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NX1 grading


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Hi there!

I have some questions regarding grading the NX1:

  • Has anyone seen any huge differences between colorspace settings 0-255 or 16-235 in the workflow for color grading?
  • What is mostly used by you guys? 
  • Does anyone tweak the Master Black Level at all? If so, when?

Thanks in advance!

Best regards,

Fansu from Sweden

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I think if you use editready they ask you do 16-235 - check their webpage 

the master blacks I keep the same.

I haven't tested it much yet but shooting in Gamma DR seems to be the best - then I usually turn sharpness to minus 15 and contrast I turn down a few notches - with saturation - I keep normal.

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I use 0-255 and MBL 0 (defaults) with DR gamma, sharpness -10 (lowest), and contrast -5 (anything lower or higher can cause artifacts). Keeping at 0-255 and MBL 0 makes sure you use the entire range of the (tiny) 8 bit range. As I see, the only reason to use 16-235 is when you plan to hand off the footage directly without post processing. Check out my thread NX1 Dynamic Range Settings that has more on this.

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Yesterday I was fiddling a bit more with the settings, I now have Saturation -1, Contrast -5, Sharpness -10, Gama DR, MBL +10. Im gonna do some extensive testing on settings/lut/grading and then ill share with you guys.

fiddling around with master pedestal will definitely give you banding and crappy skintones (less midtone information).

Setting Master Pedestal to anything higher than 0 won't give you more dynamic range but it won't use the full 8 bit codec anymore.

0-255 will use the full codec, 16-235 won't.

The settings mentioned by @Sekhar are already the best you can get for most situations. ;-)

I would even recommend using a higher saturation value such as +2. It still won't be oversaturated but you will have much more information to work with in post production ;-)

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