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A7s file number keeps resetting


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I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on this a7s quirk.

I recently discovered that my a7s seems to reset the file numbers to begin C00001 each time I format or insert a new card, premier seems to not mind having multiple files called the same thing but it's making alarm bells ring in my editors brain and I can see conflicts down the road once my drives are filled with identically numbered files. I have it set to series in the camera menu which I thought was right, this doesn't seem to be a problem with stills which seem to behave as expected, increasing incrementally across card changes and formatting. Am I missing something or is this just a very strange sony flaw?

hope someone can help

Many thanks paul

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The A7s appears to be somewhat different in that is uses some sort of database system for storing files. When you format the card you wipe out the database so it re-creates it and everything starts over.  For a single card just delete the files off instead of formatting, not sure what to do about multiple cards though. I agree that this was a odd choice by Sony.

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Thanks guys, good to know I'm not doing anything wrong, I'll try just deleting the clips. Is there a way to delete all the clips or do you have to do it one by one?

It seems like a major flaw to me, I'm surprised there is little mention of this on line, oh well I suppose if premier doesn't seem bothered I shouldn't either. I'm guessing the XML side car files recorded with the clips must act as identifiers for premier then, it can't be going by file names alone or all hell would have broken loose by now.

very strange choice as stills don't seem to suffer the same problem.

once again many thanks



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I always copy the files into a folder with a descriptive name and date, then I wrote a simple python script that goes through all folders and renames the clips with the folder name + the original name of the clip. This has worked well enough for having unique names and takes very little time. As for deleting them all, just delete them all at once from the folder on a computer.

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