame for a while before the industry starts to make my mouth water towards even larger format cameras.......... and then we can start this debate all over again (but instead of m43, it will be full size vs MF :-)

  22. 12 hours ago, IronFilm said:

    So called "Full Frame" also is not used widely on multi million dollar plus productions. 



    I would like to preface everything I say in this thread by saying, "M43 is awesome.  It's the best thing ever.  Great movies have been created using this sensor size, and many more movies will be created using this sensor size.  If you have own/rented or even touched a M43, you obviously have touched greatness."  I.e., don't get butt hurt when other people have different opinions.  Don't bite my ear off :-) and make me regret posting in this thread instead of leaving sleeping dogs lie.


    Looks like the great "new hotness" is either the arri alexa 65 or the LF for big production.  


    Oh well, as we all know those hollywood people just like to waste money.  They could have just used a smaller m43 mount camera.  I laugh at them for their stupidity and their waste of money.

  23. 30 minutes ago, Video Hummus said:

    So glad we have some understanding!

    And you know...FF is awesome too!

    Lets hug it out and then make sure to wash our hands so we don’t get COVId-19.


    Thanks, but regarding the hug, I'm good.  I'm busy with other things right now.  hahahahahah

  24. 7 minutes ago, kye said:

    It's not personal..  for me it's about trying to reduce the myths that mislead people.  Like "MFT lenses are soft wide open" and "FF lenses are all sharp wide-open"

    There are MFT lenses with way more than 2K resolution wide open, and the P4K shoots RAW 4K so there's no limitation on the codecs either.  

    Bottom line, M43 systems are not widely used in million dollar plus productions where people are professionals and imho, "know what they are doing".  Obviously, there must be a reason.  It can't just be these professionals who get paid $$$$$$$$$$$ "just don't know that m43 is just as good as larger sensors". 

    Whatever the case, I leave that as an exercise for the user to figure out because obviously, I am wrong, and m43 is totally awesome, and I just don't understand 😜


    Have you tried to crop/zoom/pan 2k, soft images?????????????????????????????  Yes, apart from green screen, cropping, lens perspective, etc things that we discussed earlier.  M43 is fine.  Gosh darn, it seems like I have killed a sacred cow.



    Yes, M43 is awesome.  It's better than full frame.  Geeze people. My God... 🙂 you guys win.  hahahah.. crazy...

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