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***44mbps vs 88mbps vs SEAQUAKE Video Comparison?


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The problem with Andrew going through with such a test is that there are THOUSANDS of variables. 

Should he test motion?  Should he test dynamic range?  Should he test for shadow detail or highlight detail?  Should he use a macro lens to test for resolution?  (and then he would have to test all the macro lenses available since they all behave differently with different hacks) Should he test on different memory cards for spanning and clip length?  Should he test for color depth and color accuracy?  Should he test for skin tone by hiring a half dozen actors / actresses? 

Get my point?  Andrew could spend MONTHS prepping and shooting a test only to have it 100% worthless once a new patch or tweak to existing patch comes out.

For example, look at what happened to the 2011 Zacuto DSLR / Big Sensor video shootout.  The test is less than six months old and is nearly completely worthless.  Both the Red and Alexa have had huge upgrades to firmware boosting and changing picture quality.  The GH2 wasn't included in the test (but obviously hacked ones should have).  The Canon DSLRS now get a slight boost in picture quality from the Magic Lantern hacks.  And new cameras - Red Scarlet and Canon C300 and Nikon D4 - are out and were not included in the test.

The best way to see what hacks you like is simple.

Find out what you shoot the most.  Load the hacks onto SD memory cards.  Loading them onto your GH2 between takes.  Go out and shoot those subjects - come home and look at the footage.  That way you are using YOUR subjects, your lighting, your memory cards, your camera, and your lenses.
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I know what you mean, but detail of what?  detail with what lens?  detail for how long?  detail in what lighting conditions? 

IMO Seaquake is probably the best for detail using Leica M lenses (I rent from lensrentals.com) under controlled lighting conditions for short periods of time.  Quantum V7 is close however and Driftwood is tweaking it as we speak to make it one of the best "all around" patches available.

Have you tried Seaquake or some of Andrews hacks?
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If you're looking for best compromise, the 76 Mbit patch works very well.  But I use the seaquake patch too, and although it's only 40 min on 32GB cards, it spans and works well on class 10 cards.  Still some compression, but very close to the 176 Mbit or higher hacks.  Very reliable, I use it on all my paid jobs now. 
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Have you tried it?


Why don't you try it first?
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