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Full Frame VS Crop Sensor Anamorphic


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Does a full frame camera and a crop sensor camera (3x for Pocket Cam lets say) effect the vertically stretched bokeh when using an anamorphic adapter? I know full frame will have way shallower DOF, but assuming you're getting some nice bokeh on both, does the nature of a 3x crop sensor reduce oval bokeh?

Also, you often have to stop down with anamorphic adapters to get a sharper image, but do the effects of a crop sensor vs full frame sensor effect this? If on a full frame cam you're shooting at f2.8, then on a m43 camera with an equivalent lens you're effectively at f5.6 already. Do you notice having to stop down as much on crop sensor cameras when using an anamorphic adapter?

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Ultimately it's easiest to get sharp results from smaller sensors since it's less stressful on the optics.  The bigger the sensor, the better the optics need to be in order to cover it successfully with less aberrations etc.


Assuming your budget allows an iscorama 36, then full frame will give you a more powerful setup since the 'rama can deliver sharp results on full frame and with big apertures.

a full frame sensor + 85mm + iscorama36 set at f2 will be nearly impossible to match in terms of fov and dof ratio.

to get a similar look on the pocket cam you'll need a 30mm f/0.7 - f/1.0 + iscorama36.  



Sensor size won;t determine the amount of oval defocus distortion, but since you;re using a wider lens for the same fov you'll need very very fast lenses to get the same shallowness of dof.  Without the shallowness of dof, the oval defocus wont be as obvious.



unfortunately very few anamorphic lenses can actually deliver on full frame sensors, so using smaller sensors can often be an advantage.

APS-C sensors are probably the sweet spot since a 58mm helios 44 and iscorama is having it's best portion of the optical path being used while the focal length of 58mm dictates a nice shallowness to the dof, while coming close to the limitation of the iscorama36.  you can get to around 35mm, but will need a fast 35mm that is also sharp to match the cheap 58mm f2 helios44.








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