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Workflow headache /Software !

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Hi everyone,


I've always used Vegas for video editing, its light, easy, fast and responsive, it works great (+ stabilization is fast and works great usually)! Previously I used to color correct in Lightroom, export the footage and then import and start editing in Vegas, but lately i've been trying Luts, and found some that I really love. Problem is, cant use Luts in vegas (or am I missing something ?), I tried searching for plugins, utilities, everything and cant find a single thing.

So the alternative seems to be to switch to premiere, I've been trying CC, but its painfully slow and makes the whole editing process such a headache.


So, is there any stand alone app that I can use for color grading alone (like Lightroom), or anyway I can use Vegas for editing/something else coloring ? As a last resort I can switch to another editing software if it justifies, but needs to be light and responsive.

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​Is this an all edit software, or color grading only ?


You can edit in it also. It's pretty decent but the version 12 update this summer looks to be enough for me to abandon Adobe for a while.

I have done a few edits from start to finish within resolve 11 and was pleased with it.

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I'm looking for something to do LUTs in too.

I saw that PowerDirector has a standalone application called ColorDirector.

Kind of think it'd be nice if I could apply a LUT to all of my day's clips in a batch process overnight and be able to look at the LUT version as my starting point.

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Guest Ebrahim Saadawi

If you're on Vegas Pro 13, VisionColour has a Vegas plug in that gives LUT capability. It's free. Doesn't work on Vegas Pro 12/11/10 etc

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