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Revenge of the Great Zacuto Shootout Part 1 - Review

Andrew Reid

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Nice detailed thoughts Matt. I too liked H - it has the most film-like colour. The final scene 'I' was just dull, if that is the GH2 then the colourist did not handle it well... I know it can do better than that! The window frame looked TERRIBLE in that shot. B - yes agree it was a bit artificial but it stands out. I know Colt used a lot of fill lighting for the GH2 and I know many people chose the GH2 as their favourite in the screenings, so in my opinion the GH2 is most likely to be B.

The 7D stands out like a saw thumb... hardly any pop in details, but plenty of moire. Sell that crap and get a GH2. Its time has passed! Wish it wasn't so.

Heard the C300 had a greenish tint (E? Look at the yellow marbles on the table in the pot) and Epic had yellow tint in highlights (C?). But again these are not my own observations so much as audience ones from the screenings.

A shame our screen calibration all differs and that we've got such a compressed stream on Vimeo.
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Thanks Andrew, ya I agree with your assessments. I waited three years for the 5dmkII, love it, use it a ton for photography and am very pleased. Video obviously created a spark and stir and got things rolling. I am disappointed with how Canon has raised the price and lowered sharpness on the 5dmkIII - so I pre-ordered a Black Magic!

Again, this coming from a guy who said FF was the bomb and all you GH1-2 and small form-sensor people take a hike. Now I have bought a camera with a smaller sensor than GH2! Maybe what changed my mind was pulling focus for a 48 hour short on the 5dmkII  :D

Sharpness on the GH2 holds up right along any cinema camera, hoping the Black Magic will too. Wish the Canon's were sharper, Act of Valor was awesome, looked great, but it was soft enough in some parts to make my eyes strained (no joke).

Again, each tool for its purpose - with the Black Magic I'll have a B cam that can go super wide. Anyway, sorry to get off topic.
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[quote author=evil_thought2 link=topic=853.msg6331#msg6331 date=1340229645]
So now we have this

D: Iphone
G: 7D
B: GH2
H: F65
F: Alexa (very likely)

It's highly  likely that the above list is correct. We just have to sort the remaining. Many people who watched the screening didn't like C300. That leaves I for C300

Epic is probably E (light reflection on the girl hair on Sofa) ? A and C then are F3 and FS100 -- not sure which is which

Ya, probably. If "I" is C300 - which it may be - than at least in this final composition, I'd choose B over it even knowing that B is GH2 with more lighting. After watching the clips through once really quick, I told myself that "I" was my least favorite - even seeing how soft D and G were. I can't say why, "I" was just the least.

Upon in depth inspection, I put "D" last and "G" right there with it and then "I". I'm still surprised at how bad "G" is. Ok, look at it as a whole and it has a decent 'filmic' look if you glance quickly. But as soon as you stare at it, you see blown highlights, moire and a very soft image (softer than the iphone ???)
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[quote author=evil_thought2 link=topic=853.msg6336#msg6336 date=1340233874]
See this comment from someone who watched the screening:


[quote]SONY F65: Looked good, in fact was my number one choice. On further viewings I did see a slight magenta tinge to the post corrected version. This may have been a result of trying to fix the color balance on the skin tones.[/quote]

That's the third person who mentioned the "magenta tinge"

I think it's pretty certain H is F65 ..

Good find. Remember, the F65 was the only one where the company had another colorist do the post work, so that colorist would have a different style anyway. If it is the F65, then props to it, my eye just wants to see more of it - even though at first I was startled by the color shift difference.

And finally, if that is the F65 - with no change to light - than my goodness, that camera has some power man  8)

For certain, "G" is 7D, "D" is iphone and "B" is GH2. I stand behind that. My gut says "H" F65 and "F" Alexa.
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