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  1. yes - but now thinking about the Sigma 50-100mm f/1.8 lens - and that adapter.. f/1.8 would suit me better in a low light conference setup.. for reach about 135/150mm I guess and still have clear image zoom if needed in a pinch right?
  2. bad news is those without fans but using external recorders are also reporting over heating without recording incamera.. so fans it is.. bunch of guys over in max's private a6300 facebook group (1300 users already) have already started hacking their a6300's with tiny fans.. first couple of guys are getting 1.5hrs straight no over heating ( they run out of battery and memory at about 1.5hrs ) when they attach tiny maglav fans like this ( sunon maglev GM0502PFV2-8, DC5V, 0.4W as shown) . user reports " it's actually surprisingly powerful, and runs directly from 2 AA batteries making the build easy. Maglev type, so it runs at least 6 hours with one pair and is very silent. " next up are the battery hackers - one user using vlock got 2.7hrs before he got bored.. another has built a grip like out of a couple of phone battery packs and feeding the usb.. i think he is still going lol -> so, ext recorders, tiny silent fans and usb charger battery hacks it is also for headphones for those who are asking, has anyone got any ideas about this http://aspenmics.com/collections/all/products/cell-phone-lavalier-adapter - will it work ? anyone got one to test for those who like recording onboard ? personally i use ext sound recorders but for those who want to use onboard might find this handy ( aspens sales spill - aspens spelling errors! lol ) This adapter is to be used with our AspenMics HQ-S Stereo LavalierMicrophones Turns 3.5mm audio output port into one 3.5mm headphone jack and one 3.5mm microphone port This product has only been tested and used on our AspenMics HQ-S Stereo Lavalier Microphone Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch The adpater may not work on some laptops and mobile devices due to hardware incompatiblity and is not a limitation of the product.)
  3. yeah I'll second that ! been looking at https://vimeo.com/user803551/videos dl'd a few did my lut's in fcpx - looking NICE AS. I've spent the last five years shooting with RX100mk1, a 550 and a eos-m mk1 on my doco here in china.. finished shooting that now, this year I'll be doing a few conferences around the world so I'm thinking of getting two of these - one with a wide and one with a Sony E PZ 18-105mm f/4 G OSS for close ups of the speaker.. i wonder how this would go?
  4. from max : Yup. If it's one clip your talking about in particular or the most it was shot with 85mm 1.4 Gmaster which is equivalent to about 130mm so hand holding that focal length without optical stabilization is not good smile emoticon I shouldn't have used the clip but was in too much of a rush to chage it. Copied from video description: This is a rushed video made for a competition. Video could be no longer than 2 min and I finished it 3min before the turn in cutoff. No color grading or correction done, straight out of camera. And a lot of thing I would change if given just 15 more min, but still want to share with you. All this video was shot with fully auto focus with a few shots using the focus hold to keep the focus on a subject like the bars. The footage of the wakeboarding was mainly shot on a 70-200 F4 at 200mm F4 (so 300mm with the a6300) and the shutter was cranked way too high as we wern't provided ND. Most if not all were standard picture profile (off) maybe 1 or 2 Cine 2 but not sure. Overall very impressed with the video AF tracking. Even though it doesn't look like the subject is far, they are actually really far and coming a far distance to me. I'll have a separate video testing the autofucus this was just a quick video for the competition. Didn't have access to timelapse app for this camera and it would not install for those who had it, so time-lapse was just 4kvideo sped up.
  5. yeah good on ya!... now that asshat will learn some lols.. i dont believe anyone unless they have the camera in their hands then show the darn thing off as you would !
  6. http://www.xdcam-user.com/2014/03/understanding-sonys-slog3-it-isnt-really-noisy/
  7. take another look at how the JVC super35 chip in a m4/3 mount actually works -
  8. HI Jimmy, just wondering what your thoughts on the new Black Magic drone camera are ? https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/blackmagicmicrocinemacamera/expansion peeps are saying stuff like "I think some of the big points for us are: Global Shutter, RC control - including lens functions, Compact package, Interchangeable lenses - not a GoPro or DJI style camera Expansion interface which the controller can interact with, and they will publish the specifications. Speculation on my part is it looks like it could be balanced aerodynamically as well the weight distribution. " and talk about " S.Bus and PWM pins on the expansion port let you set up remote or wired camera controls for total flexibility so you can build a setup that allows you to control everything from exposure to focus and even zoom from a remote location. A stabilized drone camera with a remotely controlled zoom lens on it? " - so I'm just wondering what your thoughts are on this one.. I'm sure the next version will have 2.2k/2.7k/4k for sure cheers Tony. ​
  9. I've been playing with a couple of 1min h.265 clips downloaded from a friend who has a NX1. these 1min h.265 4k clips take 20mins to convert to prores LT on my 4yr old macbook pro 17" 8gb ram. upgrading to a newer macbook will happen when apple release a haswell chip version... so still waiting for that. i shoot 3x cam, multicam interviews, which normally run about 15-20mins.. so thats 20mins x 3 which means about 24hours of just converting before i can start editing.. plus at least another 30mins of footage of b-roll.. example here of what i do http://youtu.be/w9iG_FuUtZI --SO... I'd love samsung to give us the ability to export to prores from within the camera, using the internal hardware chips. so during transfer to the pc/mac we could have a option to export prores or h.264 files down the usb.. so the converting is done inside the camera using its special fast h.265 chip.. and then we can download the h.265 as a backup to our HD later. If samsung can do this, then I will grab three of these NX500 cameras.. if not, i cannot wait 24hours before i even start editing.. and keep on looking for other 4k cameras for my needs. Thanks, Tony.
  10. what a pita.. i'm working on a doco in China ( pal ) and from Australia ( pal also ) - my multicam interviews rarely go over 20-25mins however i do get the odd corporate event that i'm obliged to shoot also.. so that means running about hitting start/stop of different cams, start one five mins after the first so that gives me five mins to walk over to the other cams etc.. pita i tells ya!.. vity needs a hack out asap haha :) - and yes you can say go grab a camcorder but wheres the fun in that ?!
  11. none of the reviewers hands on has answered two very simple but important questions i feel i would want to know -1. whats the internal battery run time when shooting video - 2. whats the actual recording time limit, 29.59 minutes or non-stop until the battery or card runs out ? - thank you
  12. guess its time to update your story :) '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> sweet eh ?.. wonder how this changes peoples minds now?
  13. yeah and the other 40+ 4K imaging devices due on the market this year..
  14. http://www.blackmagicdesign.com/press/pressdetails?releaseID=58775 yup - this changes everything :)
  15. rx10 from page 3 video samples v's rooftops on the a7, same bloke i think shooting this one also - making the rx10 look bloody good in this regard.. fine detail is a different story though.. wheres the real video samples showing what this thing can really do inteh right hands ? someone / anyone ?? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oh3dKWglaXQ&feature=share&list=UUTTbWzYZZ-xxQecXddaqQ1w now how good does the RX10 look eh ?... perfect for interviews me thinks.. :P
  16. I bet you can’t zoom in, focus, and then pull out the way you can with real cine zooms... maybe on the wish list for very few of us, but we can dream on can't we?! I know Cine zooms are designed so that focus tracks during a focal length change, and still zooms don't, but if SONY was really serious about this being a video cam, couldn't they of at least teased us a little haha.. most of my work is talking head interviews, so I will be adding this RX10 to my kit, maybe two if it works well enough.. at the moment I'm using RX100 ( org) and my old canon 550d and a borrowed black gopro3 for wide group shots.. but getting them to grade together is a total pain in the .... see my example here http://youtu.be/FSIRo8StYiM so my idea is to replace the 550d with a RX10 and get nice clean CU shots without the f-stop changing :) sweetness.
  17. I've been using the 550d ML for daily interviews and the 3seconds lost footage as the video spans is very annoying. however most of my interviews are going for over 45mins so 3seconds lost video every 12mins is grr. question is - after 29mins what happens here? does it span ? is there lost seconds? and how long does the battery last while recording video ? my budget is extremely very low/non-existant! - I've been in China now for three months shooting this self funded documentary on my own coins and have not earned a cent this year at all - so every coin saved helps these days, lucky its very cheap to live here :) having said that - the 3second drop out on the 550d with ML is enough me to make me grab a second camera and start it a few mins later and use two cameras to shoot the interviews so when one drops out the other will be still going.. this will work for me. This is what I'm shooting - China's 45 second nano-technology & laser light whole body out-patient cancer cure. https://vimeo.com/46583888 - I've already started posting my footage up online which is helping cancer patients make the huge decision to come to china for treatment and not do chemo or radio as their first option. Thank you, Tony.
  18. [quote name='EOSHD' timestamp='1341924306' post='13675'] Really? Shows 6, now 7 for me. Try clearing your browser cache... [/quote] Sorry, i ment there was 8 comments notice before
  19. And i still only see four replys not inc ours lol :).
  20. [quote author=jcs link=topic=611.msg4413#msg4413 date=1334899678] [quote author=Sara link=topic=611.msg4406#msg4406 date=1334891961] Opinions will differ on skin tone I guess, but to me those are good for a Canon 5D but still waxy / videoish / and very cheap looking.  I watched them on an Eizo ColorEdge CG245W. [/quote] How do we simulate plastic in CG- we make sure there is no sub-surface scattering, don't render fine detail, and use a simple Phong model for specular highlights. Rendering realistic skin requires modeling sub-surface scattering and a sophisticated energy-accurate specular model. Note that the BMD model example is wearing significant makeup- not a rendering of skin but rendering make up on skin (oil and sub-surface scattering are hidden). The hands, with no make up have a video look: low detail, bloomed specular in thumb creases (even though not blown out completely). Looking at the cuticles, there appears to be a biotin (B7) and B12 deficiency. [/quote] And don't forget the lighting type used can make a huge difference on skin tone renders, which is why I love the HMIs magical sub-skin scatter rendering ! ... And I think I have finally found a led lighting type I think I want http://provideocoalition.com/index.php/aadams/story/led_light_tests_flesh_tone_and_color_comparison_shootout/P1/ HMIs aren't portable enough for the project I've got coming up.. So these just might be the ticket.
  21. To be fair the look we are seeing here is entirely in the hands of who ever grades it now, including sharpness as RAW is totally flat and unsharp just like our RAW red and Alexa footage... Who cannot see someone's film like this and have a comment anymore.. It's all about weather the grader was good, the lighting tech was good, etc etc... All that comes into play now :) All your doing here is commenting on this guys grading skills now lol.. And commenting on sharpness is pointless, too much sharpness and the model will hate you forever ! Sharpness is part of the grading process so you can choose how soft or sharp you want the scene to be.. Now It's all totally upto the grader...true ?
  22. Now I'm wondering who will be the first to hardware mod this baby? Hacksaw off the tube, and bolt on a 3rd party m4/3 lense mount..I can see some enterprising dude make a nice niche for himself right here until BMv2 comes out in a year or two with a m4/3 mount as standard... So who's good with a hacksaw?
  23. Does the red REC button on the front blink when recording? I hope it does :)
  24. [quote author=JanLivingston link=topic=600.msg4254#msg4254 date=1334769831] [quote author=Andrew Reid - EOSHD link=topic=600.msg4243#msg4243 date=1334760423] "The AGAF100 is not selling well and they decided to delete the new AG AF camera release. The main reason is that they now will prefer to focus on Super35mm."[/quote] I would have to say that your source obviously has no clue as to the reality then.  As the AF100 is selling as well as its competitor and there are no plans to take it off the market. ... Best, Jan [/quote] Jan, sorry but it's not selling at all in the company stores that I just finished up working for in Australia. - everything else is moving off the shelves apart from the lonely AF100s.. This is the case in our Australian stores anyhow.. Did you read http://www.filmmakermagazine.com/news/2012/04/panasonic-not-so-in-to-large-sensor-cameras/ Look I really like the Panasonic gear, I was personally hoping for some news though.. As it is I'm about to head over to china to start filming for the next 3-6 months on a feature length doco on the 8-day cancer treatment, I was just about to personally buy 3 rigs.. Guessing my choices right now is nothing.. So it's 3x gh2 only because of the hacks and I'll pre-order three black magic cameras later on today for that project. I was hoping for 3x af'X'00 but nothing from panasonic - no road maps, nothing. This is self funded because I need to get the knowledge of the new cancer treatment out to the world, but self funded means no funds for real P2 cameras...
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