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How do you stabilize many clips?


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I have thousands of jittering video clips shooted with problem lens Pana 14-140 v2. I would like to stabilize those all.


What are my options other than sit many days with my computer and confirming and adjusting every clip with an editor or stab program.


I have tried Mercalli V3 batch stabilization but it only uses automatic settings and crops way too much with auto settings.

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Now I have tested the demo version of new Mercalli v4. It has good improvements. I can now stabilize many clips with assigning the same settings to all files. There is still not a possibility to save settings. I can now get rid of that micro vibration easily with lots of files.
The luminance shift GH3/4 0-255 to 16-235 is corrected (hurray). It is funny because when I asked them earlier about it (v3) they said that the issue not exists but they have now corrected it silently.
Rendering is still about the same than earlier and the bitrate goes easily very high with complex 4k scene.
There are some new features like NR/sharpening and clip combining. There are also new stab features with very slow analysing but those are optional. I can not say much about stab IQ, I just started using it.
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I have tested now the auto batch setting and few own settings. It is time consuming to tweak so that my bad lens OIS (Pana 14-140mm v2) vibration goes away but it still crops as little as possible. I have used something like 35/35& pan and roll and 100% best stabilation but it is not very good still yet. Auto works fine but crops a bit too much. Advanced CMOS settings are so slow that I have not used those yet.
Own settings with batch are slow because I must first let the Mercalli analyze all the clips and then assign the own setting to all clips. So there is two long waiting time.
Very frustrating to mess with stab programs. I just watched my friends Nikon V1 handheld videos and those were very stable and no need for post stab. 
The new Mercalli v4 still stabilizes GH4 videos nicely and without converting levels from 0-255 to 16-235 like the previous version v3. I found when I watched my same Gh4 0-255 nature videos stabilized by v3 and v4 the difference is quite big. When 255 levels are converted to 220 levels there seems to be some leveling and compressing of subtle color tones. The V4 0-255 stabilized result is more "photo like" quality and the fine color nyances of nature (greens in grass or reds of autumn) are preserved better.
I think the case is the same when shooting 0-255 vs 16-235. If the end product is 16-235 we loose the benefit.
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