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AJA CION 4K camera footage reveals outstanding colour performance

Andrew Reid

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The AJA CION is an upcoming digital filmmaking camera priced at $9k, based around the same sensor as the Blackmagic Production Camera.

What this sample video demonstrates is that AJA seem to have applied some magic colour science to their implementation of the sensor.

If you thought the 10bit 4K ProRes of the Blackmagic Production Camera and URSA looked good wait till you see this.

Read the full article here
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That looked very nice indeed.

Well, so did the 4K slo-mo of the FS7, though. 



The Sony FS7 is more of a workhorse all-rounder which could pound the CION into submission on the market, given they both share the same price point.


Suppose it could, but how likely is that IRL remains to be seen. I bet those two are attracting slightly different niches, despite the seemingly small difference in price. To the most likely buyer of the CION the FS7 might not be attractive enough. But we'll see, eventually.




Speaking of similar yet different options, here's a totally unrelated and off-topic question for you Andrew;

Now that the BMPC 4K is apparently available with PL mount, too, let's imagine Blackmagic brought up yet another version of their 4K production camera with a Sony E-mount (which should be feasible in theory, as the E-mount is open source, too). 

Let's also assume that BM lowered the price of the E-mount version to the same level as the A7s, would you consider going for the BM 4K instead of the A7s? Just curious, and this is purely theoretic.


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Awesome.  Skin tones look considerably better than anything I've ever seen from Sony's F series (except for the f35).  I am torn between the FS7 and this camera.  I would love super slow motion with the Cion, but there is nothing out there other than the codex that will be able to record 120 fps raw.   Even AJA's own ki pro quad only records 60 fps.  

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