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Regreasing Iscorama


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I have an Iscorama which needs regreasing.  Focus ring is pretty stiff and is sticking a bit at one point.

I am currently located in Paris, France, so looking for help in the EU.  Trying to avoid Van Diemen and TLS as quite expensive.  Any other suggestions?

Also noticed there was a mod for close focus mentioned on this forum, but wondered if anyone had photos?




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I had a similar issue but not with an iscorama( it was a dyaliscope junior 16) and was able to successfully re-grease it on my own with white lithium grease. It was a little nerve racking though and the hardest part was putting everything back together properly, but it really wasn't that difficult. There are some threads on this forum with advice for doing it. Definitely wouldn't do it unless you are good with this type of stuff though, especially if you paid a good bit of money for your lens.


One thing you could try though is to leave your lens out in the sun for a while and let it get warm and then rack through the focus a bit to maybe loosen things up

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yoclay, Rich might be a bit busy and perhaps not reading this forum at the moment. But you can try and contact him at: http://dogschidtoptiks.co.uk/contact.html


He has experience doing service and close focus mod on his own Iscorama and the Iscoramas of a few others in this forum. There is not that many people that have experience servicing Iscoramas. I know if I'd want some service done to mine, he'd be the first one I'd check with.

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