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The Rectilux 3FF-W // Comparison of Kowa Bell & Howell and the Schneider ES Cinelux

Zak Forsman

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Here is The Rectilux 3FF-W with a 25mm from SLR Magic at T/2.8 on a GH4. I'm prepping for another feature in the next couple months and wanted to start making direct comparisons between the Kowa Bell & Howell and the Schneider ES Cinelux. First, I wanted to see CUs of an actor as well as some focus pulls. 





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Great stuff Zak. The Kowa is really shining with this combination.

The focus pulls in the close up video look a bit weird. Kinda like the squeeze factor is changing, depending on the focus distance (this is the case with some anamorphic lenses, right?) - or is it just focus breathing? In the outdoor shots I didn't really notice it.

What apertures were you using in the outdoor shots? T2.8?

Would love to see some shots at T0.95 or T1.4, not very practical I know, but I love the look of Killing them Softly!

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as you know, going to a T/.95, it will introduce some softness and purple fringing (this is true for the Sigma Art & SLR Magic taking lenses I have) so i typically stay at a T/2 or smaller aperture. in a low contrast scene where fringing might be less noticeable, those wide open apertures could work though. And of course, there are ways to remove purple fringing in post.

and yeah, the breathing is very much like how anamorphic lens from the 1970s would breath. for example, here's an example of how Lomos breath on focus pulls. the apparent change in "squeeze factor" is what is referred to as "anamorphic mumps". 



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Thank you for sharing your tests and comparisions Zak! Very intresting. I also watched your footage with the SLR Rangefinder and I think the Rectilux looks better in terms of image quality and sharpness. I don't like the blueish haze and softness (?) on the Rectilux but maybe it is too early to judge? Would be great to have a final verdict from you on both - of course after intense testing and playing around. :d

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