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  1. At such a price, it must be a loss leader, or at the very best, breaking even.... Getting filmmakers to move over to Resolve and into their system



    It's not a loss leader.  I stil think they are making good money off of it.  Blackmagic is smaller and more nimble compared to the bigger companies.  After all, I bet Blackmagic doesn't have to pay for the legions of field representitives, and other support staff that Canon and the other manufactors have.  I don't even think Blackmagic has a very big advertising budget as compared to the big guys. They are cutting their margins because they can.....  it's their competitive advantage compared to the big guys and blackmagic is exploiting it to the max.  After all, the hype of the 5d3 RAW will doubtlessly become less pronounced now...

  2. Dslr sales are falling because the main manufactors aren't giving a good reason for people to upgrade.  They are repacking the same tripe for the past few years.  If they want dslr sales to improve, they need to sell their "regular" dslr with the same quality as their cinema line.  They need to innovate -- add more features, etc.  Perhaps make their camera's even smaller, etc...


    In the audio/visual field, there are many manufactors who aren't losing sales.  For instance, you have gopro, you have blackmagic, etc.  Granted I agree with a lot of people -- we are at the point where the camera doesn't really matter for the film makers.  Movies and features can be made with almost any camera now.  HOWEVER, people do buy products that are "compelling".  Look at gopro.  How many people are actually going to go wingsuit flying.. OR motorcrossing?  OR swimming with sharks, etc...  However, these same people buy gopros by the boatload -- gopro's are "compelling".. they are the best at what they do at a price point where consumers will buy.


    The dslr manufactors better start introducing "compelling" products @ a price point where consumers will buy or else they will be left behind... actually, they are already starting to be left behind.

  3. I ordered a 5Diii this very week.... Partly because i wanted to test the raw hack, but also safe in the knowledge that is was a tip top DSLR that would hold it's value and be a professional tool for a long, long time.



    I was really excited about the 5D3's RAW, especially at the $3,000 mark.... but I cannot get over the fact that on the "DSLR" side -- the photo side, it is not IMHO at the top of the game (NIKON D800).  The sensor IMHO is a really old sensor.


    If it was the best in its market segment with respect to imaging, then I would have bought it a week ago.  But at this moment, there are just too many options in the horizons with much better workflow (I don't have after effects, I don't want to buy extra CF cards, I don't want to mess arround with alpha/beta firmware, etc -- I'm getting married in a couple of weeks :-). 


    Besides, a game changing camera seems to be coming out every other month.  Because of these reasons I will wait... but the camera is tempting even though I really don't like Canon as a company.

  4. A few things.

    Firstly, theres no way canon will discontinue the c300 and c500.

    Though you may not realize by reading blogs and forums, the c300 has been an incredible success. Second only to the alexa it is the most rented camera around. You could buy one strictly for renting, and pay it off in a few months.


    The issue is that Canon is not a RED or an Arri..    How many employees does Canon have?  How many does Red or Arri?  Canon has camera's being sold in Bestbuy after all... I don't see any RED's or Arri's.  Canon is a mass market manufacturer.  It is not a speciality shop.  Having stock holders, and thousands of employee's to support -- having a few hundred or even thousands of c300 or c500 sold to rental shops isn't going to pay the bills.  Obviously, if they want to "downsize" into an Arri or Red, than yes, what Canon is doing is making sense.  Right now, I have a feeling Canon is trying to "feel the market" and trying to market segment its video cameras.  Its not working because of 3rd party companies like BMC, panasonic with its gh3's, sony, etc.  Also, I think more players will get into the game.

  5. 5Dmk3 or 7Dmk2 in a C100 body sounds about right, an upgrade but not as good as a C100 - but then why would you buy it?


    Its hard to imagine what else they could do without shooting themselves in the foot.


    There's a small window to do something, whilst BMCC & Digital Bolex are dragging their feet, but what & we are talking about Canon!



    Canon trying to market segment, but 3rd party manufacturers aren't letting them.

  6. I'm just blown away that this technology even exists. This is something that should just be built into all small sensor cameras right? I mean, wouldn't it be great if the Black magic cinema camera just had something like this built into the camera? Just before the lens mount? Why not?



    I think for the mirrorless camera's the manufacturers wanted to keep things small.  They could have the metabones speed booster builtin, but then every lens would be big.  For example I have a gh2.  When I add my canon lenses on it, the combination gets big fast -- its not compact and "consumer friendly";  I think the manufactors miscalculated.  Take for example canon's current mirrorless cameras, a lot of people consider it as a "woman's camera" -- I think even canon thinks its a "woman's" camera; woman do not like to carry big cameras....  if this is so, why bother adding a "speed boster"?


    Heck, if I am reading things correctly, you could create a "low light monster" camera by adapting medium format (or even large format) lenses to a small sensor.  But then the lenses would be a lot bigger and more expensive.  I bet you there is a market for this... but the manufacturers don't know about it yet.

  7. [quote name='HurtinMinorKey' timestamp='1346264278' post='16862']
    This is what happens when a company gets too old. They have way too many products competing with each other at this point.

    The company has lost more than 20% of it's value since it released the 5d3.

    Canon may not know it, but they want to be the next Sony. Sony currently doesn't want to be Sony anymore and is trying hard to restructure. I think thats why we are starting to see better products from them. After all, they did have to layoff 10,000 employees.


    Give Canon a year. If they don't shape up, they will be in the same position sony is and perhaps then they will shape up -- if not, BMC, kinefinity, etc. will eat them alive... another japanes company down the tubes....
  8. [quote author=amband link=topic=880.msg6571#msg6571 date=1340789989]
    [quote]The size of the market Canon is pissing off with lacklustre DSLR video modes is sizeable.[/quote]

    LOL.  If that were true, they wouldn't do it

    Well, then explain "classic" coke versus "new" coke.  With millions of dollars in research, Coca-Cola decided it was in their best interest to change the recipe.  That didn't turn out well for them.  Or how about sony betamax?  How much money did sony pour into that?

    At the end of the day, companies can be stupid some times.  Canon is letting people play in its "video" playground (blackmagic, panasonic gh2, sony, etc.).  It could have been the king of the play ground, but it decided not too.  Now if canon isn't carefully, someone else is going to be king and kick canon out on its pompous butt :-)  Nobody can be king forever if they don't watch their back... canon is not watching it's back...
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