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Lighting Help Please


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I am building a studio for my work so that we can bring our video work in-house. I have everything else already set and picked out, but I am not sure what to use as far as lighting goes. The building we are putting the studio in is older so I am thinking of getting LEDs for the less power need. I also need to takes the lights on the road when we shoot clients. Does anyone have a good suggestion for a kit or a set of lights for about $2k.



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Outfitting a studio for lighting can be involved.  Things to consider are square footage, power, lighting grid design, grid height, power distro, grid grip hardware and fixtures.  There are companies that will look at your space and do all of the design and construction work.  Also, some lighting manufacturers will give estimates and make overhead diagrams for free (featuring their fixtures, of course).


If one is beginning in lighting, start small and get a kit with one or two focusable lights (Fresnel or open-faced), a flood light and a soft box.  If more gear is needed for a specific job, rent more gear and see what works.  Then, when one has a better idea of what is needed, one can start getting more lights and grip equipment.


Another good approach for a beginner is to hire an experienced gaffer (ideally one who is also a DP) for the first jobs.   He/she will spec what is needed for the shoot, and one will get to see the equipment in action, utilized and deployed in an optimal and professional manner.

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For low cost that works very good i am using two of this LED light.

They are built cheep but i have used them on location 3 times now with no problems and i love the remote that can turn them on and off and up and down in power. They include the battery's that work well to have never run them out yet. They are thin plastic but if you pack them good i use a hard case or in studio that would be no problem. They make a wide view version to i will get one of them next. I got the two tighter beam ones to start with as it gives you more light output in that tighter area good for interviews and the more you go back the wider it gets.

They are CR195+ white and using them i have had no WB problems with them i have lit up a good sizes gym with two of them and did 3 light interviews with the two and one smaller matching one as a hair light i have as well that can also be used on camera.

They can be plugged in with included wire and run that way and it charges up the battery at the same time. They put out a lot of white light not yellow and no flickering just not in a pro quality housing.


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