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Canon 5Ds press release makes no mention of video – has it been dropped from flagship DSLR?

Andrew Reid

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This is a smart move by Canon for a number of reasons.  Just a few short years ago CaNikon had just two FF cameras, the 1dx for sports and the 5d3 for everything else (Nikon had the D4 and D800). With a shrinking market and more competition, the one-size-fits-all approach isn't going to keep revenue from declining. So they've wisely tried to capture more of the market and fill niches by releasing multiple iterations of the same body and these are the first.  The MP junkies and the "I don't care about video" old farts that won't stop bitching about new framerates, mic jacks and so on - now have the 5ds/r.  The strange thing is two models, Nikon dropped the D800/e thing awhile back - presumably because the "e" was obliterating the regular D800 with the low pass filter.

Unfortunately for video shooters, the stills focused models were released first.  Though that's not a surprise as 5d3 still looks like its still selling really well.  Also, I wonder how good/bad video coming off a 50mp sensor looks once its smashed to 1080p or even 4k?  Canon definitely doesn't have the ability to produce processors like what Samsung crammed into the NX1, it may be the case that they kept it basic to avoid getting bashed for poor quality video on a camera that's not targeting video shooters in the first place.

There's no compelling reason to consider a A7r or a D810 if you're invested in Canon glass.  Some that switched will come back.  No need to go with a slow focusing and clunky medium format system with 50mp.  Again, smart move by Canon.

I love my A7s, but I still love shooting with the 5d3 too.  I'm looking forward to the video focused DSLR's.  NAB is coming...

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