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Iscorama rehousing plans


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Hi Guys.


I'm actually in the process of designing the mechanical focusing section for OLIVIA-SCOPE-1.5x since current glass prototype is fixed at infinity in order to get the cylindrial section perfect before moving onto the simple and easy spherical focusing optics.


One thing I do know is that the amount of focus throw, and spacing of elements is going to be very similar to the optic spacing in the Iscorama, from 4ft to infinity (around 10mm), so I am currently designing the mechanism to shift the huge front focus element back and fourth.


Here's the cool thing...  I'm going to be manufacturing the focusing mech as a scaled down prototype to test its function, before making something that costs around £250 worth of brass alone for the full size unit.  I'll be designing the miniature mock up to fit the current elements from the Iscorama 36 and pre 36 (since I have one here).  


So there may be the possibility of offering a limited run of isco 're mechanising' to existing Iscorama users who are not willing to leave the 'rama platform and it's compactness and low weight.  


So, the focusing mech/rehousing will provide 3.5ft-inf focus, with hard stops at each end.  non rotating front element, with a profile 82mm filter thread, minimal added weight, focus gearing (where gears dont rack back and fourth during focusing),  the rear element willremain protruding to allow for deep seating into the front recess of a taking lens, and probably have some type of rail support.  Pretty much everything the original Van Diemen rehousing should have been.


When it comes to manufacturing, I'll likely have a few mechs made.  it'll be a one off run at this size, and am expecting the cost of the mechanism as well as rehousing of a supplied iscorama to be in the region of £500-800.  So if there are Iscorama 36 / pre 36 users who might be interested please let me know so i can hit you up at time of manufacture and see if you want me to have some parts manufactured.





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I would be VERY interested in your design with the above specs and estimated price range. I have an Iscorama 36 waiting for your 're mechanising'. Along a similar line of inquiry, a while back, Tony, Redstan, aired the idea of using anamorphic elements from an Iscomorphot S8 2X possibly with the focusing elements of an Iscorama. Do you recall that thread, and have any insight into the possibility? For example, if I have an Iscorama 36 with a damaged rear element, could anamorphic elements from the Iscomorphot S8/2X be used as a replacement? Would it be possible to get infinity focus? As is, the Iscomorphot S8/2X is great for portraits, but will not focus to infinity. Would this be worth considering with the prototype that you are designing? 

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