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  1. The 7d can't be hacked as the firmware is encrypted or something like that - but the 5dmk2 and 550/600 and 60d can be firmware hacked. i only brought the 550d to play with the hack - same go's for the gh2 which I'm looking at buying a couple to use on a feature film, only because of the hacks available for the gh2. The hack + 5dmk2 has more features purely for us video guys then the 5dmk3 has at standard. If the 5dmk3 can be hacked then i'll be buying a couple of those instead of the gh2's :) ( and only if i see some good side by side tests with the d800 v 5dmk3 v gh2 hacks ) From what i have seen so far the gh2's hacked are still better video cameras then the 5dmk3 and the d800s ! btw a new video clip test is up [url=http://vimeo.com/37998367]EOS 5D Mark II BETA[/url]    ( new daylight tests of the 5dmk3 v 5dmk2 by the same japanese shooter ) checked it out on a macbook pro 17" screen and my hdmi connected flat panel tv screen also, to my eyes the 5dmk3 looks just as good as the 5dmk2 - a bit less sharper/detailed perhaps but thats splitting hairs  - the moire of the building however looks better on the 5dmk3 to me.. less dancing pixels.. but from tests of the gh2 vs 5dmk2 the gh2 looks way better then the 5dmk2.. so... i can get four x gh2 for the same price as one d800, so a couple of gh2s is still looking like my best bet for the next few months until the gh3 comes out in sept 2012.. two $25 adapters and I'm rocking with all my canon n nikon glass!.. [quote author=tungah link=topic=360.msg2221#msg2221 date=1330907285] Excuse me for my noob question, but what do you guys mean by "hackable"? I hear people talking about it and hoping Canon "leaves" the camera to be hacked. What does that mean? Does it mean that Canon might encrypt the firmware or not on purpose? Why would they leave it easy for people to hack if they are, for whatever reason, apparently capping features like clean HDMI out or 1080@60fps? I don't get it. I mean, can we seriously expect a hack for the 5D3 even though the 7D never got hacked? If Canon was successful in maintaining the 7D unhacked for so long, why don't they just do the same wizardry again? What am I missing in my line of thought? Can anyone please kindly explain this to me? Thanks. [/quote]
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