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    johnnymossville reacted to jgharding in 48p The Hobbit - British and American critics verdict   
    Grain, anamorphic bokeh, 24/25p, handheld camerawork. All these things actually help me to become involved in the film as a STORY. It's storytelling for God's sake!
    I don't read an adventure story to a child like I'd read a news article to my colleague. The latter requires formality and stark realism to present it with proper purpose, the former needs to be told a sense of wonder and otherworldliness in order to achieve the goal: magic!
    All these "unrealistic" artifacts that are part of film tradition serve the same purpose as dry ice lighting and music on a magician's stage: they take us out of the ordinary and into a place where we can almost believe the impossible may well be possible...
    People appear to be forgetting thousands of years of storytelling culture because of a slightly upgraded silicon chip.
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    johnnymossville reacted to tttulio in The new Leica M as a filmmaker's tool - an interview with Leica's Jesko von Oeynhausen   
    Oh yes, serious Photojournalists will enjoy the capacity to do video -as well- as stills if the quality is "good enough", by if the Leica M turns out to be a video beast, them many more people will flock to it.

    >>As impressive as the video might potentially be on the Leica M, I'm not sure what person would plunk down €6200 specifically to shoot video with it.
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    johnnymossville got a reaction from domonicwhite in Panasonic GH3 hands-on report   
    Thanks Andrew for doing this. Best insight into the GH3 I've seen so far. Sitting there on the table next to the 5DMIII it looks great! Hope they can fix the moire "problem", the GH2 handles moire very well.
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    johnnymossville reacted to Germy1979 in Canon 6D officially announced - a more compact and affordable 5D Mark III   
    Lens options man.... You can mount a pair of reading glasses on the gh2 with the proper corresponding adapter.
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    johnnymossville reacted to Germy1979 in The Panasonic GH3 is here   
    Stoked about 4:2:2 hdmi possibly, and a Log type PIcture style perhaps? I'm hearing no...

    On the other hand, I find it hilarious that the camera hasn't even been officially announced 24 hours, and there's already a cat video up.
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    johnnymossville reacted to sanveer in The Panasonic GH3 calls to explorers   
    After seeing the built and video quality (and features for sound), of the GH3, I am guessing, it will be noticeably more expensive. Maybe around US$ 2000, with the lens kit (or, maybe, a little under). That's just my guess. Also, because, This Time Around, Panasonic are gonna go All Out, to make sure it outsells (justifiably), all other DSLRs, that record HD Video.
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    johnnymossville reacted to Philip Bloom in The Panasonic GH3 calls to explorers   
    Why can't we all just have a big hug and get along? :)

    Anyway here we go: http://philipbloom.net/2012/09/15/genesis/

    Enjoy. Sweet camera! :wub:
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    johnnymossville reacted to Anil Rao in Zacuto Revenge Shootout 2012 Part 2 results revealed - Francis Ford Coppola and audience prefer the Panasonic GH2   
    I cannot stress it enough, we are in an age finally where only how you see something is what matters, and having the courage to go out there and make it happen, not what you use to see it on. The GH2 proves that, not just by being mentioned here, but for what I also, like Andrew, have fought long and hard to manifest in people who want to be filmmakers, it's your idea and nothing esle that must permeate everything you do. All these online forums and opinions, 99% of them only are intrested in specs and technical point scoring against each other, none of them are interested in using the toolset to define something else, the actual purpose of why they were made to begin with! If an audience can take a film shot on video to a $100m at the box-office, then that should be your wake up call, and if you hadn't woken up after that, then you never will. Keep pixel peeping. I'll just shoot :)
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